10 Flocksy Alternatives

10 Flocksy Alternatives

Unlimited graphic design is a service that provides your company or organization with as many design concepts as it needs for a predetermined monthly charge. For example, if you believe you received a design concept that does not reflect your company's image, you may have it altered for free. This agreement often includes an unlimited number of changes.

An infinite graphic design service is simply a company that handles a large number of graphic design requests on a monthly subscription basis. These companies charge a predetermined monthly membership fee and then allow their customers to book as many graphics as they like. Essentially, they provide an infinite number of concepts for the price of one design.

In this article, we have compiled a list of the greatest unlimited graphic design services that are alternatives to Flocksy, as well as the fantastic features they have to offer.

1. Reel Unlimited

Reel Unlimited is the best Flocksy alternative!

Reel Unlimited is the industry's leading limitless graphic design and copywriting solution for businesses of all sizes. Since its inception in 2021, hundreds of businesses worldwide have utilized their services to perform graphic design, video design, UX/UI design, NFT design, and copywriting jobs for a fixed monthly fee. Clients may save money by hiring in-house designers for anything from logos to landing pages. Pay monthly, cancel at any time, and your first project is free. That's right, you read that accurately! The initial design work is free, so you may try it out before you buy. You have the option of having your own professional designer and project manager as a Reel customer.

Pricing: Clients may choose between three subscription options, each with a plethora of useful features. Reel starts at $399 per month and includes everything. Other premium subscriptions include the Unlimited Pro and Ultimate plans, which cost $469 and $699 per month, respectively. All of these memberships include the first job for free. Furthermore, if you decide that Reel is not the right creative platform for you, their services are refunded within a 7-day period.

Reel Unlimited price starts at $339 per month

2. Kimp.io

Like Reel Unlimited, Kimp is an alternative to Flocksy

Kimp offers remote assistance to clients all around the world as a service. They aid in the creation of new business concepts, the expansion of marketing campaigns and agencies, and the delivery of effective messages to broader audiences. Their services are divided into three packages: Kimp Graphics, Kimp Video, and a discounted combination of both. Both of these packages provide a variety of useful elements, ranging from designs for everyday marketing and large campaigns to video and motion graphics for engaging advertising. These plans ensure that you are assigned to skilled designers, that response times are quick, and that there are no hidden expenses for your project demands.

Pricing: The Graphics package, which starts at $499 per month, includes unlimited requests and changes, no commitment, and free stock pictures, to name a few of the numerous features available. The Video and Graphics + Video subscriptions cost $599 and $895 per month, respectively, and include extra capabilities that will undoubtedly boost your content marketing. Furthermore, if you are using Kimp for the first time, you will receive a 50% discount for the first month. Each Kimp membership includes all of the designs you'll ever need.

Kimp price starts at $499 per month!

3. DesignOye

Like Reel Unlimited, DesignOye is an alternative to Flocksy

DesignOye is a graphic design platform that allows you to pay a one-time price and access as many designs as you like for the duration of a month. The software is recommended for people that want a large number of designs each month but cannot afford to engage an in-house designer or work with freelancers over the internet. 

Each design you submit will be made and delivered to you within 24 hours. Most of the time, DesignOye will pull an Amazon Prime and deliver your order the same day! Based on that, you should be able to get 30 or more designs in a month. When modifications are included, this figure decreases somewhat. However, DesignOye guarantees that several changes will be completed within 24 hours.

Pricing: DesignOye offers three different packages: Standard, Smart, and Premium. These bundles cost $369, $569, and $999 per month (paid monthly). The Standard bundle is rather basic and offers the majority of the services that individuals and entrepreneurs require. They are only applicable to basic graphic design. With the Smart bundle, DesignOye takes things up a step by providing app designs, website designs, logos, and so on. The Premium plan, designed for larger enterprises, allows you to buy two designs at the same time and includes the option of having a dedicated account manager. This account manager can assist you with deadlines, design disagreements, special requests, and other issues.

DesignOye price starts at $369 per month

4. Design Pickle 

Like Reel Unlimited, Design Pickle is an alternative to Flocksy

Design Pickle combines technology and the ability to deliver a creative solution that can make work work for you. With over 500 global designers, Design Pickle is an exclusive platform with a well-established global design workforce, opening the path for easier, faster, and more efficient innovation. You may expect to manage design files in a single location, simplify workflows, and engage with your designers. Its user-friendly software streamlines the creative ecosystem of recruiting for graphic design services, allowing you to save time and develop creative stuff at a faster rate. There are no hidden fees or contracts, and you may work on an unlimited number of projects!

Pricing: Their most basic package, Graphics, is $499 per month and includes services like graphic design, unique drawings, a 1-day turnaround, and more. The Graphics Pro and Premium plans cost $995 and $1,695 per month, respectively. These plans include, among other things, presentation designs, motion graphics, and same-day turnaround. However, if you want more from these services, Design Pickle may create your own personalized plan. Work with one of their professionals to develop a plan that is relevant to your company's needs.

Design Pickle price starts at $499 per month

5. Penji

Like Reel Unlimited, Penji is an alternative to Flocksy

Penji believes that hiring a designer should be a simple process. With Penji, you can start your project today and get your designs tomorrow! No hidden fees, just a fixed monthly rate for all of your creative needs. They also offer a money-back guarantee within 15 days, allowing you to try the platform out before deciding to commit to it. There is always a qualified designer for the task, whether it's a new logo, marketing materials, commercials, or website/app design. In addition, Penji has other passion projects outside being just a design company. It began as a community effort to assist recovering communities and today, they are carrying on their purpose by aiding NGOs and organizations that serve at-risk kids, immigrants, and mothers. 

Pricing: Penji offers customers the option to subscribe to monthly, quarterly, and yearly plans. At $499 a month with the Pro plan, this makes it easier for growing businesses to handle their design requirements. The perks include unlimited projects, unlimited brands, custom illustrations, and more. The Team plan is priced at $699 a month — perfect for agencies, e-commerce organizations, and teams. Their most premium plan is called the Daytime plan and is priced at $999 a month. For real-time collaboration, this service provides you with a daytime designer and all projects have same-day turnarounds.

Penji plan starts at $499 per month

6. Graphics Zoo

Like Reel Unlimited, Graphics Zoo is an alternative to Flocksy

Revisions are essential in graphic design. Before they provide, your graphic designers are aware of this. They anticipate you to request adjustments and are more than willing to accommodate them. So, in order to make changes simpler, Graphics Zoo launched Interactive Revisions. With these revisions, you may request correct adjustments with the appropriate level of precision and clarify the modifications you want, exactly where you want them. Graphics Zoo initially exclusively catered to people in need of graphic design services. However, the organization has lately introduced its article writing services. They're producing a wide range of material, from blog posts to sales copy.

Pricing: When it comes to graphic design, you have three options: Business, Business Unlimited, and Agency, which cost $349, $449, and $849, respectively. The Business package has some restrictions on the number of brand profiles and users, but the Business Unlimited plan does not. The Agency package is designed for those who demand specialized services such as prioritized revisions, VIP customer assistance, real-time cooperation, and so on.

Graphics Zoo prices start at $449 per month,and dont have a free trial, while Reel Unlimited gives your first task free.

7. No Limit Creatives 

No Limit Creatives is also an alternative to Flocksy.

While other platforms see resizing as a separate individual design, No Limit Creatives recognizes it as a requirement. The firm offers an infinite number of resizing requests with each design request you submit. This means you may request visuals that are optimized for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Tumblr, Linked In, and almost every other social media network conceivable.

Pricing: The No Limit Creatives price scheme is divided into four distinct packages: Startup, Graphic & Video, Video, and Graphics. The prices for the bundles are $349, $899, $549, and $449, accordingly. The service's Startup plan is ineffective for businesses with a high volume of monthly design requests. It is limited to six design credits each month. Each request for video and graphic content costs one credit. The Graphic & Video package is the company's premium plan, which enables the creation of infinite graphics and films every month.

No Limit Creatives prices start at $449 per month,and dont have a free trial, while Reel Unlimited gives your first task free.

8. Design Cloud

Design Cloud can also be considered as a Flocksy alternative.

Design Cloud has a streamlined process of collaborating with graphic designers and creating an efficient, cost-effective approach for businesses to have access to professional creative material. Through razor-sharp graphic design, they promise to assist you in efficiently communicating your message and selling your products or services. Design Cloud delivers a one-of-a-kind, professional graphic design service that provides on-demand, consistent creative work that is ready when you need it, at a fixed charge that everyone can afford. Your design will be returned to you for approval, so if you need to make a change, simply submit a new design request.

Pricing: Their starting price is at $754.22 per month with its most premium plan priced at $1,356 per month. These plans are great for small businesses, agencies, in-house marketing teams, and corporations with complex design requirements. Each plan includes a dedicated UK-based designer and unlimited requests and revisions. 

Design Cloud price start at $754.22 per month.

9. Design Warp

Design Warp can also be considered as a Flocksy alternative.

Whether you want to accelerate your brand or have a steady stream of excellent creative material, Design Warp’s specialized design team is here to help. Create an account on their customer portal to handle all of your requests, modifications, and correspondence in one location. No more misplaced e-mails or chasing down freelancers. Submit as many design requests as you need, along with your brand assets and any other files you want. They will simply allocate them to the finest designer for the job. Once your design is complete, you will have immediate access to the files. The ownership is always yours, and the source files are always provided! You can make an infinite number of design requests and adjustments!

Pricing: Starting at $449 per month, their Essentials plan will designate you with an in-house designer and account manager, among many other perks. Their Pro and Enterprise plans are more premium, priced at $549 and $999 per month. Better yet — all these plans include a 14-day satisfaction guarantee!

Design Cloud price start at $449 per month.

10. Design Buffs

Design Buffs can also be considered as a Flocksy alternative.

Design Buffs is a fresh and interesting platform to make better use of your marketing time and refocus on strategy and growth. The best part is that getting started is so simple! Set up your free consultation today and go from there. It provides a free trial but does not support SaaS systems.

Pricing: At Design Buffs, you have the option to subscribe to their Essential plan priced at $849 a month. This plan is best suited for individual marketers and small businesses with basic design needs. Their Growth plan is more popular among clients and is priced at $1,499 a month. This is ideal for startups, scale-ups, and businesses with production design needs.

Design Buffs price start at $449 per month.

The Bottom Line

Finally, we've saved the finest bargain for last! Reel is now offering a 50% discount on the first month with the coupon code BetterthanFlocksy. Allow your company to benefit from all of the fantastic services Reel offers through its low-cost membership programs. Are you ready to take your company's design and creativity to the next level?

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