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Redefining the Purpose of Your Passionate Venture: Mission Statements

Redefining the Purpose of Your Passionate Venture: Mission Statements

All within a single statement. Magic.

Your mission statement is important whether your venture is new or in the midst of development. It is more than simply a planning exercise; it communicates a lot about why you built your business in the first place. It brings your team together, motivates your audience, and communicates your basic values to the rest of the world. 

It summarizes the essence of who you are and how your passion came about. If you want to get sophisticated and speak a little French, it's raison d'être. 

The best mission statements are anything but dull.

Mission statements and vision statements — what's the difference?

The goal toward which you are striving. Consider a vision statement to be a long-term objective. If your vision statement serves as a guidepost, your mission statement serves as the engine that propels you toward that goal.

Show and tell.

Every successful entrepreneur has a clear vision of what they want to achieve. While some may argue that the ultimate goal of any business is to make money, the most successful businesses have a greater sense of purpose. And, no matter what industry you're in, the best way to articulate that vision is with a well-written mission statement that identifies your underlying principles. Essentially, a mission statement is your 10-second opportunity to articulate everything your business stands for and determine whether or not your new potential customer supports it. Show them and tell them the very reason you built your empire in the first place. 

It shows the reader what your goals are. 

While a mission statement is known to go in-depth regarding a company's short-term and long-term objectives, no one ever talks about the power small entrepreneurs have in delivering mission statements. Yes, it is essential to tell your audience what your goals are, but it is more important to inform them why you are so driven to achieve them. This specific part is your one chance to speak from your heart and win their compassion for your causes. 

Instead of monetizing your gifts and talents, showcase how you want them to contribute to other people's lives. For most of my audience passionate about natural birth, you must attract the attention of women interested in your niche and even women who know nothing about it – but are keen on finding out more. With your mission statement, you get to inform and emphasize the importance of the purpose of your community.

Effective mission statements not only include what you intend to achieve and provide a blueprint for how you'll get there. According to Brent Hauver, CEO of sugar-substitute producer Lakanto, a mission statement tells the reader what type of movement needs to be made to help people better their health and wellness. He went on to say that focusing on the 'how' is critical for directing your entire approach and ensuring that you always stay true to your goals.

The business environment is continuously evolving, making evaluating new problems and possibilities challenging at times. While this may appear to some to be suffocating, it can help spark fresh ideas in many circumstances. You can acquire better confidence by utilizing those principles during the decision-making process if you articulate your business's basic beliefs with a mission statement.

Know your purpose before bringing your vision to life. 

You should be entirely informed of the purpose of your enterprise before creating mission statements. The purpose of an organization is exclusively determined by its basic principles and the philosophy that guides it. It's important to note that your values, beliefs, and purpose are all set. 

When you have a clear understanding of the mission, setting goals becomes second nature. You should be precise, realistic, relevant, and time-bound in your mission statement. You can even use this information to determine your five-year plans, such as expansion strategies or startup ideas.

You are underutilizing your mission when you endeavor to increase your organization's success, productivity, and performance without emphasizing the mission. You fail your consumers when you forget to align your brand and culture with your objective.

The Bottom Line 

Clarity, awareness, involvement, innovation, improvement, and achievement are all brought about by mission. Consider sincere communication over business strategy as you move forward with defining the correct mission and enforcing it appropriately. Begin with a clear and understandable mission statement – the clear reason for the business's existence is secondary to how, what, and when.

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