Introducing Designer spolight & our Black Friday Deal

Welcome to another weekly update from the Reel. Here is what we have done so far this week:
Introducing Designer spolight & our Black Friday Deal
Published on
November 16, 2022
Reel is rated great on Trustpilot

Hi folks, welcome to another weekly update from the Reel. Here is what we have done so far this week:

  1. Designer spotlight: Instead of promoting stock photos, we only decided to promote our designers. So every time visitors land on the Reel website, they will get acquainted with one of our designers.
  2. Designer profile: This weekend, we introduce the Designer profile, a unique space where Reel designers can showcase automatically every design works they deliver. Clients will know who is working on their project, and designers will get exposure and growth opportunities.
  3. An upgraded logo: We have upgraded our logo to better express what we want to provide value to our users. Our new identity is largely inspired by two brands we love and use every day at Reel (Loom & Mercury). It is the expression of an infinite rotation of elements that converge dynamism and constant evolution.
  4. Black Friday [limited] deal: This week is black Friday at Reel, too, so that clients can enjoy one month of Reel for only $99 with the code BLACK99. Go to this link to claim this offer:
  5. We have rated great on Trustpilot: We are grateful to receive four amazing and honest five-star reviews from our beta users. It may be small, but it means a lot to us. So if you have a few moments, we'd love it if you reviewed us on Trustpilot—no sign-up needed. Your feedback is helpful for our growth and will help other startups discover Reel.
  6. Our Facebook community: A private community where we can stay more closer to our users. We reply to any questions related to designs and run exclusive deals inside.

Until next time, Reel

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