Introducing Reel Unlimited 1.1

Introducing Reel Unlimited 1.1

Since we have received much feedback from our valuable beta clients, we are happy to ship them officially. We hope these small changes can make graphic design effortless for startups.

Better designs for modern startups.

Now startups need more than a good logo and a Twitter cover. From AppSumo to Gumroad to Product Hunt, startups need to be heard everywhere and get their brands or side projects to shine in front of their targeted audience. It why we at Reel are happy to introduce these need supported design request types, features, and updates:

🌮 AppSumo graphics: Planning a launch on AppSumo? Now Reel designers can help you get it done. Just select AppSumo graphics when you create your next request on Reel. 

😻 Product Hunt graphics: If you are planning to launch your startup on Product Hunt, Reel can help. Now, you can request your Product Hunt graphics kit, including thumbnails and banners designed to help you succeed on Product Hunt.

💸 Funding announcement graphics: If you raise some bucks and need to announce it, you can now request a Funding announcement graphics kit for your blog, Twitter or TechCrunch. Our designers know what to do to let you show it to the world. 

👀 Notion avatar & graphics: Notion avatar style is becoming a bit appreciated by startups and indies makers. You can now request Notion avatar style for your and your whole team on Reel. 

📥 Gumroad graphics: Running a side project on Gumroad? Now, you can request Gumroad graphics you need on Reel. 

📹 Youtube & Twitch graphics: Maybe you also run a side project on Youtube or Twitch? Now, you can request Youtube & Twitch graphics for your next streaming event.

👽 Custom request: If you need something specific and think Reel can support it, feel free to create a custom request. Your free and dedicated account manager will ensure you get it done. 

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🚚 Turnaround time: Now, we unified the service with one standard turnaround time across almost all types of designs. Of course, it does not apply if your request is in the queue. But if the status of your request is “In progress,” you can expect the output in the following 24 hours minimum.

Concurrent request: Now, our Unlimited plan supports only 1 concurrent or active request, which means we will work on one request at a time. A concurrent request is a request you have that is “In progress.” So when you submit 10 requests this week, for example, 9 will remain “In queue”. At the same time, we will move 1 to “In progress”. When that one is completed, we will automatically start working on another request you have in queue. 

Rush delivery: If you need something urgently, you can now select a Rush expedition, so we know this request needs to be done. To get it, submit your request before the cut-off time (8 AM EST, every day, Monday to Friday).

Cut-off time: The cut-off time is when our design operations team decides to assign requests to be delivered in the next 24 hours to designers. The cut-off time is 8 AM EST, every day Monday to Friday. If you submit a request after the official cut-off time, the request will be considered the next day!

💳 One flat rate: After receiving the feedback, we simplify our pricing and offer a single plan that covers everything you need to run your business and your everyday designs. This plan also comes with a whole week trial that covers one design task. So you can test Reel and see if we’re a good match for free.

Finally, if you need designs and appreciate what we are building, consider subscribing to our only Unlimited plan at $499/mo. And if you have a few moments, we’d love it if you reviewed us on Trustpilot—no sign-up needed. Your feedback is helpful for our growth and will help other startups discover Reel. We would be very grateful.

If you have any product feedback or want to say hello, send us a note at We always love to chat. 

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