10 Looka.com Alternatives

10 Looka.com Alternatives
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10 Looka.com Alternatives

10 Looka.com Alternatives

Via Looka

For those wanting to find the perfect platform to customize their logo designs, there are 10 Looka.com alternatives to suit every individual and company need.

Like other logo creators such as Tailor Brands or custom design platforms such as Reel Brands, Looka.com has gained popularity recently thanks to its user-friendly approach. A good logo and identity are paramount to business success, and Looka has helped thousands of startups and entrepreneurs generate logos and brand identities for their companies.

Entrepreneurs can create logos thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) in just a few seconds. However, despite being easy to use, it is not the cheapest logo maker and is not ideal for those who want to work with a designer in real time to create professional and unique custom-designed logos.

For example, to download and obtain legal rights to the logo, Looka charges $60 for each AI logo. And in addition, for their branding services, they charge $96 or $192, depending on the subscription.

Anyone interested in free logo tools, more designs, or platforms with real-time designer services, there are 10 Looka.com alternatives that every entrepreneur and brand should know.

Here are the best 10 Looka.com alternatives

  1. Reel Unlimited
  2. Renderforest
  3. Fotor
  4. Brandmark
  5. Logogenie
  6. Logodust
  7. DesignMantic
  8. Fairpixels
  9. Ucraft
  10. Logo Foundry

1. Reel Unlimited Custom Logo Design Services

Via Reel Unlimited

Reel Unlimited’is Logo Design Services is a perfect option if entrepreneurs want to work with real-time designers for a fair price to create their logo online.

Unlike other Looka.com alternatives, Reel Unlimited combines designing technologies and real-time logo designers to help each client create their unique logo.

Logo design pricing: Reel Unlimited’s Logo Design Service pricing starts at $179 per logo.

  • Professional Logo Design for a single payment of $179. With this plan, users get full commercial rights and unlimited revisions.
  • Professional Logo Design + Brand Identity $278 one-time. Entrepreneurs get everything included in the Logo Design package, source file SVG format, social media kit, and full brand guidelines.
  • Unlimited Design for a flat monthly rate of $969. With this plan, clients get unlimited logos and brand identities for unlimited brands. Other design services are also included, like custom illustrations, animated graphics, packaging and labels, t-shirts, and merchandise, as well as website and online store design on platforms like Wix and Shopify.

Turnaround time: usually, logos are delivered within 24 hours during business days.

Designers: Reel Unlimited’s carefully selected designers are skilled and creative individuals from various countries.

Cancelation policy: Reel Unlimited has a 7-day-money back guarantee that ensures the client’s satisfaction.

Click here to learn more about Reel Unlimited’s custom logo design services benefits.

2. Renderforest

Looka.com alternatives
Via Renderforest

Renderforest is one of the Looka.com alternatives to designing a logo. Entrepreneurs have to put in their company name, select from their multiple logo options and wait a couple of seconds to get the different designs AI has chosen for their business. Once the customer selects their favorite logo, they can modify and customize it as much as they want.

Although Renderforest is known as a logo creator, the most notable feature of the platform is its logo animation service that brings brands into the 21st century. Businesses can also create professional and realistic web mockups on this platform.

Plans and pricing: Renderforest has different pricing options, billed monthly or as a one-time purchase, as well as a free option. If users opt for a free download, they should note that it is not for commercial use.

Turnaround designing time: Like Looka, anyone can create an instant logo design with this company.

Designers: Renderforest logos are created by specialized logo artists and graphic designers. Each of these designs is adapted to the client thanks to artificial intelligence.

Cancelation policy: The client pays for the logo only if they are happy with the design; therefore, there is no cancelation policy for one-time purchase plans. If the entrepreneur has a monthly subscription, he can cancel it anytime.

3. Fotor

Looka.com alternatives
Via Fotor

Although Fotor is primarily an online photo editing suite, it also has a logo creation tool.

This Looka.com alternative has more than 300 free logo design templates from which companies can choose to create their logo.

The process for designing is simple; first, customers browse until they find their favorite template, then enter the design interface and adjust the template elements, including font and color. Once the design is ready, it can be shared and downloaded in different alternatives such as PDF, JPG, and PNG.

Plans and pricing: Entrepreneurs can get their custom logo for free, but for $3.3 or $7.5 monthly, they can access more templates, fonts, effects, and editing tools.

Turnaround designing time: The time it takes to design with this platform is relative as it depends on each entrepreneur.

Designers: Fotor does not disclose information about who designed its templates.

Cancelation policy: The online logo maker website does not provide refunds for already paid payments, but customers can cancel their subscriptions without a problem.

4. Brandmark

Looka.com alternatives
Via Brandmark

With Brandmark, everyone can find ready-to-use design assets, like logo design files, business card designs, social profile icons, business cards, animated designs, letterhead templates, and more.

With Brandmark, entrepreneurs can use their logo maker tool or work with their design team. Moreover, as an extra service, Brandmark owns Namelix to assist entrepreneurs in the search for their company name.

Plans and pricing: For creating a design with their logo maker, this website charges $25 for the logo in PGN format, $65 for the logo source files, unlimited design changes, social media graphics, brand kit, etc. If the client wants to work with their design team, Brandmark charges $175.

Turnaround designing time: Using the logo generator tool takes a few minutes. For the enterprise plan of $175, the company doesn’t disclose the turnaround time.

Designers: Brandmark has a design team but does not specify its selection process.

Cancelation policy: Not disclosed.

5. Logogenie

Looka.com alternatives
Via Logonegie

Another Looka.com alternative is Logogenie.

Customers can choose from various logo templates on this website and customize them in minutes with their logo generator.

Entrepreneurs can find templates for agriculture, animals, cleaning, health, transportation, tourism, and more. Additionally, for guidelines or more information on creating a successful and attractive logo, Logogenie provides articles and videos on its website.

Plans and pricing: Anyone can generate a logo for as little as $29.90, which corresponds to the standard plan. In addition, there is an extra fee for every additional feature, like vector formats, unlimited modifications, email signature templates, etc.

Turnaround designing time: It takes minutes to generate a logo, but the customization time depends on each individual.

Designers: Logogenie doesn’t disclose who are the professionals behind the art.

Cancelation policy: After customers have generated, paid, and received the source files for a custom logo, they are not entitled to a refund. However, Logogenie maintains the right to cancel an order and offer a refund at any moment throughout the logo design process.

6. Logodust


Unlike other Looka.com alternatives, Logodust is an open-source logo design archive. In other words, this platform is like an ever-growing logo library.

Also, users can download the sketches for free as often as they need for personal or commercial projects without registering or attributing the design.

Plans and pricing: Obtaining a logo with Logodust is entirely free. However, users must know that downloaded logos are nonexclusive and cannot be claimed or trademarked.

Turnaround designing time: Companies can have a logo in just a few minutes.

Designers: Not disclosed.

Cancelation policy: The platform is free of charge, so there is no need for a cancelation policy.

7. DesignMantic

Looka.com alternatives
Via DesignMantic

DesignMantic is an online platform that offers graphic design services, including logo design.

Users can make their logo, select one of their pre-made and customizable templates or request a custom design by one of their professional artists.

To create their logo, customers enter their company name, customize and download a logo. They can search for their logo by industry. On the other hand, to work with designers in real-time, they have to leave their contact information, and DesignMantic will contact them as soon as possible.

Plans and pricing: DesignMantic has different packaging options for its logo maker services, and some of its packages include other features like branding.

  • Basic for $37.
  • Standard for $57.
  • Pro for $97.
  • Platinum for $197.

For their real-time designer services, they don’t disclose their pricing.

Turnaround designing time: Like other Looka.com alternatives, it takes minutes to generate a logo unless the user selects their custom design services.

Designers: Every design is made by professionals.

Cancelation policy: Not disclosed.

8. Fairpixels

Looka.com alternatives
Via Fairpixels

As they state on their website, Fairpixels is a small design boutique for bold & ambitious entrepreneurs that specializes in generating minimalist logo designs for startups.

Users must enter their company name and email address to request a logo, tell a bit of their brand story, and enter a bid. The website suggests bids between $500 and $650, stating that the higher the bid, the faster the turnaround time.

Plans and pricing: As mentioned, this design studio pricing system is based on bids, but regardless of the client’s offer, they promise a high-quality and attractive logo.

Turnaround designing time: It depends on how high or low the bids are.

Designers: Its team comprises talented designers who have worked on projects for companies such as Vodafone, Discovery Channel, and UNICEF, among others.

Cancelation policy: They offer a 100% money-back guarantee if the client is unhappy with the process.

9. Ucraft

Looka.com alternatives
Via Ucraft

With online logo makers like Ucraft, individuals can easily create a logo from scratch, as they can choose their fonts, icon, color, etc.

Although customers can modify the icons, the icon itself is public, so to copyright the logo, users must contact their country’s trademark protection agency to initiate the process.

Ucraft logo maker does not offer real-time design services or pre-made templates.

Plans and pricing: Downloading a PGN version is free, but if the customer wants a higher resolution version, they charge $7.

Turnaround designing time: Will vary from person to person.

Designers: They don’t disclose that information.

Cancelation policy: A cancelation policy is unnecessary, as clients only pay if they like the final result.

10. Logo Foundry

Logo Foundry

Logo Foundry is an excellent option for generating logos for those who prefer to work on their phone or tablet.

Similar to logo maker apps like Logo Maker Shop or Wix logo maker, this app has everything entrepreneurs and designers need to create powerful logos.

Logo Foundry has advanced text editing tools, professional layer management, and over 3000 symbols, shapes, and icons.

Plans and pricing: The app can be downloaded through Play Store, App Store, and Windows Store for free. To unlock premium shapes and logos, users can make a one-time payment or sign up for a monthly subscription.

Turnaround designing time: The platform is user-friendly and only takes a few minutes to design.

Designers: Everyone can design their logos and whether they are designers.

Cancelation policy: The app doesn’t disclose its cancelation policy.

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