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Logo maker platforms are revamping the design world by bridging the gap between new entrepreneurs and talented designers. Their simple and fair approach is the secret to this online graphic design website's success, like DesignBro and other 10 DesignBro alternatives. DesignBro offers business logo design and allows its clients to organize contests to find a designer. Their creation process is similar to platforms like Reel Brands and 99designs, where the client writes a brand brief and hours later gets a custom logo design by top designers.

Although this platform has different design options, it may have limited pricing. DesignBro allows its customers to choose from 4 other packages: Starter, Business, Pro, and Full Agency. The price of this plan ranges from $275 to $1650.

Here are the best 10 DesignBro alternatives

  1. Reel Unlimited
  2. Logology
  3. Tailors Brand
  4. 99designs
  5. BrandCrowd
  6. Fiverr
  7. DesingEvo
  8. Freelancer
  9. Looka
  10. Indiebrands

1. Reel Unlimited

With its on-demand custom branding and logo design services, Reel Unlimited stands out as an exceptional alternative to DesignBro. Through its pool of verified creatives and designers, Reel Unlimited delivers high-quality logos to startups, small businesses, and agencies at an affordable rate.

Reel Unlimited Custom Logo Design Services

The process is simple to get order logos at Reel Unlimited. Just select the logo package that best suits their needs, either the Logo only package or the Logo + Brand Identity package. Then fill out a brief form that gives them details on what you are looking for and receive comprehensive logo packages that align with your brand vision within 24 hours.

Reel Unlimited logo price

Reel Unlimited’s Logo Design Service pricing starts at $179 per logo.

  • Professional Logo Design for a single payment of $179. With this plan, users get full commercial rights and unlimited revisions.
  • Professional Logo Design + Brand Identity $278 one-time. Entrepreneurs get everything included in the Logo Design package, source file SVG format, social media kit, and full brand guidelines.
  • Unlimited Design for a flat monthly rate of $969. With this plan, clients get unlimited logos and brand identities for unlimited brands. Other design services are also included, like custom illustrations, animated graphics, packaging and labels, t-shirts, and merchandise, as well as website and online store design on platforms like Wix and Shopify.

Turnaround designing time: Reel Unlimited's talented designers will provide a professional logo within 24 hours.

Designers: The careful selection their creatives must undergo is why Reel Unlimited's logos stand out among other alternatives.

Cancellation policy: Reel Unlimited has a 7-day money-back guarantee policy.

To learn more about Reel Unlimited logo design services, click here.

2. Logology

 10 DesignBro alternatives
Via Logology

Logology is a platform that provides its clients with more than 500 pre-designed logos to help create a brand identity for businesses. The main objective is to automate the complete design of a company in a short time.

Its process consists of a personality test about the startup. Then, the platform will automatically match the brand with premade logo proposals. The last step is customizing the logo, including the font, colors, etc.

Plans and pricing: Logology offers three main plans:

  1. Start Plan for $69.
  2. Grow Plan for $119.
  3. Set up a plan for $599.

Turnaround designing time: Business owners can get a custom logo design in 5 minutes with this logo creation website.

Designers: Logology does not work with designers in real-time, but talented designers make all their premade logos.

Cancellation policy: This company does not offer upfront payments. Clients pay after customizing their logos.

3. Tailor Brands

 10 DesignBro alternatives
Via Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands acts as a logo generator to create custom logo designs. An algorithm designs your logos; therefore, no premade logo templates exist.

Creating a logo is easy and intuitive, based on 6 steps. First, you need to provide your company details, then choose the style and font of the logo. Once ready, you can customize your logo as much as you want.

Plans and pricing: This platform offers free benefits, but to qualify for the logo, customers must sign up for one of its three plans - Basic, Standard, or Premium. Prices will be displayed after the client generates their logo. Depending on the plan, the price ranges from $40 to $150.

Turnaround designing time: Tailors Brand will generate a logo in just 1 minute after selecting the font and style options. The completion of the logo will depend on how long it takes the client to customize it.

Designers: In Tailors Brand and algorithm will display a customizable logo. Clients can alter the design as much as they need.

Cancellation policy: The payment is made only after the design is finished.

4. 99designs

 10 DesignBro alternatives
Via 99designs

Similar to DesignBro,  99designs matches clients with designers through a design contest or by comparing the client with a designer.

To generate logos, the client must follow a 3-step process. A brand briefing is requested first, followed by a design created through a contest or by one designer, and finally by the finished logo.

Plans and pricing: 99designs offers several brand identity packages, but the logo design plan has a fixed price starting at $299.

Turnaround designing time: The turnaround time will depend on whether the logo is designed by a contest or by a single designer. When done by competition, the process can take up to a month.

Designers: 99designs designers from all over the world do not disclose their selection process.

Cancellation policy: This platform offers a 100% money-back guarantee if the client is unsatisfied with the designs.

5. BrandCrowd

 10 DesignBro alternatives
Via BrandCrowd

BrandCrowd is a logo maker that offers a wide range of free and premium logos for companies and startups.

This platform allows a small business or entrepreneur to choose from hundreds of customizable logos and download them. Unlike other media, customers can create and download licensed logos for free.

Plans and pricing: While BrandCrowd offers free logos and customizable options, it also has premium services billed monthly or annually, ranging from $60 to $85.

Design time: Design time will depend on the client and how long it takes to customize their logo.

Designers: This platform offers logos made by professional designers worldwide but not the option to work with a designer in real time.

Cancellation policy: BrandCrowd allows customers worldwide to download logos for free, so they do not have a cancellation policy unless they enroll in their premium packages.

6. Fiverr

 10 DesignBro alternatives
Via Fiverr

Fiverr is a well-established website where freelancers, including designers, match clients to create custom logo designs.

Creating logos and company branding involves hiring a designer who will go step by step with the client.

Plans and pricing: Prices for Fiverr logo design for business will depend on the designer's qualifications. Rates can be per hour or project. On Fiverr, payment is upfront and will be released once the job is approved.

Design turnaround time: The time it will take for the designer to complete the project will depend on the prior agreement between the client and the creative.

Designers: Any designer can create an account on Fiverr, so there is no strict selection of designers, meaning there is a wide variety of amateur and professional designers.

Cancellation policy: If the client demands a cancellation, it will only happen if the designer and the client mutually agree.

7. DesignEvo

Via DesignEvo

DesignEvo's mission is to empower non-designers, entrepreneurs, and startups to create their logos. This website focuses on simplifying the design process and being innovative. At DesingEvo, individuals can choose and get inspired by more than 10,000 pre-designed logos and customize their company logo with millions of free vector icons, hundreds of fonts, and colors.

Pricing: DesingEvo has a free option but limited access to templates and quality image resolutions. For better quality and more features, DesginEvo has two plans.

  1. Basic, for a one-time payment of $29.99.
  2. Plus, for a one-time charge of $49.99.

Turnaround designing time: On average, it takes minutes to design a logo.

Designers: Clients can't work with a personal designer when choosing this platform as their logo maker.

Cancellation policy: DesingEvo doesn't disclose information about refunds or cancellations.

8. Freelancer

freelance design service
Via Freelancer

Along with other DesignBro alternatives, Freelancer is a platform where you can find a wide range of freelancers to design a logo and other design service alternatives.

The client selects a designer based on their skills and location. After that, the buyer connects with the creative, creating their logo.

Plans and pricing: On this Hubstaff talent platform, designers charge a fixed price per project or hourly rate through a secure Milestone payment system. To purchase a membership, you pay an annual or monthly fee of $4.95 up to $59.95.

Design turnaround time: The terms and agreements between the client and the designer will determine the design turnaround design.

Designers: This Toptal alternative, like Fiverr, allows designers worldwide to create an account. Clients can view the portfolio and rely on reviews to find the ideal designer.

Cancellation policy: The buyer can request a refund at any time except if the amount to refund relates to a Milestone Payment. For any questions or clarification, everyone can contact their customer support center.

9. Looka

Via Looka

One of the logo design alternatives is Looka. This logo creation platform combines logo preferences with artificial intelligence.

Like other custom logo design platforms, Looka offers clients a design they can modify according to their needs and get full rights over the product.

Plans and pricing: Looka has two types of packages:

  1. Logo-only packages. This is a one-time payment ranging from $20 to $60.
  2. Brand Kit Subscription. These packages, billed annually, range from $96 to $192.

Design turnaround time:  The logo design time depends on the order. If the client needs the advice of a designer or any other kind of support, it may take up to 5 days to get an answer.

Designers: Looka uses artificial intelligence to create the logo. If the business or entrepreneur needs help from a designer, they can contact their support center.

Cancellation policy: If the Brand kit subscription is purchased, the customers can cancel without losing access to their logo. Refunds will only be issued if the files have not been downloaded and the customer requests a refund within 14 days of purchase.

10. Indiebrands.io

logo maker
Via Indiebrands

Unlike other design platforms, indiebrands.io focuses primarily on brand names for businesses. Following the selection of a brand name, a custom domain and logo are available.

The process begins with selecting a name from thousands of options. After choosing the desired name and domain, the graphic design process starts.

Plans and pricing: Their work is under a fixed pricing model. Except for premium brands, which cost $779, all Indiebrands.io is $579.

Design turnaround time:  This company works under a 24-hour lead time. Their office is in Austria; thus, holidays may affect delivery time.

Designers:  Indiebrands.io does not identify the designers who work on their clients' logos.

Cancellation policy: They offer a full refund before domain ownership transfer. They are unable to provide refunds once the transfer has begun.


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Unlimited design subscriptions for startups

We are the design subscription you can rely on for unlimited graphic design and Webflow development.
Risk-free for 7 days · No surprises