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Arc Browser, the Google Chrome alternative

2 min read
Arc Browser, the Google Chrome alternative

Google Chrome is outdated, and the internet people are super excited about The Browser Company's baby: Arc Browser.

Created by a team that previously worked for world tech giants like Instagram, Tesla, Medium, Google Chrome, and other impressive names, The Browser company wanted to provide a better and easier user experience with the web browsers we use.

Who is Arc Browser for?

Arc Browser is for those who want freshness and a browser that acts more like a desktop app than a dull, bland one. If this sounds like you, it might benefit you to spare some time for an Arc browser download by joining the waiting list to get an Arc browser to invite you and have a taste of this update of the SaaS world everyone's been going crazy about.

What makes Arc different from its contenders?

Raised over 25 million dollars as of May 2022, Arc is getting everyone excited about the future of the internet. Arc gathers everything as tabs and apps you open individually while working with your pc and places them neatly in its interface.

The founder of The Browser Co., Josh Miller, wanted to create a new browsing experience for internet users. When he compared the popular alternative of Google Chrome, Safari, with Chrome itself, he saw that the way things work was not that much different. Miller thinks we got so used to things being unproductive and messy that we don't even see how we browse the internet can be other than how it is now. And Arc was created with this vision.

The most significant distinctive feature of Arc is that you won't see any tabs or menus when you look at the top. Instead, an excellent side panel will be the host of navigation tools to tidy things up for you. Users can change colors and bookmarks to their liking, organizing their spaces with what their daily habits ask for them to. Arc puts the internet under the spotlight rather than trying to steal the show with its mess.

Your most visited destinations will have their place on the top of the panel. And instead of opening up a new tab for the icons you click on, everything will load on the browser. Got emails to check on Gmail? Click the icon and let Arc bring your inbox under its roof. Want to listen to some tunes through Spotify? The app is embedded in Arc as they haven't looked past another daily favorite of the globe.

Want to learn more about every update on Arc?

If all the news and info we shared got you super excited and you want to get Arc Browser for pc or alternative devices, stay on the lookout for updates from The Browser Company team, head on to their Twitter profile, where they are ready to share everything that's happening with Arc.

Ready for a change? Check the user reviews that say "they are never going back" after having experienced Arc, and see the best alternative to Google Chrome yourself.

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