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The Benefits of a Virtual Office for a Start-up Business

The Benefits of a Virtual Office for a Start-up Business

When opening up a new business or start-up, things can move fast and become overwhelming quite easily. There are so many different things to keep in mind, and although we all wish it weren’t this way, some of them often fall through the cracks. At Clyde Offices, we want to make sure that your mail communications aren’t left on the back burner. 

Clyde Offices offers a long list of virtual office services to support you and your growing business and make your life easier. A virtual office gives your business a Glasgow city centre mailing address you can use and a general support system to help manage your business. In the following article, we will go through all the different services we can provide for your start-up.

Why Use a Business Address for Company Communication?

Clyde Office’s Mailbox service allows you to set your company mailing address as a city centre address. This is ideal for small businesses or home operations that wish to keep their address private, make their communications look and feel more professional with a registered office, and portray a more significant presence. This service is available for personal and business use and allows you to use our physical location in downtown Glasgow to receive and post your correspondence. 

Alternatively, you can also use Clyde Office as your Glasgow Registered Address with HMRC and Companies House, allowing you to keep your home address private, knowing that a professional will handle your correspondence with care and confidentiality. 

We will notify you when you receive any deliveries to our mailing address. You can then decide whether to collect them personally, have your documents scanned and sent to you, or use our mail forwarding service. Additionally, you can choose how often you wish to have your mail forwarded to you (upon arrival, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or upon request). 

What Other Virtual Office Services can I receive?

Clyde Offices offers a long list of telephone answering and administrative services and physical facilities to support different areas of your business. 

Telephone communication services will give you the peace of mind that all calls from customers will be received and handled. We answer calls in your company’s name, take messages, and relay them to you via your preferred method (text or email). We also function as a Switchboard, transferring calls to the relevant number or individual. Our Appointment and Order Taking Service makes sure that we book all our customers quickly and professionally. This service also allows payments to be taken over the phone. 

Admin Services offered by our Virtual Office include Administration Support, Diary Management, and Travel arrangements. We function as your virtual assistant, handling all administrative tasks, setting meetings on your behalf, and taking care of your travel arrangements.

Finally, you can use our physical facilities in Glasgow city centre, with different options to cater to your business’s needs. Meeting rooms are available for 4-hour hires and Hot Desks, ideal for small businesses or self-employed workers who need a temporary office space in the city centre. Additionally, we have desk space available for rent every month, with an ideal location and an excellent work environment. 

In conclusion 

The world of small businesses is constantly growing and fortunately, it has become easier to run a company without a physical space. Handling all the requirements of a new business, on the other hand, can take a toll on you and your employees. A virtual office service can assist in freeing up your time to focus on more important matters while also giving you the peace of mind that all client communications are handled properly and on schedule. 

Clyde Office provides all of this, at the lowest price in Glasgow, with no set-up costs and same-day activation. We understand the difficulties of starting a business journey and are here to solve them. We want to make managing your start-up as effortless as possible. 

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