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7 Affiliates software for Stripe

6 mins read
7 Affiliates software for Stripe

Stripe is one of the market's largest and most popular payment processing services, used by some of the world's biggest brands.

Stripe's valuable to businesses because of its affiliate and referral program. Stripe's affiliate network allows businesses to grow through referrals and earn revenue. Third-party software allows business owners and entrepreneurs to integrate these networks into their payments screen from within Stripe, onboard affiliates to their network, build automated campaigns, and track revenue and referrals.

There are countless affiliate program software integrations with Stripe, which allow business owners and entrepreneurs to grow their affiliate networks, gather referrals, and increase their revenue–all within the Stripe platform.

What makes Stripe affiliates softwares valuable to businesses and entrepreneurs, and what are suitable features with Stripe integration?

Referral and affiliate software features for Stripe

  • Dashboards and usability. Affiliate dashboards and referral tracking are critical. Business owners need to be able to track their progress and have all the data they require in one, easy-to-digest place.
  • Integration and customization. Businesses want to customize the look and feel of every page of their affiliate network and referral process, ensuring their brand identity shines through each step.
  • Email automation. Business owners need a way to communicate with their affiliates through low-cost, high-return email marketing.
  • Commission models and segmentation. The best Stripe affiliate program and referral software on this list allows businesses to segment their affiliates to provide different commission structures.
  • Support. Businesses of all sizes want software with value and a team behind it that will work for them and their business needs.

Here are the top 7 referral and affiliate tracking platforms for Stripe.

1. LinkMink

Via LinkMink

LinkMink's own affiliate program is the best software for Stripe affiliate marketing. LinkMink plugs directly into a business' Stripe account, making it easy to manage affiliate payments through customizable commission models. LinkMink also has great tracking tools, so businesses can view their referral progress and calculate commissions in real-time. Its pricing structure works well for businesses of all sizes looking to grow their affiliate network and referral marketing revenue.

LinkMink's affiliate software also features:

  • Reliable tracking of referrals from affiliates.
  • Integrated Stripe affiliate payouts mean no more spreadsheets.
  • Affiliate segmentation allows for different commission structures.


  • The Starter plan is $39/month, allowing unlimited affiliates in Stripe. The referral revenue is capped at $1,000/month.
  • The Growth plan is $65/month, with referral revenue capped at $8,000/month.
  • The Business plan is $125/month, with referral revenue capped at $25,000/month.

2. Metricks

Via Metricks

Metricks helps eCommerce, SaaS, and small and medium businesses grow their affiliate networks in Stripe with easy-to-use affiliate dashboards. Metricks has an in-app messaging feature, so businesses can communicate directly with their affiliates and set up real-time group chats.

Metricks' affiliate software also features:

  • Smooth integration with most eCommerce platforms and plugins.
  • Ability to manage multiple commission structures.
  • Affiliates get single access with one sign-up.


  • Starter plans are $59/month and include all the main features entrepreneurs might want: unlimited affiliates, unlimited campaigns, and custom affiliate onboarding.

3. GrowSurf

Via GrowSurf

GrowSurf would be at the top of the list if not for the price tag. While expensive, GrowSurf comes with everything a business needs to grow its affiliate network in Stripe, allowing generative ROI. GrowSurf gives affiliates in Stripe the tools they need to succeed as salespeople. With GrowSurf, businesses can reward affiliates who refer good clients, so affiliates have the incentive to grow a business and develop their skills simultaneously.

GrowSurf's affiliate software also features:

  • Customized affiliate guidance for specific industries (B2C, SaaS, and FinTech).
  • Fast set-up time and a promised immediate ROI.
  • Fully white-labeled software with countless useful integrations.


  • The startup plan is a pricey $775/month, while the more expensive affiliate software, GrowSurf, packs a lot into a full end-to-end Stripe referral platform. The Startup plan has no implementation fee and comes with 32 integrations.

4. Rewardful

Via Rewardful

Rewardful Stripe is a straightforward way for SaaS businesses to set up affiliate and referral programs. Rewardful makes it easy for users to set up affiliate and referral programs with Stripe and migrate their existing affiliate programs.

Rewardful affiliate finder software also features:

  • Tracking for Stripe affiliate commissions, referrals, and discounts.
  • Live customer support.
  • Custom scripts and landing page branding, and SEO-friendly affiliate links.


  • The Performance plan is $29/month (with a 9% transaction fee), with unlimited affiliates, API integrations, and referral revenue.
  • The Starter plan is $49/month, with referral revenue capped at $5,000/month.
  • The Growth plan is $99/month, which features everything from the Performance and Starter ($49/month) plans, unlimited campaigns, and customized look and feel. The revenue from referrals with this plan is capped at $15,000/month.
  • The Enterprise plan is $299/month, with no referral revenue cap.

5. PartnerStack

Via PartnerStack

PartnerStack is designed for SaaS companies that want to benefit from community-driven affiliate software. PartnerStack allows affiliates to connect with other affiliates in one big marketplace, meaning businesses can drive more referral revenue in half the time. In addition, PartnerStack gets affiliates onboarded quickly, so they can immediately refer more people to the affiliate platform.

PartnerStack's affiliate software also features:

  • Customizable automated onboarding for new affiliates.
  • Tracking allows affiliates to optimize their performance.
  • Active promotion of business affiliate programs within PartnerStack's network.


  • Pricing for PartnerStack's affiliate software for Stripe is personalized, based on a business' needs.


Via Tune

TUNE is a fully customizable SaaS platform for Stripe affiliate tracking. TUNE has many powerful tools to integrate, manage, and pay affiliates.

TUNE's affiliate software also features:

  • White-labeled and personalized dashboards and interfaces, keeping the affiliate platform true to the brand.
  • A foundation of APIs for unrivaled functionality.
  • A team to help develop custom solutions and grow affiliate networks.


TUNE offers different prices for advertisers and networks, with customizable plans for both.

For advertisers:

  • The Bootstrap plan is $599/month.
  • The Scale plan is $1500/month.

For networks:

  • The Enterprise plan is $899/month.

7. Kartra

Via Kartra

Kartra has plenty of features to help create an all-in-one campaign management platform for affiliates and referrals in Stripe: customizable web pages, email automation to affiliates and referrals, affiliate management, and smart onboarding. Kartra aims to provide businesses with an affiliate platform that's easy to use.

Kartra's affiliate software also features:

  • Easily onboard affiliates and group them based on different commission structures.
  • Customizable marketing campaigns and funnels to drive growth and revenue.
  • Data protection, all in the cloud.


  • The Starter plan is $99/month and comes with some limitations.
  • The Silver plan, at $199/month, comes with unlimited emails, pages, bandwidth, and a Kartra agent to help drive the growth of the affiliate platform and referral revenue in Stripe.

A referral and affiliate software for every business

There are dozens of Stripe affiliate software, each focusing on different business needs and industries. Depending on a business's requirements for its affiliate networks and industry, one software will work better than another. For instance, a small scaling business might find Metricks more valuable for their needs, while a large SaaS business might get more value from the referral network of GrowSurf.

Either way, the landscape of referrals and affiliate networks in Stripe is expansive and ready to be tapped. Business owners and entrepreneurs should examine the seven platforms in this and choose the one that best suits their needs for business growth.

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