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Corporate Travel Itinerary – Writing Samples

Learn how to take the pain out of corporate travel management with Locomote.

Take the pain out of corporate travel management with Locomote, a business travel platform that is stress-free and easy to use. Creating an effective travel itinerary for corporate travelers is difficult. It can feel like 'herding cats', from the headache of the travel agent to booking, organizing, and keeping track of flight schedules to making arrangements for travel, hotels, and meetings.

There are many moving parts if you're responsible for planning and executing a corporate business trip. You want to make sure that your travel itinerary is strategic, organized, well thought out, and fun. Below are some hot tips to help you create an effective travel itinerary and some tools we think will change how you book corporate travel in the future. 

Get to know your traveler 

When planning a business trip, you want to ensure; the destination and travel arrangements align with the employee's preferences.

Do they like inflight entertainment? Are they gym junkies? Have they recently turned vegan or have a gluten intolerance?

Knowing these details may not seem important, but they will make the trip far more enjoyable for the employee if you book a hotel with a gymnasium or submit their food preferences to a meeting organizer.


Prioritizing the most important parts of the journey before the trip will make it easier to organize everything else around it.

If the trip's goal is a presentation or to attend an important meeting, make sure you allow enough time beforehand for last-minute travel interruptions. Allowing enough time means the traveler is not stepping off the plane and rushing from the airport to deliver an important sales pitch. 

Go the 'extra' mile

Outside of the key purpose of the trip, the employee may have some extra things they want to achieve while away. 

Perhaps they want to work on a key business document or use some of their free time for sightseeing. 

Find out what extra activities they might want to be included or things they would like to accomplish and allow some extra time in the schedule. 

Good planning never rarely fails 

Planning ensures all meetings, check-in times, and flights are arranged accordingly, leaving room for last-minute changes.  At least one month ahead, advanced planning will ensure that scheduling meeting times suit the traveler's other commitments. Another benefit of booking early is the cost savings on hotels and flights, and it gives the organizer a chance to check everything beforehand. 

Create an Itinerary 

A summary of the trip details is essential. There are many moving parts when it comes to organizing a business trip. Start your itineraries with the most important dates and times and fill in the details. An itinerary should incorporate all relevant logistics, such as transportation, hotels, meals, and timing for each event. A travel itinerary saves the organizer and the traveler from going through multiple documents and trawling through emails to find information. 

The must-haves for a travel itinerary

  1. Travel and transport details should include a breakdown of each leg of the trip
  2. Arrival and departure times at the airport and allowing for travel time
  3. Flight and seat numbers to enable quick access upon arrival 
  4. Hotel address and reservation number for taxi drivers and reception staff 
  5. Check-in and check-out times that include early check-in, and late check-out details
  6. Car rental and parking details if the traveller will be self-driving on the trip
  7. Meeting/conference times and venue addresses for easy input into google maps or to give to drivers
  8. Tickets for conferences or events 
  9. Maps that outline where venues are and where meetings will take place
  10.  Nearby amenities such as restaurants, coffee shops, and places of interest 
  11.  Day-to-day schedule details that outline business commitments and downtime
  12.  Weather details and what to pack 
  13.  What to wear if there is little time to change between events or meetings 
  14.  Relevant contact information for business contacts 

Don't worry, be happy 

Travel apps don't just make life easier, travelers, but they also make travel stress-free. Apps such as Google maps and time buddy can show you where you are and the local time to avoid missing a meeting. Other apps such as Uber and LocalEats are also helpful so that you can book a restaurant and a car ride within minutes. Placing all of your travel apps in one folder on your device is a great time saver and ensures you can find everything you need quickly. 

Don't forget to put everything in one place.

Having everything in one place makes it easier if you are the road trip and organiser and saves on frustration for the traveller if everything is easy to locate. Most travellers expect digital copies of their travel details and want everything accessible in one place. Gone are the days of having to flip through piles of paper to find reservation numbers and flight details. Travel-management software has also made organising a business trip so much easier. It is a game-changer for travellers and organisers. It allows each person to log in, check booking details and travel arrangements, and get help if needed. 

Take travel management software for a test-drive 

Locomote takes the pain out of booking corporate travel by streamlining the entire process. Everything is managed on one simple and reliable platform, from flight bookings to hotel reservations. Track spending, get approvals, and manage travel from start to finish. See how Locomote works by getting an in-depth walk-through. Book a demo today

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Easee One Ev Review – Writing Samples

Discover why Easee One EV Charger scores well in term of the build quality and app features.

When it comes to electric vehicle chargers, EV chargers are a must-have on your list. When choosing a reliable EV charger, a few things are more important than practicality and a good user experience. These are the 2 main areas that the Easee One EV Charger scores well, and in this article, we will also look at other areas such as the build quality and app features. In the end, you will know if this is car charger for your electric car or whether you should consider something else. Let’s dive in.

EV Chargers Review


Practicality for most EV chargers begins with a smooth installation process. It comes with several features that will help you install it, such as RCD for ground fault protection (in-built) and integrated PEN lead protection. You don’t need to install a separate rod for earthing, so the charger will look much neater on your wall. This is a great quality for any car charger.

It can also be tethered or untethered, which means that you can leave it with a cord attached or detach it from the charger body for a more minimalistic look, true to the charger’s Scandinavian origins. 

What if you need to charge more than one EV charger for your electric vehicles' power supplies simultaneously?

In this case, you can attach other robots to it and charge up to 3 electric cars simultaneously. And no, there won’t be power overload on either of the robots, as the single fuse evenly distributes power across the charged vehicles.

Once installed, you can connect to your phone using Wi-Fi or a 4G sim card if you have a poor Wi-Fi connection. With this connectivity, you can control the charger conveniently from your smartphone.

The charging cable runs up to 10 meters, ensuring it reaches your car even if it's not parked next to the charger, and it's also compatible with all types of electric vehicles.

Rating: 9/10

User experience

The Easee EV charger works well with plug-and-play mode and the scheduling mode. You can leave your cable connected, but it doesn’t have to charge if you want it to charge only at specified charging sessions. The convenience is that you don’t have to be physically present when you want your car to start charging. Another thing to note is that the charger comes with a cable tidy, which is a hook that lets you wind the cable around it when not in use.

Good thinking, Easee.

If you prefer using manual buttons to using your phone for everything, the charger also comes with a physical control to select what you want to do to give you smarter control and more power. One glitch that you may come across is that the app may display an incorrect charge rate, and while this can be fixed by resetting the charging unit and restarting the app, it is still an inconvenience that can be quite annoying.

Rating 6/10

Build quality

Think of a reasonably priced Bluetooth speaker that doesn’t look cheap. This is the thought that the Easee electric charger evokes when you look at it. While it is predominantly plastic, it offers a plush feel to the touch and looks very well-built with clean lines, both in shape and size. It weighs a comfortable 1.5kg, which is almost as light as a 2020 Macbook air, and the weight is evenly distributed across the unit. There is a solid feel whenever you plug in your cable, and it clicks reassuringly in place without the dissenting feedback of looseness or wobbliness that is sometimes common with cheaper charges. Very few chargers have taken such features into consideration.

Rating 10/10

App features

Once you download the smartphone app, you find that it loads fast, has good graphics, and is easy to use.  However, it may take a few minutes to sync, and sometimes you may experience some connectivity users if you are using 4G, but it gets more stable with Wi-Fi.

However, the best part is that you can access many features straight from your phone's home screen. These include checking the status of your charging progress, increasing or reducing the brightness of the LED light strip on the front of the charger, scheduling your charging time, and locking or unlocking the charging cord.

Unlocking means that the cable is ‘free’ and can be detached anytime while locking means that the cable is held firmly in place and cannot be detached. Using the app is generally a seamless experience.

Rating 9/10


Suppose you are looking for a stylish and minimalistic electric car charger. In that case, the Easee could be a worthy option to consider, especially with the convenience of using it as either a tethered charger or an untethered one giving the user a better charging experience. However, you may encounter some connectivity issues. Still, some other charges with better connectivity have either an overall less elegant design and a sluggish app or feel old-fashioned. In short, it all comes down to what’s essential for you.

This article was created by Reel Unlimited as a writing sample to showcase our capabilities. It has generated significant traffic on our website and was optimized with a content score of 64 by Surfer, ensuring maximum reach. If you found this article helpful through a Google search, consider choosing Reel Unlimited for your business's writing needs. Visit our website to learn more about our SEO content writing services, and let us help you create content that ranks as well as this article.

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