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Kimp Review: Pros and cons

Kimp Review: Pros and cons

πŸ’‘If you are a Kimp client or are considering signing up for their services, you need to read that article first because Reel Unlimited offers much better rates and services than Kimp. In addition, we have included a unique code of our Buy One Get One Free deal exclusively for Kimp customers, so if you subscribe today, you will get two months free instead of one.

Kimp is one of several services that are leading the way in a new way of hiring graphic designers: on-demand subscriptions. As the business world becomes more fast-paced every day, it's clear that the services businesses hire also need to adjust to this new rhythm. Kimp does just that but focuses specifically on graphic design or, as they call it, unlimited graphic design. Here is our Kimp Review.

How it started

Founded in 2019, Kimp came to fill a hole in the world of graphic design. Freelance designers have been around for decades, as well as sites where you can pick and choose your designer amongst thousands of profiles. However, finding the right design solution is costly, time-consuming, and sometimes even fails. So Kimp was imagined as a subscription-based platform that would allow clients who need regular design services to have a trustworthy, talented, and quick team of designers to fulfill their needs at a flat monthly fee.

It began with only one subscription (Kimp graphics) and since then has expanded to video editing, as well as offering three different subscriptions to cater to more needs.

How do Kimp's unlimited graphic design services work?

Now that we know where it came from and where it's going, how does Kimp's service work? Well, it's pretty straightforward. Kimp's team members remotely, so you can hire them from anywhere in the world. They offer unlimited graphic design, video, and motion graphics services.

Once you've chosen which subscription works best for your business or idea, the next step is submitting your request for an unlimited graphic design subscription. Your design will be assigned to a designer on Kimp's team and delivered to you. You can then give feedback, ask for a revision if necessary, and finally approve once you're happy with it. After that, your design will be available to download and use in any way you see fit.

In the case of video and motion graphics, the process is similar. However, for this subscription, there's the added benefit of connecting with your team of designers on Trello, where you can discuss the Project to make it turn out exactly how you want it, as quickly as possible.

Kimp pricing

As mentioned in this Kimp review, Kimp works on a flat monthly rate subscription basis so that the price will be the same every month. However, there are different types of subscriptions for different needs, so make sure you choose the subscription that aligns best with your business. None of Kimp's subscriptions include a contract, and all offer a free trial.

Kimp's plan starts at $599 per month

Unlimited graphic design subscription

Kimp's first and most well-known subscription is for unlimited graphic design requests. Kimp will provide you with day-to-day marketing needs and graphic design for campaigns. Aside from the unlimited requests and revisions, you get a dedicated Kimp design team and Project Manager, and you can count on a 24-hour turnaround for your requests. This subscription has a monthly fee of $599. However, all new customers get half of their first month of the subscription, leaving the price at $299.50.

Unlimited video design subscription

Kimp's video design subscription offers similar conditions to the unlimited graphic design subscription, with unlimited requests and unlimited revisions monthly and a dedicated team and Project Manager. In this subscription, turnaround is between two and four days, and you'll be in touch with your video design team via Trello. The unlimited Kimp video design subscription is $699 monthly, but if you are a new customer, you'll pay half off your first month, so $349.50.

Unlimited graphics + video subscription

Kimp's most complete subscription includes all their services, so you'll have access to both a graphic design team and a video design team and unlimited monthly requests for both. You'll also have a dedicated Project Manager you'll work with and constant contact with your team via Trello. The turnaround times for this subscription are 24 hours for graphic design and two to four days for video design. The total price for this last subscription is $995 monthly, but first-time customers will get their first month for $497.50.

Kimp services

Although Kimp's unlimited graphic subscriptions are complete and seem to include most kinds of design you might need, it's essential to know exactly what design services they can offer.

Their graphic design subscription lists the following as possible services: Amazon Graphics, Background Removal, Basic GIFs, Billboards, Blog Images, Book Covers, Book Layouts, Booklets, Brochures, Business Cards, Business Reports, Characters & Mascots, Company Profiles, Corporate Folders, Custom Illustrations, Display Ads, Ebook Covers, Ebook Layouts, Ecommerce Graphics, EDM (Email Direct Mail), Email Signatures, Event Invitations, Flyers & Posters, Icons, Infographics, Landing Pages, Logos, Magazine & Newspaper Ads, NFT Designs, Newsletters, Packaging & Labels, Podcast Covers, Point Of Sale Materials, PowerPoint Templates, Presentation Decks, Print Ads, Product Mock-ups, Promotional Materials, Restaurant Menus, Signage, Social Media Posts & Ads, Stationery Sets, T-shirt Design, Tradeshow Banners, Vehicle Wraps, and Web Ads.

For video design services, their list mentions: Adding Thumbnails, Animating Static Designs, Basic & Advanced GIFs, Cinemagraphs, Combining/Editing Raw Footage, Company Culture Videos, Demo Videos, Educational Videos, FAQ Videos, Logo Animations, Product Highlight Videos, Simple Character Animation, Simple Explainer Videos, Social Media Videos, Testimonial Videos, and Text Overlays.

Kimp cons

We've been over the benefits of Kimp's service and why it might be a good idea for your business to hire an unlimited graphic design service such as this one, so let's look at some of the cons of working with Kimp:

First, although you have a relatively quick turnaround time for requests, there is no option for rush requests. As with any subscription-based service, if you don't have a steady flow of design requests, it's possible you won't get your money's worth. This leads us to the next con:

There's no option for individual requests.

Their project management and storage options aren't the best. Trello Project Management does the job, but Kimp could offer a more user-friendly workflow tool for the subscription price. Also, Kimp's storage for designs is Google Drive, and although it's a useful tool, we all know Google Drive can be tricky to use.

The price structure is good, but with new unlimited design subscriptions joining the race with the latest offers, the services Kimps includes are slightly limited.

Kimp review overview and alternatives

As with most on-demand subscriptions, there are several different options with (somewhat) different services, just as this Kimp review highlights. So make sure you shop around before choosing one, so you're sure it aligns with your needs as much as possible.

Well-known competitors for Kimp are Design Pickle (exclusively graphic design solutions), Many Pixels (which offers monthly, quarterly, and yearly pricing plans), and Penji (which has a same-day turnaround plan). However, newer unlimited design services such as Reel Unlimited are raising the bar in unlimited graphic design.

Providing a wider variety of services for businesses, such as UX/UI design, website design, pitch deck and over 50 types of design options, a highly responsive customer success team, and close communication with designers (including monthly meetings), Reel Unlimited suddenly includes much more at better rates than Kimp.

Reel Unlimited offers a 'Buy one Get one Free' deal for all new customers with the code: KIMP100, and if you subscribe NOW, you'll get two months free instead of one.

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