10 Indiebrands.io Alternatives

10 Indiebrands.io alternatives trusted by thousands of people around the world to create custom logo designs and brand identity.
10 Indiebrands.io Alternatives
Published on
January 13, 2023

Recently, logo creation platforms such as indiebrands.io and their alternatives have gained popularity for their affordable and straightforward approach that brings designers and businesses together.

indiebrands.io and the alternatives below are trusted brands with professional designers and agencies that design custom logos for customers.

Indie Brands specializes in developing company names and domains. This logo generator works under a fixed-price model of $579, with a premium option of $799.

If a client is looking for design service options for logo generation, consider these 10 indiebrands.io alternatives:

10 indiebrands.io Alternatives

Reel Brands

10 indiebrans.io alternatives
Via Reel Brands

Reel Brands is a platform that provides unique branding and logo creation services carefully curated by professional and experienced graphic designers.

In addition to its logo-maker function, Reel Brands offers various design services to clients looking for an all-in-one platform to help them build a successful brand identity.

Plans and pricing: Reel Brands' packaging plans are:

  1. Pro Logo Package $59 one-time purchase.
  2. Premium Logo Package for $99 one-time purchase.
  3. Unlimited for $549 billed monthly.

Design turnaround time: With Reel Brands, startups can expect their first draft within the hour.

Designers: Carefully vetted Reel Brands' designers are qualified and creative professionals from different countries.

Cancellation policy: Their 7-day money-back guarantee policy ensures customer satisfaction.

My Brand New Logo

Via My Brand New Logo

My Brand New Logo is a free online logo generator that allows customers to download customized logos for their businesses in just 3 simple steps. The first step is for clients to enter the company name, then review and choose their favorite option from hundreds of unique designs. The final step is customization.

Plans and pricing: On platforms like My Brand New Logo, buyers can design a logo in 60 seconds. If the customer wishes to download it and purchase the license, they are given various one-time payment options:

  1. Basic Package for €20.
  2. Professional Package for €50.
  3. Hire a Designer for €190.

Turnaround designing time: With artificial intelligence, My Brand New Logo generates hundreds of personalized logos in minutes. Unless a customer purchases the "Hire a designer" package, the logo customization turnaround time depends on them.

Designers: The client can choose whether to work with a personal designer.

Cancellation policy: Payment is only prompted once clients are ready to download their logo, so a cancellation policy is unnecessary.

Adobe Express

10 indiebrands.io alternatives
Via Adobe Express

Adobe Express is a free logo generator alternative that provides pre-made templates and various tools to customize logos, such as icons, fonts, and colors.

Plans and pricing: Adobe Express allows entrepreneurs to download simple logos for free, but if they want to unlock different features, Adobe has two payment plans.

  1. Monthly Plan for $11.49.
  2. Annual Plan for $114.99.

Turnaround designing time: This logo maker platform creates designs in minutes.

Designers: Adobe Express doesn't have the option to let clients work with real-time designers.

Cancellation policy: This logo builder alternative offers cancellations. For any doubts regarding refunds, Adobe Express has a customer services center.


10 indiebrands.io alternatives
Via Hatchful

Hatchful by Shopify is a free logo generator alternative with hundreds of templates to create professional designs quickly.

Upon analyzing some answers, Hatchful will match the client's needs with pre-made logo proposals that can be modified as much as needed. Once happy with the design, the client can download their design.

Plans and pricing: Hatchful is 100% free.

Turnaround designing time: Hatchful clients can get a personalized logo in just a few minutes. However, similar to other logo makers, the turnaround time will depend on the client.

Designers: This Shopify logo maker does not offer real-time designers.

Cancellation policy: Non-applicable.

Graphic Springs

10 indiebrands.io alternatives
Via Graphic Springs

Graphic Springs generates custom logos inspired by hundreds of templates. This website allows startups to choose from templates for different niches and customize them to their liking.

Plans and pricing: Graphic Springs has 4 packaging alternatives.

  1. Basic for $19.99.
  2. Standard for $39.99.
  3. Pro for $99.99.
  4. Platinum for $199.99.

Turnaround designing time: On average, clients receive their custom design logos in minutes.

Designers: Graphic Springs offers their customers the option of designing their logos or hiring a professional designer.

Cancellation policy: Like some of the 10 indiebrands.io alternatives mentioned, customers can cancel their subscriptions anytime.


10 indiebrans.io
Via 99Designs

99designs is one of the 10 indiebrands.io alternatives to generate quality custom logos for small businesses and startups.

The platform seeks to connect clients with designers and make creative projects a reality.

Plans and pricing: 99designs works with 4 fixed packages:

  1. Bronze for $299.
  2. Silver for $499.
  3. Gold for $899.
  4. Platinum for $1299.

Turnaround designing time: For 1-to-1 projects, the turnaround time can be 24 hours; if the client decides to select their designer through a contest, the competition will last a few weeks.

Designers: Despite 99designs offices being in the US, their designers hail from all corners of the globe.

Cancellation policy: If an order is pending and work is incomplete, 99designs clients can opt to cancel it.


10 indiebrands.io alternatives
Via LogoDesign.net

LogoDesign.net is an online design platform that offers custom logo designs. Unlike other logo generator services, LogoDesign.net doesn't utilize pre-design logos or templates. Instead, they use algorithms to create logos that match the brand's needs.

This website also offers real-time designer services.

Plans and pricing: LogoDesing.net logo maker has 4 different plans billed annually:

  1. Basic Plan for $37.
  2. Standard Plan for $57.
  3. Standard Plan + stationery for $97.
  4. Platinum Plan-custom branding website $ not specified.

Turnaround designing time: Once the brief is completed, the platform will take only a few minutes to generate a logo. The response time will be extended if the customer hires a professional designer.

Designers: LogoDesign.net gives clients the power to become designers or work with a creative.

Cancellation policy: The client's subscription to this platform can be canceled at any time.


10 indiebrands.io alternatives
Via Logo.com

This online design service tailors logos to the needs of its clients through algorithms in just 6 steps.

LOGO has helped thousands of brands customize their logo and brand identity.

Plans and pricing: LOGO customers may download their logo free or upgrade their plan to access additional benefits. Their upgrade is known as the Brand Plan and can be billed monthly for only $10 or yearly for $96.

Turnaround design time: The design time will be determined by the time the client takes to personalize their logo.

Designers: Similar to the other 10 indiebrands.io alternatives, clients' logos are created by artificial intelligence based on professional and unique designs.

Cancellation policy: Customers with the Brand Plan can cancel at any time. For refunds and other inquiries, customer support is available.


Via PlaceIt

Placeit is a logo maker with over 8,000 professionally designed logo templates to help non-designers easily create iconic logos.

This online platform provides clients with a complimentary design they can alter to suit their needs and retain total ownership of the result.

Plans and pricing: Placeit allows clients to create, modify, preview, and save as many logos as they like for free. However, clients must acquire one of their packages to download a high-resolution version. The packages are:

  1. Single logo purchase from $39.95.
  2. Unlimited subscription for $7.47 /mo*.

Design turnaround time: Placeit logo templates enable customers to create a distinctive logo in minutes.

Designers: Although the platform does not offer real-time designers like Reel Brands, Placeit claims that professional designers craft all their logo templates.

Cancellation policy: According to Placeit's cancellation policy, requests must be filed at least one working day before the billing period to avoid being charged for that billing cycle.


10 indiebrands.io alternatives
Via DesignCrowd

Like 99designs, DesignCrowd is an online marketplace connecting clients with experienced designers.

Through this platform, clients can organize design contests and receive proposals from designers worldwide until they find the logo that fits their brand identity.

Plans and pricing: DesignCrowd allows clients to set their design budget; however, the platform requests a non-refundable fee of up to $129 upfront for publishing the project and initiating the contest.

Turnaround design time: In 24 hours, clients receive their first drafts, but if they decide to run a design competition, the process can last a few weeks.

Designers: This brand alternative accepts professional designers from different countries.

Cancellation policy: DesignCrowd offers a money-back guarantee on a project budget; however, this refund does not apply to the project's publishing fee.

Reimbursements must be requested within 60 days of the publication of any project and before obtaining the files.

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