How to Find a Towed Car in Dallas, Texas

How to Find a Towed Car in Dallas, Texas

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Have you ever walked to the parking lot where you parked your car only to find it missing? One of the most stressful situations any driver can face is finding out that their vehicle or abandoned property has been towed. However, if you find yourself in this situation in Dallas, Texas, don't worry. It doesn't have to be a headache.

There are several reasons why your car might be towed in Dallas. For example, property owners and the police have the right to tow your vehicle if it blocks the driveway or sidewalk, personal property, or stolen vehicle is parked illegally in a "no parking" zone. In addition, if you receive a citation, your car might also be towed. Whatever the reason for your car getting towed, now you know your options for recourse.

If you're trying to locate your towed car in Dallas, you need to know what to do. Here are the steps you should take:

How to Locate Your Vehicle Towed Dallas, Texas

Step 1: Fill out the "Find My Towed Car" form

Before you do anything, start your search by filling out the "Find My Towed Car" form at This will help you report that you are looking for your towed vehicle, and the Houston Police Department will help you if they have any relevant information.

Step 2: Gather information about your towed vehicle

Before taking any action, make sure you have the following information about your car:

  • License plate number
  • Vehicle identification number (VIN)
  • Year, make, and model
  • Registered vehicle owner name
  • Photo identification

If you don't have this information, call the city's information hotline at 311 if you're within the area code.

Step 3: Choose one of the following options to locate your car

Now that you have the necessary information, you have three options to locate your towed vehicle or car towing you in Dallas:

Option 1: Call the Dallas Auto Pound Police Department

You can start by calling the Dallas Police Department Auto Pound at 214-670-5116. When you call, ensure you have the information about your car listed above ready. The Auto Pound is located at 1955 Vilbig Rd, Dallas, TX 75208.

Option 2: Go to the Dallas Police Department

If you can't find your car using option 1, you may have to visit the Dallas Police Department. It is open from the hours of 9 am-5 pm every day and is located at 1955 Vilbig Rd, Dallas, TX 75208.

Option 3: Call the Dallas Municipal Court

If your car was towed because of a citation, it's best to call the Dallas Municipal Court instead of the police. You can call them at 214-670-0109. The court is located at 2014 Main Street, Dallas, TX 75201-4406.

Most of the time, your car will have been towed to the Dallas Police Department Auto Pound. However, if it's been taken to another auto pound or storage facility, contact the nearest storage facility to where your car was parked. Here are a few options:

  • Dallas Towing Service in North East of Dallas: +1 214-644-0058
  • Captain Towing Dallas: +1 952-800-7270
  • Premio Towing Company: +1 469-269-5499
  • Dallas Discount Towing: +1 214-943-3229

If you receive confirmation that your car is at the Dallas Auto Pound, you should get it out as soon as you can. Your impounded or towed car fees will rise by $20 every day. After 48 hours, a notification alert will be sent and you will incur additional notification fee.

Having your car towed can be a stressful experience, but there are several steps you can take to locate the tow truck driver and retrieve your vehicle in Dallas, Texas. Start by filling out the "Find My Towed Car" form at to report that your car is missing. Then, gather information about your car, including the driver's license, plate number, vehicle identification number (VIN), year, make, and model, and registered vehicle owner name.

Next, try calling the Dallas Police Department Auto Pound at 214-670-5116, visiting the Dallas Police Department at 1955 Vilbig Rd, or calling the Dallas Municipal Court at 214-670-0109. If your car was impounded vehicle towed due to a citation, the Dallas Municipal Court is your best option. Additionally, if your car was stolen, contact the police immediately and provide proof of insurance.

If your car or stolen vehicle was towed due to a parking violation or other reasons, be sure to follow parking and tow rules and regulations to prevent future incidents. If you receive a citation, pay it promptly to avoid additional fees or penalties. If you are involved in a traffic accident, contact the police and your insurance provider as soon as possible.

Keep in mind that tow fees can increase your insurance by $20 per day, so retrieving your car as soon as possible is important to avoid additional costs. If you receive a notification that your car has been impounded, quickly retrieve it and avoid additional impound fees.

Overall, if your car has been towed in Dallas, stay calm and follow the steps outlined above to locate the tow company and retrieve your vehicle. With the right information and resources, you can quickly recover ownership of your car and move on from experience.

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