ManyPixels Review: Pros, cons, prices, and alternatives

ManyPixels Review: Pros, cons, prices, and alternatives

💡Suppose you are a ManyPixels client or are considering signing up for their services. In that case, you need to read that article first because Reel Unlimited offers much better rates and services than ManyPixels. In addition, we have included a unique code of our Buy One Get One Free deal exclusively for ManyPixels customers, so if you subscribe today, you will get two months free instead of one.

We can imagine exactly how it feels to have an amazing graphic design idea, with only a poor in-house designer who tags along for the bucks but can't recreate the magic on your mind. It's even more frustrating to google search and outsource graphic designers who might not be good enough or ready to help your business meet your multiple graphic design goals.

The rise of unlimited graphic design services such as Manypixels, where businesses like yours can outsource unlimited graphic designs for a subscription fee, are solutions that can save your business from doomsday. Thankfully, we have been around the design block long enough to be the expert eye that can help you choose a perfect design platform for outsourcing graphic designs. So, let's first delve into why you should outsource graphic design tasks. But, first, we need you to get your feet strong on your "why".

Why do you need to outsource graphic design tasks?

The idea behind unlimited design is to simply help small businesses access a steady influx of high-quality designs at an affordable cost. On one side of the coin, your business gains access to the best design talents that match your unique design requests, with fast delivery and quick revisions to meet your expectations. On the other side of the coin, you pay a monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription fee.

That's a win-win offer! Still not convinced? We have some proof too. Now, imagine having an unlimited supply of such designs that draws new leads to you, that is the picture of how unlimited design can help your business. By now, I know you will be expecting the parts that will lead you to the promised land your business deserves. Let's get there.

Anjala Krishen, a marketing professor at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, recently published a research gate report with empirical data proving that over 94% of a business's first impressions are graphic design related.

What is the perfect platform for outsourcing unlimited design?

At this point, you may have asked, "how do I know the perfect unlimited design platform for me?". To give a direct answer to your question, we have prepared a checklist you can use in choosing the right unlimited graphic design brand. If you can tick through this checklist, you are next to your perfect unlimited design agency.

Here is the list

  • How reliable is their turnover time per task?
  • What is their quality?
  • What's their subscription fee per month?
  • Can they meet deadlines for your multiple requests?
  • Do they offer a portfolio of designs you need?
  • Do they have a strong communication pattern?

ManyPixels is an unlimited design agency that ticks all the boxes above.

Why choose ManyPixels?

As an unlimited design firm, ManyPixels has been featured on many successful lists for its pro designers, versatility, and quick delivery date. It utilizes a project model that helps clients submit requests, get assigned to designers, monitor the progress of their designs, and give revisions from time to time. One of their top clients includes Marani consulting.

ManyPixels services

Their design portfolio exhibits rich work in social media graphics, web design, logo design, fonts, and display ads at a flat monthly fee.

ManyPixels pricing

ManyPixels price starts at $549

Talk about pricing? ManyPixels' policy comes in monthly subscription packages; Advanced package for $549 monthly, Business package for $899 monthly, Realtime dedicated designs for $1,999 monthly. In addition, clients on quarterly design plans enjoy a 10% discount, while clients on yearly design plans enjoy a 20% discount. Their pre-policy is further spiced up with a 14 days 100% money-back guarantee on any design request that does not meet the client's expectations.

Manypixels pros

ManyPixels will make your design journey hassle-free with the following advantages.

Timely Delivery: All submitted design requests are delivered within 72 hours. They operate on a fast turnaround.

Responsive Project Managers: ManyPixels has a friendly and responsive in-house project manager who communicates with clients effectively and answers all questions.

Access to Best Talents: ManyPixels is also stocked with professional designers with versatile skills, delivering round the clock.

Customer Guarantee: They are also renowned with a 100% guarantee policy that can satisfy customers if they don't love the outcome of their work.

Low Risk: Top clients of many pixels, like Itamar Marani, the founder of Marani Consulting, described ManyPixels as a low-risk, high-reward firm with a high potential for delivering real design results.


The truth is, it's not all rosy and hassle-free. Look at some likely setbacks you might face while working with ManyPixels.

Poor Cost Model: Their cost is relatively expensive compared to the quality of deliveries they offer. A client's review at Trustpilot revealed this.

Slow revision rate: Getting a design request done is not enough. If you have some revisions to make, you might face some delays from their project management team. And if you need the design as soon as possible, that can be fatal.

Poor Communication: Excluding a slow project management team, their live chat option does not respond as quickly as possible. This can result in a slow turnaround time too.

Low Daily Output: Sometimes, they don't deliver within 72 hours. This may be caused by slow team collaboration or delay in sharing source files.

Reel Unlimited the Best ManyPixels alternative

Reel Unlimited is the best ManyPixels alternative

At Reel Unlimited, we want to help you get the best win-win offer possible by giving you access to limitless design with minimal setbacks and at a fixed monthly fee. As an alternative, here are major setbacks we can turn into rewards.

Better design solutions: We offer you more design options like graphic design, logo design, video editing, social media, infographics, illustrations, print and promotions, merch, packaging and labels, animations, pitch and presentations, and motion graphics. Our designs are vetted as top quality by most industry professionals. We also pride ourselves on rendering unlimited revisions to design clients.

Better subscription rates: We offer a flat rate with no extra charges. We have an irresistible offer where you can get 1 month of free Reel Unlimited's service when you sign up. If you subscribe NOW using the code MANYPIXELS100 you get 2 months free instead of 1. Don't hesitate to click on any of our subscription plans.

Better response and delivery: We implement a strong in-house design plan with our global team that delivers high-quality design work within 24 hours. Our live chat options don't delay like ManyPixels. We are also active on social media.

High-skilled design team: Reel Unlimited is your best bet if you are interested in quality. Our recruitment process is structured to recruit the top 1% of designers suitable for your business needs.

Great customer care: Unlike ManyPixels, we don't keep you waiting for 14 days. We offer you a full refund within 7 days.

Ready to Outsource Unlimited Graphic Design?

The choice is yours. Explore more of our services here if you want to boost your business growth with perfect design service.

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