Gumroad alternatives for creators

Gumroad alternatives for creators
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Gumroad alternatives for creators

The demand for creators for a fair and reliable online marketplace when selling digital products has resulted in the search for new Gumroad alternatives after this platform announced some modifications to its services. Over the years, creators and entrepreneurs have relied on Gumroad to grow their businesses; however, a series of modifications to the platform and pricing system in the last year has led customers to search for other alternatives.

But what are these available alternatives to Gumroad, and which one suits the needs of creatives better? Before deep diving into 10 Gumroad alternatives for creators in 2023, there are some basics everyone should understand about this popular platform and why vendors and creators worldwide are moving away from Gumroad.

What is Gumroad?

Via Gumroad

Gumroad, founded by Sahil Lavingia, is an online marketplace used by thousands of artists, writers, designers, musicians, and anyone who wants to sell their creations online. Gumroad's ease of use undoubtedly contributed to its rapid popularity.

Since 2011 this online marketplace has helped thousands of people sell their creative goods quickly, securely, and without the need to create an external platform.

How does it work?

The sales process through Gumroad is intuitive and easy, even for those who find technology a foreign language.

Creating a free account is the first step for creatives to use this digital e-commerce. Next, they must submit the text, video, photo, or any product they wish to sell. Once the product is ready, they have to add their storefront, and sellers can decide whether to customize it on the platform or a personal site connected to this marketplace.

What can creatives sell on Gumroad, and to whom?

As long as it is digital or physical, creative merchandise, entrepreneurs can sell virtually anything to anyone globally; in other words, "Creativity is the limit."

3D designs, GIFs, books, movies, software, videos, lessons on almost any topic, and digital products are examples of what creators can sell in this online marketplace.

Why are sellers looking for Gumroad alternatives?

Unfortunately, for new creatives and loyal Gumroad customers, on December 17, 2022, the all-in-one digital marketplace announced a change in its pricing model to a flat rate of 10% on all transactions. Plus, to this 10% increase, another extra charge related to credit card processing fees was added, which significantly decreased vendors' revenues.

Unlike other competitors, Gumroad used to have an attractive and revolutionary pricing system based on the number of profits. The math was easy; every creator starting on the platform paid a 9% commission for each transaction, but the more they sold, the commission dropped to less than 3% based on the number of sales.

Another reason creators are looking and switching to other choices is its templates feature. While pre-designed profiles with templates save some time, many wanted to customize their profiles, a feature not available on Gumroad since 2021.

For these platform changes and gaps in the customer experience, Gumroad vendors and new entrepreneurs about to start selling goods are opting for different online marketplaces.

But what are the best alternatives to Gumroad for creators in 2023, and how to choose the right one?

10 Gumroad alternatives for creators in 2023

  1. Lemon Squeezy
  2. Buy Me a Coffee
  3. Sellfy
  4. Podia
  5. ConvertKit Commerce
  6. Patreon
  7. Ko-fi
  8. PayHip
  9. Flurly
  10. SendOwl

1. Lemon Squeezy

Gumroad alternatives
Via Lemon Squeezy

Lemon Squeezy is a relatively new platform designed for running SaaS businesses. This online eCommerce allows vendors to sell their digital goods worldwide and does not require coding or developing expertise, thanks to its straightforward approach.

It also manages the payment process from A to B, covers payments, global tax compliance to fraud prevention, multi-currency support, failed payment recovery, etc. The website also offers clients powerful, easy-to-use marketing tools.

Lemon Squeezy pricing

Lemon Squeezy is a budget-friendly platform for creators, thanks to its two pricing plans.

  1. Email marketing: The price of this plan is calculated on the total number of subscribers. If the creator has a maximum of 500 subscribers, the feature is free of charge.
  2. eCommerce: For these services, there are no monthly wages; it only takes 5% of each sale plus 50¢ per sale.
How do creators get paid?

The payouts are generated monthly on the 1st and the 15th. They specify that payouts can appear in bank accounts for 1–5 days.

Best option for: Lemon Squeezy features and pricing plans offer benefits suitable to new entrepreneurs and big shark sellers, especially those who sell software and prefer investing all their time in their business and less on payment regulation and marketing.

Lemon Squeezy pros

  • All-in-one eCommerce platform.
  • Acts as a merchant of records.
  • Creators can design their storefront on the forum or link it with an existing site.
  • Flexible API that allows adapting the platform to the client's needs.
  • Despite other choices, no upfront payment.

Lemon Squeezy cons:

  • Although it accepts payments from over 135+ countries, other alternatives have a more significant portfolio.
  • Being one of the newest platforms sometimes means you will get better after trial and error. The learning curve has caused the platform some bad reviews, but they improve their services daily.
  • Delayed customer service response time.

2. Buy Me a Coffee

Gumroad alternatives
Via Buy Me a Coffee

Buy Me a Coffee is an option for creatives interested in receiving donations or tips. Fans can "Buy a coffee" to support their favorite writers, artists, musicians, etc., so they can keep producing content. Creators can launch a membership to share exclusive content and sell products like 1-to-1 Zoom calls, live event tickets, and art commissions. They also have absolute control of their supporter network and email.

In other words, their founders designed the platform to create human connections and not just monetary exchanges.

Buy Me a Coffee pricing

Creating an account is free but Buy Me a Coffee will take 5% of each sale.

How do creators get paid?

Stripe and PayPal make the payment, so donations can only be made for countries that accept those transaction platforms.

Best option for: Undoubtedly, Buy Me a Coffee is a perfect alternative for those creatives who want an easy-to-use platform to create exclusive content and connect with their fans.

Buy Me a Coffee pros

  • Easy to create and start running an account.
  • No upfront payments.
  • Supporters don't need to create an account to donate.
  • The platform has eCommerce functions.
  • Buy Me a Coffee has a WordPress plugin.

Buy Me a Coffee cons

  • It takes 5% of every earning with no option to change it to a monthly plan.
  • Creators can only sell certain products.

3. Sellfy

Via Sellfy

Sellfy is an excellent choice for creators looking for a hosted eCommerce solution. Although creatives can sell a wide range of goods, the online marketplace specializes in digital products, especially print-on-demand.

Artists or designers interested in selling custom print-on-demand articles do not need to make an upfront investment. Also, Sellfy will oversee the whole process, from printing to product delivery. Vendors can create a storefront from scratch or link their store to the website.

Unlike Gumroad, Sellfy clients can add built-in features like discount codes and email marketing while easily customizing their storefront with a drag-and-drop.

Sellfy pricing

Sellfy is one of the favorite alternatives to many creators who prefer to pay a monthly fee without any other extra or hidden charge. The online shop offers four options, each of which could be paid monthly or yearly.

  1. Free: Great option for the newbies on the market. Vendors can start selling from $0/mo without transaction fees, but the plan is limited.
  2. Starter: The plan provides access to different features for only $29/mo or $262 billed yearly.
  3. Business: The plans start from $79/mo or $708 billed yearly.
  4. Premium: Complete package for only $159/mo or $1428 billed yearly.

How do creators get paid?

Creators get paid through PayPal or Stripe.

Best option for: A perfect option for new creators and established sellers thanks to its free feature and monthly paid packages. It is also ideal for artists or creators interested in selling custom built-in print-on-demand.

Sellfy pros

  • All-in-one digital eCommerce.
  • User-friendly platform.
  • Customers can customize their storefronts or link their own.
  • Different merchandise can be sold.
  • Mobile app.
  • 14-day free trial.

Sellfy cons

  • Some customers aren't happy with Sellfy CRM.
  • Limited third-party app integrations.

4. Podia

Gumroad alternatives
Via Podia

Best known for selling digital goods such as online courses and webinars, Podia is an all-in-one platform that allows creators to build websites, sell courses and digital products, and host communities. Podia has unlimited bandwidth and hosting, making it an excellent option for creators that use a large amount of video for courses, coaching consultations, and workshops. Another feature that distinguishes Podia from the other Gumroad choices is that it allows sellers to interact with their subscribers, creating connections and deeper relations.

Podia pricing

Podia's "free" option has minimal function access and charges 8% for every sale. If creators consider making this platform their online market, the three monthly paid options are a better alternative eventually.

  1. The "Mover" Plan for $33/mo allows creators unlimited downloads and coaching.
  2. Buying the "Shaker" Plan for $75/mo provides all the benefits included in the Mover Plan plus affiliates.
  3. Clients had priority support and onboarding calls with the Earthquaker Plan for $166/mo.

How do creators get paid?

On paid plans, Podia does not charge any extra cost; nevertheless, the payment processor (Stripe or PayPal) will charge a regular transaction fee.

Best option for:

Undoubtedly, an excellent choice for any creator, mainly for those who impart webinars, lessons, and coaching sessions.

Podia pros

  • All-in-one eCommerce platform.
  • Let sellers create paid communities.
  • Offer 24/7 support and tons of resources like articles and guides.
  • Great for video services.

Podia cons

  • Limited customization options.
  • It is not adapted for selling physical goods, only digital downloads.
  • Pricey plans and a high flat fee for their "free" option.

5. ConvertKit

Gumroad alternatives
Via ConverKit

Commonly known as a marketing hub, ConvertKit also works as an eCommerce online website to help entrepreneurs sell their digital assets.

The platform was designed to help clients grow their businesses online by integrating their marketing services with the benefits of an online marketplace.

With ConvertKit Commerce, vendors can sell digital products like e-books, online courses, e-newsletters, subscriptions, and more. Another exciting feature of this digital marketplace is its "tip jar," available to every supporter that wants to donate to their creatives.

Currently, this platform is only available in certain countries like the United States, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, and other European countries.

ConvertKit Commerce pricing

This email marketing creator combines its marketing services with eCommerce benefits. ConvertKit Commerce charges a fee of 3.5% + $0.30 for every successful sale.

How do creators get paid?

Stripe is their only payment platform at this time.

Best option for: ConvertKit Commerce is best for current customers of ConvertKit marketing and coaching professionals, musicians, podcasters, and authors looking for a place to vend their online lessons.

ConvertKit Commerce pros

  • Low service cost.
  • Offers different marketing services like visual automation, integration, landing page, and more.
  • Tip jar.
  • All sales are on one dashboard.

ConvertKit Commerce cons

  • Its eCommerce services are only available in some countries.
  • The platform doesn't manage tax rates.
  • No options to sell physical merchandise, only digital downloads.

6. Patreon

Via Patreon

Like Buy Me a Coffee, Patreon offers fans the possibility to sponsor its creators by donating or buying some of their products. Patreon enables creators to run affiliate businesses by providing them with the tools they need to engage, manage and excite their followers.

On this platform, customers can create a community and relationships with their fans while choosing what they want to offer and how much they wish to earn. Fans pay their favorite creators a monthly sum of their choice for exclusive access through a subscription-style payment model.

Moreover, one of Patreon's coolest features is its zero tolerance for trolls and haters, which makes it an enjoyable platform for hundreds of artists.

Patreon pricing

Creators can enroll in one of Patreon's plans and pay the one that suits them better. The packages are:

  1. Lite: Includes simple tools to set up recurring fan support. With this plan, Patreon charges 5% of the total monthly revenue.
  2. Pro: The platform's recommended plan is available for 8% of the total monthly income.
  3. Premium: Dedicated to coaches and established creators for only 12% of the total monthly income.

How do creators get paid?

Fans can support creators via PayPal or credit cards.

Best option for: As it states on its website, Patreon is best for artists, gamers, authors, and musicians interested in creative and financial freedom.

Patreon pros

  • Recurring income.
  • Extra services like analytics tools and templates.
  • Trustworthy platform.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Every growing community.

Patreon cons

  • High cost.
  • Low payouts.
  • Not built-in marketing tools.

7. Ko-fi

Via Kofi

Ko-fi has an extensive network of creatives that offers thousands of products, memberships, and services to their fan community. Ko-fi works particularly like a tip jar with the ability to get premium features where creators can set a crowdfunding goal and build a monthly income by offering memberships and accepting commissions or applications.

The platform can also serve as a simple showcase for donations and is preferred by some creators who enjoy its "no-pressure approach," as Ko-fi does not require its customers to upload content constantly.

Ko-fi pricing

Ko-fi is undoubtedly one of the most budget-friendly platforms for artists and creatives who want to connect with their fans for an incredible 0% fee.

For creatives who wish to explore the Gold services, Ko-fi charges a tiny cost comparable to $6/mo for features such as Memberships, shop, and commissions.

How do creators get paid?

Payments are made directly from PayPal or Stripe accounts.

Best option for: Ko-fi is perfect for any creator looking to expand their creative platforms while creating a community.

Ko-fi pros

  • It easily connects to Twitch.
  • Accept one-time contributions.
  • Gumroad alternatives free option.
  • Supporters may use it to convey messages.
  • Set up memberships and access to the Ko-fi shop.
  • Both creators and viewers will find it simple to utilize.

Ko-fi cons

  • Not as popular as Patreon.
  • Restrictive blogging features.

8. PayHip

Via PayHip

PayHip's most crucial characteristic is the ease with which users can create their online store; undoubtedly, the platform is one of the most intuitive eCommerce sites.

Unlike Gumroad, PayHip has more tools to help creatives promote their goods and options to choose from when customizing profiles and stock shops, basically everything creatives may need to increase sales. PayHip claims to have optimized its payment process to increase conversions, making it one of the alternatives to Gumroad with the smoothest selling process.

PayHip pricing

The payment system within this platform is designed so that when getting one of its plans, the user pays less commission on each transaction. PayHip has three pricing options:

  1. Free option: +5% transaction fee.
  2. Plus Plan:  $29/ mo +2% transaction fee.
  3. Pro Plan: &99/ mo + no transaction fee.

How do creators get paid?

The deposit is immediately transferred to the PayPal and Stripe account and shared under the standards of these companies.

Best option for: Unlike competitors, PayHip is best for small and medium vendors that want to sell digital products, physical goods, memberships, or online courses.

PayHip pros

  • All-in-one digital eCommerce.
  • Free option.
  • Allows selling physical products forbidden on other platforms like jewelry.
  • Creatives get instant access to earnings.
  • Various options to customize the storefront.
  • Lower transaction fees.

PayHip cons

  • They have limited marketing services.
  • File limit.

9. Flurly

Via Flurry

By far one of the most affordable ways to sell products online. Flurly offers creatives to keep 99% of what they make after payment processing fees.

With Flurly, sellers can give free product samples and adjust prices depending on the country level, meaning that creators can provide a better discount to customers from developed countries should they choose to do so. Another feature that differentiates Flurly from other Gumroad alternatives is that it allows splitting revenue with product collaborators.

Like Patreon, this website launched a membership program to give fans exclusive access to creator content.

Flurly pricing

Flurly only takes 1% of each sale plus the Stripe payment processing fee.

How do creators get paid?

Every transaction is made via Stripe.

Best option for: An excellent choice for creators that generate projects through collaborations or want to take advantage of their Purchase Power Parity dynamic pricing.

Flurly pros

  • Low transaction fees.
  • Allow collabs.
  • Free product samples.
  • Supports Apple Pay & Google Pay payments.
  • Fans can donate.

Flurly cons

  • Flurly does not provide an API.
  • Basic features.
Unfortunately, Flury was shut down by Stripe on Feb 2023.

10. SendOwl

Via SendOwl

Finally, SendOwl helps vendors sell using a single feature or bundling them together. On SendOwl, individuals can sell almost any type of digital goods and be sure that each transaction is made easy through a reliable source.

This eCommerce solution automates marketing workflow and customizes the checkout page and email, so sellers can brand the payment process and look more professional to their customers.

SendOwl pricing

Creatives have three payment options in case they want to sell their merchandise via SendOwl:

  1. Free Plan 5% off every transaction.
  2. Growth Plan per 19/mo.
  3. Customized Plans: depending on their needs, the vendor creates a plan.

How do creatives get paid?

SendOwl works with Stripe to process payments.

Best option for: Bloggers and YouTubers who wish to start selling their products.

SendOwl pros

  • All-in-one eCommerce platform.
  • Integrates with favorite tools like Shopify.
  • Great customer support.
  • Limitless delivery.

SendOwl cons

  • No emergency/live customer support.
  • Creatives can't build an online store.
  • There is a limit to accessing download links.

Final thoughts

Several alternatives to Gumroad offer reliable and reasonably priced services focused on helping creators grow their businesses, no matter where they are in the world. But before switching or subscribing to a new platform, creators should analyze Gumroad vs. other options and keep specific points in mind.

Questions to ask when choosing among Gumroad alternatives:

  • What is the budget allocated to the digital marketplace?
  • What goods will I sell? Am I interested in creating a community and receiving donations?
  • Which services of the digital marketplace fit my needs?
  • Is it the best option for my audience?
  • What marketing features do these platforms offer to improve the visibility of my business?

Having answered these questions, the creator can decide whether to stay with Gumroad or try other alternatives.

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