10 Logology alternatives

10 Logology alternatives
Reel Unlimited Staff
October 24, 2023
9 mins read
10 Logology alternatives

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Online logo makers like Logology are here to ensure businesses and entrepreneurs enter the market on the right foot with the perfect custom logo design. When starting a company, the first impression is the one that counts; that is why it is so important that the business logo not only reflects the brand's identity but also that it is attractive and easy to remember.

Via Logology

According to a study made by Green and Lovelock, entrepreneurs can establish consumer trust by building a brand persona through logos. With that in mind, creating a logo mustn't be done lightly, and it is always better to work with professional designers or logo makers like Logology.

Logology is a popular platform built by Dagobert Renouf and Lucie Baratte, who are very good designers whose primary objective is to automate logo creation. Clients can choose and customize their logo from its more than 500 premade designs and download it for only $69, with the option to upgrade the plan to unlock more features.

Even though Logology is a great online logo generator site for creating a logo design, there are 10 Logology alternatives on the market for those looking for free logo maker options, more templates, or are interested in working with professional logo designers.

Here are the best 10 Logology alternatives

  1. Reel Unlimited
  2. Ucraft
  3. DesignEvo
  4. Free Logo Creator
  5. thelogocompany
  6. Turbologo
  7. OWN3D
  8. Vistacreate
  9. Artify
  10. Namecheap

1. Reel Unlimited

Reel Unlimited is one of the most affordable logo design service alternatives to Logology. The idea behind Reel Unlimited Custom Logo Design services is that every business deserves a high-quality custom logo design by professional graphic designers at an affordable price.

Via Reel Unlimited

Considering the tough competition in the logo maker market, Reel Unlimited is undoubtedly the cream of the crop by coming up with exciting designs. The platforms create unique logo designs relevant to the customer's business that will spark people's interest in walking through the door or browsing the website even further.

Reel Unlimited Logo Price

Reel Unlimited’s Logo Design Service pricing starts at $179 per logo.

  • Professional Logo Design for a single payment of $179. With this plan, users get full commercial rights and unlimited revisions.
  • Professional Logo Design + Brand Identity $278 one-time. Entrepreneurs get everything included in the Logo Design package, source file SVG format, social media kit, and full brand guidelines.
  • Unlimited Design for a flat monthly rate of $969. With this plan, clients get unlimited logos and brand identities for unlimited brands. Other design services are also included, like custom illustrations, animated graphics, packaging and labels, t-shirts, and merchandise, as well as website and online store design on platforms like Wix and Shopify.

Turnaround designing time: Reel Unlimited's talented designers will provide a professional logo within 24 hours.

Designers: The careful selection their creatives must undergo is why Reel Unlimited's logos stand out among other alternatives.

Cancellation policy: Reel Unlimited has a 7-day money-back guarantee policy.

To learn more about Reel Unlimited logo design services, click here.

2. Ucraft

custom logo design
Via Ucraft

Best known as a landing page creator, Ucraft has a logo maker feature where brands can generate a good logo in just a few clicks. To design a logo, companies must follow six steps. Step one is to access their logo maker tool, search for an icon, add the brand name, and customize it with fonts, colors, and shapes. Brands can preview the logo and download it. In case people need logo ideas or additional help to design a business logo, Ucraft offers tutorials and videos to help anyone design a beautiful logo.

Ucraft Pricing

Downloading a PNG version of the logo is free, but getting a high-quality Ucraft charges $7.

Turnaround designing time: In Ucraft, brands can create their logo in a short time.

Designer: Ucraft logos are made by brands and individuals, not real-time designers. Companies that want to work with professional designers should look for other platforms, such as Reel Unlimited.

Cancellation policy: There are no upfront payments, so there is no cancellation policy for the Ucraft logo maker tool.

3. DesignEvo

custom logo design
Via DesignEvo

DesignEvo's mission is to empower non-designers, entrepreneurs, and startups to create their logos. This website focuses on simplifying the design process and being innovative. At DesingEvo, individuals can choose and get inspired by more than 10,000 pre-designed logos and customize their company logo with millions of free vector icons, hundreds of fonts, and colors.

Pricing: DesingEvo has a free option but limited access to templates and quality image resolutions. For better quality and more features, DesginEvo has two plans.

  1. Basic, for a one-time payment of $29.99.
  2. Plus, for a one-time charge of $49.99.

Turnaround designing time: On average, it takes minutes to design a logo.

Designers: Clients can't work with a personal designer when choosing this platform as their logo maker.

Cancellation policy: DesingEvo doesn't disclose information about refunds or cancellations.

4. Free Logo Creator

custom logo design
Via Free Logo Creator

As its name says, Free Logo Creator is a platform where people can create and design logos in just a few minutes and download them for free.

The process of generating a logo on this online site is pretty straightforward. First, individuals have to enter the company's name and select the sector in which they operate; then, the customer will choose from the templates offered by this website. After selecting their favorite design and customizing it, they can download the logo for no charge and start using it.

Pricing: Unlike the other 10 Logology alternatives, this option lets creatives download their logo files or other design products, such as business cards, without a charge. There will only be a cost if the customer requests high-quality vector files.

Turnaround designing plan: The design time to create a custom logo is only a few minutes.

Designers: The logos made by this website are made with premade templates that the customer can edit, but no real-time designers are involved in the process.

Cancellation policy: No applicable.

5. thelogocompany

custom logo design
Via thelogocompany

For those who prefer the benefits of working with designers, thelogocompany is one of the 10 Logology alternatives that stand out for it.

The thelogocompany logo designers' team is a group of professional creatives who generate personalized logos for any industry. When creating a logo, the designers will dive deep into the business and industry, and only after the research will they start designing some sketches. Once the final drawing is ready, designers make it digital and refine it before sending it to the client.

Pricing: thelogocompany pricing is:

  1. $199 for only the logo.
  2. $249 for logo + matched stationery.
  3. $339 for logo + matched stationary + business cards.

Turnaround time design: Although thelogocompany states its designing process is fast, they don't give an estimated turnaround time.

Designers: With an office in New York, the platform has a professional team of designers.

Cancellation policy: Not disclosed.

6. Turbologo

custom logo design
Via Turbologo

Perfect for entrepreneurs, Turbologo is a logo-maker platform that works with artificial intelligence to create logo designs. Turbologo has a vast collection of quality templates and great customization tools that anyone can use to build their brand's identity. Plus, after every download, the site gives each client relevant data about their logo.

Pricing: In Turbologo, there are three packages to choose from:

  1. Lit for $16. The package includes one logo image file in PNG format.
  2. Standard for $32. Clients get a high-quality version of their log and platform access for this price.
  3. Business for $64. These plans include everything offered on the Standard plus a brand kit.

Turnaround designing time: Choosing a template from the site's various alternatives will undoubtedly take the most time.

Designers: The singularity of Turbologo is that it works with artificial intelligence and customization tools to generate logos.

Cancellation policy: Turbologo has a 24-hour guarantee. The idea is that as soon as someone downloads the logo, they get the documents in the right quality; however, in some rare cases, this does not happen. Clients who do not receive the files within 24 hours can request a refund.

7. OWN3D

custom logo design
Via Own3D

OWN3D is where gamers can use the logo creator to bring their brand identity to life in minutes. With this platform, anyone can easily create a great logo inspired by an avatar, start a small business, and begin their rise in the gaming industry.

With OWN3D, a business can create an avatar or gaming logo by customizing a character or a premade logo.

Pricing: OWN3D offers different services for gamers and streamers, so generating a logo can be included in a package or paid for separately. The cost of creating a logo using this platform varies based on the functionalities and qualities of the design.

Turnaround designing time: On average, creating a logo with this platform takes a couple of minutes.

Designers: Although professionals make all templates and avatar tools, working with one of their team members in real-time is impossible.

Cancellation policy: Like other logo maker websites for their avatar and emoter maker, the individual only pays before obtaining the file.

8. Vistacreate

Via Vistacreate

Unlike some of the 10 Logology alternatives, Vistacreate can create and download a logo using either one of their premade templates or completely customize their design with the logo maker tool. Regarding what Vistacreate feature entrepreneurs use to design their logos, they get immediate access to thousands of tools, graphics, fonts, and templates.

Pricing: Creating a logo with Vistacreate is free, although to unlock extra tools, access to team editing, and generate branding kits, entrepreneurs can hire their Pro plan for only $10/mo.

Turnaround designing time: In Vistacreate, everyone can design a custom logo in minutes.

Designers: Vistacreate has a big team of designers who constantly update and generate more templates and tools, so their template storage is constantly updated.

Cancellation policy: Clients can cancel their plan anytime when acquiring the Pro Plan.

9. Artify

Via Artify

Artify is mainly a social media manager, but has an alternative design editor and logo templates that brands can use to generate their logo design. With Artify editor, entrepreneurs can decide either to use a template and personalize it or to create a logo from scratch.

Similar to other 10 Logology alternatives, designing a logo with Artify is simple and intuitive and requires no previous design knowledge or experience.

Pricing: Artify is a platform with a complimentary option to create and download logos. Still, to get the license or access to more tools, they offer two packages that include extra features like Artify illustrator, editor, gallery, and packs.

  1. Artify Premium for $9/monthly, $79/ yearly, or a one-time payment of $129.
  2. Artify Premium + Fool Tools Bundle for $99 per year or a one-time charge of $149.

Turnaround designing time: After choosing one of their logo design templates, the logo can be finished in minutes.

Designer: In alternatives like Aritfy, the designer is the entrepreneur or brand itself.

Cancellation policy: Not disclosed.

10. Namecheap

Via Namecheap

There are numerous things that Namecheap offers, such as domains, hosting, website security, and logos. Everyone can type in their company name, pick out a few interesting fonts and styles, color combinations, and icons, and get an instant logo that they can use.

As with most Jacks of all trades, there are some flaws to the Namecheap logo maker. It is relatively simple and doesn't offer as many designing options; unlike other platforms, customizing and downloading a logo is 100% free.

Pricing: Unlike the other 10 Logology alternatives, Namecheap service is 100% free logo design.

Turnaround designing time: Generating custom designs on this site is easy and fast.

Designers: Designers make the logo templates, but each brand or individual customizes its logo.

Cancellation policy: No applicable.

Custom logo design alternatives final thoughts

Business owners need to consider their budget, audience, time, and resources when selecting a logo design platform. Whether they need a fashion or university logo, there is an alternative for every necessity and budget. Reel Unlimited is undoubtedly one of the best design options for everyone wanting a perfect logo designed by a graphic artist. It has all the benefits of a design agency at a reasonable cost.

To learn more about Reel Unlimited logo design services, click here.

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