7 Best CRM for startups

7 Best CRM for startups
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7 Best CRM for startups

The goal for startups and small businesses is simple: Improve business relationships to grow. Today, managing an effective contact management strategy is possible with the right CRM solution in place to supplement account and contact data through third-party data sources.

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crm for startups + sales automation + sales pipeline + project management tools + sales and marketing teams

In this article, we will look at the 7 best CRM for startups and small businesses to elevate your:

  • Entire sales process.
  • Entire sales pipeline.
  • Sales funnel.
  • Sales activity.
  • Sales forecasting.
  • Customer interactions.
  • Customer loyalty.
  • Sales automation.
  • Workflow automation.
  • Contact management.
  • Account management.
  • Lead management.
  • Marketing campaigns.
  • Project management.
  • Boost productivity.

Ready? Let's begin with the basics.

What is CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, a strategy used to manage customer interaction.

An abbreviation of "customer relationship management," CRM is a technology that manages all your company’s relationships and interactions.

Why should you care about CRM?

Sales is not a heartless, robotic work where your customers don't give a damn about the experience you provide for them within your sales processes. Add to that, and it's been familiar to them for quite some time now that you store customer data within your CRM systems. And they care about their customer experience when doing business with you. They wonder how your sales teams will benefit from their CRM data.

Email marketing or databases for contact numbers. They all work!

Believe us; your customers are informed about what goes on behind CRM work. With all the privacy concerns and regulations your business has to follow up with these days, there is no escape now.

Do you need to hire a marketing team to have successful CRM?

Nope. That's what we will show you in a bit. Not all startups have the budget to do that anyway. Sometimes, you only need a sales team, which can comprise you. So let's look at some of the top CRM software to ease your sales process while optimizing customer relationships.

Top 7 CRM tools for startups

Let's quickly list the best CRM software to help you with your sales CRM and customer support. Here are the top 7 CRM tools that provide you with the most beneficial CRM features:


Salesforce is a widely recognized industry leader and the most trusted all-in-one sales and marketing CRM software. Established in February 1999, it has a proven track record of success, serving large, globally renowned companies and small businesses with its operational CRM tools.

CRM for Startups: Salesforce

Being an industry leader doesn't make Salesforce a "hard to contact" company. Even offering a free trial for those interested in seeing how Salesforce sales cloud or Salesforce CRM works, Salesforce is ready to show you how the right CRM technology and management software can grow your business heaps and bounds.


HubSpot provides a platform to help businesses grow better. It offers a variety of tools, such as customer relationship management, marketing automation, and analytics, to help enterprises build and maintain customer relationships. HubSpot is a software company that provides businesses a platform to help them grow and succeed. It offers tools like customer relationship management, marketing automation, and analytics to build and maintain customer relationships.

CRM for Startups: HubSpot

With their customer service teams ready to serve startups and brand builders like you, HubSpot eases your customer service management tasks with their simple systems.


Insightly is a project and customer relationship management software that allows businesses to manage their contacts, projects, and tasks.

CRM for Startups: Insightly

Insightly is a project and customer relationship management software that enables businesses to keep track of their contacts, projects, and tasks to manage their operations better. It provides features such as task automation, contact management, reporting, and collaboration tools.


Founded with a vision reminding us of Abraham Lincoln's words " the people, for the people", Pipedrive is another CRM software built by salespeople, for salespeople, for their sales CRM and pipeline management needs.

CRM for Startups: PipeDrive

Offering a professional helping hand in task management and email marketing automation, Pipedrive has shared its expertise since its foundation in 2010.


Comparatively, a newbie after the names we listed above, Engagebay, is among the CRM platforms we list here.

CRM for Startups: EngageBay

Another business that offers all-in-one pricing plans and even presents the option of a free CRM platform before you start investing in more advanced features than most basics. EngageBay has been helping startups and brands with their marketing automation needs since 2018.


Keap is another industry leader in entrepreneurs' lives, keen to build their businesses with the correct project management, workflow automation, lead management, and social CRM practices.

CRM for Startups: Keap

Currently coming up with two fixed pricing options based on the number of contacts of your business, Keep offers you business acumen built upon its 21 years in the industry.

Zoho CRM

We are closing our list with another steady name in the game: Zoho CRM. Businesses who want to manage customer data in the most lead-scoring way and who know CRM helps them grow bigger and better when done professionally have been the clients of Zoho since 2005.

CRM for Startups: Zoho

With their super affordable pricing options that range from 9 to 33.75 Euros a month, if you intend to stay away from ineffective and annoying CRM systems, Zoho would be an expert option to choose.

Ready for Dynamic CRM? Let's Optimize Your Content and Graphics While We're at It!

Optimizing content and graphics can help enhance CRM strategy by creating a more engaging and meaningful overall customer experience.

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