Design marketplace built for startups

What we’re doing

👋 We are Reel, an online graphic design service built to simplify the way startups get graphic design tasks done.

Reel is a subscription-based design marketplace that helps startups get design tasks done in 24 hours or less, powered by professional designers. Reel simplifies startups' design by offering unlimited access to professional design teams at a simple and affordable monthly rate.

Partnering with designers around the world, Reel's private beta was launched on September 25, 2021, with +150 startups by Gerald and Santhia.

Reel takes care of graphic design tasks for startup founders by combining tools with professional designers — giving them more time to focus on growing their business.

As we just started our journey, we promise to pursue our mission of changing the way businesses and people communicate, one design at a time.

Reel is a fully distributed company headquartered in Sheridan, USA. You can follow our journey on our blog or on Twitter, and if you need any help, you can contact us anytime.