Best 14 professional copywriting services in 2024

Best 14 professional copywriting services in 2024
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Best 14 professional copywriting services in 2024

Compelling and persuasive written content is essential for businesses to communicate their message, engage their audience, and drive conversions. For businesses that don't want the cost of an internal team, copywriting services play a crucial role in crafting content that resonates with target audiences and achieves business objectives. It should be a part of every marketing strategy.

This comprehensive guide explores the fundamentals of copywriting services, their importance, offerings, and impact, and presents the top 10 copywriting services in 2024.

What are copywriting services, and why do they matter?

In marketing:

Every business needs a compelling narrative. That's where copywriting services come in. From the creation of persuasive and compelling written content for various marketing channels, such as web pages and landing pages, to ads, email newsletters, and social media campaigns, experienced writers know how to use words and search engine optimization (SEO) to create copy that turns potential customers into paying ones.

In branding and website copy:

Copywriting can also include branding materials that help establish a company in front of its ideal audience, such as blog posts, website content like a landing page, and fun social media posts. These items can help your business appear to customers as subject matter experts in the areas that matter, as well as drive traffic and create a relatable brand.

Why should businesses care?

Effective copy can play a pivotal role in influencing consumer behavior. The right words will drive sales and help build brand credibility and authority, making your company a household staple and thought leader in the industry. As a business owner, you know that every message matters when it's under the company name. That's why having great writers and exceptional words is important.

Why businesses need good professional copy

There are many reasons professional copy is a must, but we will focus on three key areas where copywriting companies deliver exceptional value.

Effective communication:

Have you ever struggled to put your ideas on paper in a sensible way? A great writing team will ensure that businesses can effectively communicate their value proposition, product descriptions, and services in a way that reaches and resonates with their target audience.

Brand messaging:

When it comes to establishing a brand, consistency is key. Content writers are professionals in ensuring consistency in brand messaging across channels. This reinforces your brand identity and values, which will keep your business relevant with the right audience.


Whether you're after more purchases or increasing how many website visitors sign up for your newsletter, well-crafted copy written by a professional can significantly impact conversion rates by compelling visitors to take desired actions. Time to hit those KPIs!

Who needs copywriting?

Anyone with an online presence or who seeks to reach an audience to offer a service or product can benefit from copywriting. Creating content alone isn't enough!

Businesses of all sizes:

From startups to large corporations, businesses across industries require copywriting services to enhance their online presence and drive business growth with well-written SEO content. If a startup wants to rank well on search engines and establish itself in the industry, its website and white papers need excellent written content with SEO.

If an established business wants their new product to be successful? They need consistent materials and intriguing copy that gets their audience clicking. No matter the business size, excellent writing is critical.

Marketing agencies:

Even marketing agencies benefit from outsourcing to companies that do professional copywriting. They often outsource writing tasks to specialized service providers to meet client demands, move their queues forward, and deliver work that goes above and beyond expectations.

Why copywriting as a service exists

Not every company wants or needs to have writers on staff. Not only is it expensive to have design teams with individual writers or an entire writing team, but it takes time and money to recruit, train, and retain a team you may only need intermittently.

However, businesses still need to ensure their content is written by professional copywriters who understand SEO and how to craft content like landing pages in a way that will achieve KPIs. These are the top three areas of demand that led to the establishment of the copywriting service model.

  1. Expertise

Get the professional web pages and marketing materials you need without spending the money on in-house copywriters. Copywriting companies give businesses access to skilled writers with expertise in creating different formats of written work. They'll fit all the necessary content requirements to lift conversions and reach target audiences. They'll also use SEO strategies in their website copywriting and blogs. More than just your run-of-the-mill guest posts and website content, an expert copywriter will impact your traffic and sales.

  1. Efficiency

Outsourcing writing tasks to professional copywriters means businesses, departments, and the leadership team can prioritize more important tasks for core operations while ensuring high-quality content creation.

  1. Scalability

This type of content creation model allows businesses to scale appropriately as writing and content demands change. In some scenarios, a marketing strategy may be content-heavy with promotional blog posts, social media campaigns, and perhaps even a sales page. With an outsourced writing team, they can up the amount of work required on-demand and ensure timely delivery of the project or articles.

What writing projects are included?

While all copywriting service providers are different, they will generally deliver the following:

  • Website content
  • SEO content (applies to blog posts, landing pages, sales pages, etc.)
  • Blog writing
  • Email campaigns and newsletters
  • Social media posts
  • Ads and press releases
  • Product descriptions

Professional copywriting vs AI

Some of you are likely thinking, 'Why wouldn't I just use AI to write copy for me?' There are a few reasons why you shouldn't just put your project through AI like ChatGPT:

  1. Human touch

A copywriter will be able to add a human touch to whatever they create, whereas AI-powered tools may lack creativity. A human writer can write more authentic and engaging content, which is crucial for conversions.

  1. Customization

Effectively prompting AI with the right keywords to give you exceptional results is hard. Remember, it's important to write with a consistent voice to establish the brand. A real-life copywriter will be able to tailor your content not just for SEO keywords but also to specific brand voice, tone, and audience preferences. Writers will ensure your project reaches the right clients with personalized and effective communication.

  1. SEO Ranking

The truth is, Google and other search engines don't like AI—and they can tell when you use it to write blogs and other website copy. You'll want to think twice before using AI for a sales page because it will affect how you show up for clients when they search for whatever you offer.

Why copywriting services are here to stay:

Having access to a real copywriter (or writers) and all they have to offer is here to stay. Why?

A human element

Marketing and building relationships rely on being able to relate to the message on the page. Despite advancements in AI technology, the human element of creativity and emotional connection remains irreplaceable in copywriting.


While AI is stuck with the data it had access to during creation (unless it's updated), a copywriter will always do their research to ensure they're up to date. They evolve their practice to meet changing consumer behaviors and understand technological advancements and market trends, ensuring their relevance and longevity.


The cost of copywriting varies depending on the writer or agency you choose and factors such as project complexity, word count, and desired turnaround time. There could also be charges for specialized items or rush orders. If you choose an individual writer, the cost will depend on their skill and experience—sometimes as low as $50 per blog post or as high as $350. However, it can be tough to find freelancers who are reliable, responsive, and who can do the work effectively. Businesses often spend more time chasing the work than it would take to write the article themselves.

Copywriting and design agencies generally run on a subscription-based model that includes everything you need, sometimes including a graphic designer and project managers alongside a writer. These prices depend heavily on the agency, and most businesses need to do some research beforehand to figure out what best fits their needs.

What happens to businesses with great copy

Is copywriting worth it? In short, yes. Here are two of the many reasons why:

  1. Increased Conversions:

Well-written copy can significantly impact conversion rates, leading to increased sales and revenue. Personalized calls-to-action (CTA) convert over 200% better than non-personalized copy. Persuasive copy and CTAs work well with existing and future clients.

  1. Enhanced Brand Image:

Quality content—written by a writer and not AI—strengthens brand credibility. Authentic and well-crafted content also fosters trust with customers and establishes authority in the industry. It lets your target audience know that you care about the same things they do, have the answer to their questions, and that you can add value to their lives.

Best 14 copywriting services in 2024


Via REEL UNLIMITED Copywriting Services

When it comes to content marketing, REEL UNLIMITED does it all—including Webflow development, graphic design services, and even video editing. Since 2022, REEL UNLIMITED has offered high-quality copywriting services for a flat monthly fee, starting at $595, or $0.10 per word if you don't prefer to buy a subscription.

Experienced in creating content that ranks for startups like SquareDash, e-commerce brands like Famous In Real Life, or unicorns like Synthesia, REEL UNLIMITED's copywriting service is known for delivering Surfer SEO-optimized content in just 48 hours. More importantly, you get content written by professional and vetted copywriters from the US, UK, and Australia, free revisions & rewrites, plagiarism-free copy, and a guarantee that your content is written by humans, not AI.

Pay an affordable, flat monthly subscription for unlimited copywriting with no contract and no hidden fees or surprises. Or pay-as-you-go and only for what you need.

The REEL UNLIMITED copywriting services are an affordable way to get top-notch and expertly written copywriting from exceptional writers while knowing how and what to budget for campaigns.

2. Verblio

Via Verblio
Via Verblio

Verblio offers a unique combination of human and AI written copy, depending on how much you want to pay. Using AI-supplemented copy, you'll get a cheaper per-word rate ($0.06) versus 100% human content, which is $0.10 more. This gives businesses the option to save money on a project while getting it done quickly. However, Verblio also charges a monthly platform fee of around $50.

3. Scripted

Via Scripted
Via Scripted

Starting at $0 per month for the Scripted AI-only platform, it's a competitor that is tough to ignore. However, if you want human writers (which is important), and content quality guarantees, you'll have to step into their next tier of monthly plan, which includes all of their $0 plan (for example, AI-generated blog ideas and press releases) with a few extra perks at $200 per month. Their highest-tier (besides customized enterprise solutions) caps at around $500, but includes a dedicated account manager for your project, content strategy planning, monitoring of content, and analytics—crucial for research on how the marketing efforts are going.

4. Panda Copy

Via Panda Copy
Via Panda Copy

Panda Copy is another unlimited copywriting solution. It currently has some of the most reasonable rates for its services. Based on the monthly subscription package, they offer different tiers of daily writing tasks. We get 500 words daily and up to 1,000, depending on our choice.

Offering unlimited content requests and limitless revisions with a quick turnaround, this company is out there for all businesses that need an affordable hand in professional copywriting. In addition, Panda Copy gives us a 30-day money-back guarantee.

If we want to commission our content to Panda Copy, they have 3 packages ranging from $499 to $949 billed monthly.

Panda Copy team members come from across the world, but every text goes through an editing process done by editors from the US or UK, assuring the best quality for us.

5. Crowd Content

Via Crowd Content
Via Crowd Content

Crowd Content has two options for copywriting: marketplace or managed. Their marketplace services run as a basic, single-project fix where businesses can choose the quality of writing and word count to see the price tag of hiring a writer for simple tasks. The managed services give users access to unlimited revisions, project managers, and a streamlined workflow for multiple projects. For businesses that have a lot on the go, it could be the answer to simplify writing tasks.

6. Fatjoe

Via Fatjoe
Via Fatjoe

Since 2012, Fatjoe has become a favorite platform for thousands of businesses worldwide looking for high-quality, SEO-friendly written content and copy. Whether you need an article, blog post, product description, press release, or website copywriting, Fatjoe has you covered. However, Fatjoe offers copywriting services to businesses a bit differently than other platforms, with a per-piece or unit purchase price rather than a plan or subscription. Split into several different categories of content writing, businesses can pick and choose the type of writing they need depending on the project at hand. Their website has a handy slider that allows you to look at the price for ordering a certain number of posts with varying lengths and writer skill levels (basic or pro) starting at £0.04 per word, so you can get an idea of the budget before you begin.

Fatjoe also offers an academy service, where you can read a complete guide about SEO or watch videos like free SEO copywriting courses.

7. Rightly Written

Via Rightly Written
Via Rightly Written

Rightly Written offers one-off projects or monthly subscriptions starting at $140 per month. For their basic packages, articles are limited to 500 words and allow very few revisions, but you get a human subject matter expert and top-notch keyword research and SEO service. You can select the quality of writing you'd like, as well as the number of posts per month (4, 8, or 16), and whether or not you want blog posting services included. Rightly Written also offers a custom plan option.

8. SEO Butler

Via SEO Butler
Via SEO Butler

While most content and copywriting companies include SEO in their services, it's where SEO Butler finds their niche and expertise. Rather than a subscription plan, businesses can request singular writing tasks from between $0.07-$0.10 per word and add SurferSEO optimization at an added cost.

9. Contentellect

Via Contentellect
Via Contentellect

Working through Google Docs, Contentellect offers unlimited revisions, a money-back guarantee, and professional editing and SEO on top of their copywriting. They have a few different options for subscriptions, including a pay-as-you-go at $0.10 per word, bulk orders at $0.085 per word (plus a dedicated account manager!), or a monthly subscription starting at $950 per month with the option of adding content strategy and a few other perks. They really give businesses flexibility in their writing and the chance to figure out what works best for their needs.

10. Brafton

Via Brafton
Via Brafton

Like REEL UNLIMITED, Brafton is a full content marketing agency, with plenty of offerings beyond copywriting, including graphic design, video marketing, and strategy development. You'll receive dedicated writers for all your projects, and they offer international options as well.

11. Content Cucumber

Via Content Cucumber
Via Content Cucumber

Content Cucumber is another platform that offers SEO-focused content writing services for businesses across various industries, including health and wellness, education, real estate, and cannabis.

They provide copy for articles, email newsletters, product descriptions, and web content. Their services are available through three monthly subscription plans: Seed ($449), Sprout ($900), and Bloom ($1800). These plans offer up to 2000 words per week, with the option to customize your package based on your specific needs.

Content Cucumber's key features include:

  • Flexible plan options and customizable packages
  • 14-day money-back guarantee
  • Free revisions
  • Royalty-free image curation

Each account is assigned a dedicated native English-speaking writer who will become well-versed in your business and its unique requirements.

12. Draft

Via Draft
Via Draft

Draft advertises itself as delivering on-demand content, fast. However, their price page shows a turnaround of about 5 days, which is much longer than competitors like REEL UNLIMITED. With an easy-to-use platform, they provide unlimited revisions and rewrites, alongside a first 4000-word money-back guarantee at $0.10 per word. Your project will receive a best-match writer within 24 hours and you can collaborate with them in real-time via the platform.


Via Embarque

Loved by startups and hyper-growth companies like Riverside and VEED, provides copywriting solutions hyper-focused on growth hacking through SEO.

Self-described as "a platform offering flexible content packages and options to steer businesses to success," Embarque offers both fixed-priced monthly subscription options and custom plans to cater to your specific needs. plans range from $800/mo to $2500/mo.

Some of the main features Embarque offers with their monthly services are:

  • Access to team meetings.
  • Monthly SEO content calendars.
  • Project managers who will work with you on your orders.

If none of the two fixed-price services Embarque offers meet your business needs, you can contact the team and see if you can find a solution that works for both parties. Additionally, Embarque is open to partnering up for enterprise use and white-label partnerships.



Marvel focuses on providing blog articles that focus on your business niche. Marvel understands that companies need to accelerate the expansion process and require high-quality blog content, but may not have the time to hire a full-time writer to fill this need.

However, Marvel charges a higher rate for their service compared to other providers. If you need 20 articles to be delivered monthly, you should be prepared to pay up to $4400, which is more expensive than REEL UNLIMITED's pricing.

Every business needs copywriting—make it headache-free

REEL UNLIMITED copywriting services

Think before you write! Copywriting services play a pivotal role in helping businesses communicate effectively, drive conversions, and build brand authority, without the headache of keeping up with the demands of content creation yourself. With the rise of digital marketing and the importance of quality content, the demand for copywriting services will continue to grow. REEL UNLIMITED stands out among the top copywriting services, offering comprehensive solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses. Take advantage of our exclusive new customer discount (CODE: WELCOME), and experience the power of REEL UNLIMITED's copywriting services risk-free.

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