ManyPixels reviews and alternatives in 2024

ManyPixels reviews and alternatives in 2024
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ManyPixels reviews and alternatives in 2024

Unlimited graphic design services have transformed the way businesses approach design solutions, offering unlimited design tasks for a fixed monthly fee., one of the pioneering agencies in this field, has played a significant role in popularizing the concept as a subscription model.

In this brief, we delve into the origins of this new business model, the rise of ManyPixels, its importance in the market, and explore alternatives for companies considering their design needs.

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Unlimited graphic design services

The evolution of unlimited graphic design services

Unlimited graphic design provides companies with unlimited design task requests all for a fixed monthly subscription fee. Why? To provide cost-effective and scalable design solutions that work for any size business, including startups.

Why the need for on-demand design agencies?

The concept of unlimited, subscription-based design rose from a growing demand for excellent designs without the price tag of hiring in-house designers.

The alternative—hiring freelancers to do the work—also proved to be frustrating as many weren't reliable, there were inconsistencies in the brand feel and quality of the design work, and the turnaround time on projects often exceeded their deadlines.

ManyPixels' role

When the subscription model for design work was first becoming popularized, ManyPixels stepped into the playing field alongside other pioneers like DesignPickle,, and Penji.

Their website and business made these types of services accessible to organizations of all sizes, and, thanks to their excellent work in solving the pain points their clients were experiencing with freelancers and in-house designers, they were fundamental in popularizing the concept.

Source: ManyPixels
Via ManyPixels

Why do businesses choose ManyPixels?

Thanks to being one of the first on the scene, ManyPixels has carved a niche and reputation for itself amongst the business and design community. Customers stay with them because of their:

  • Reliable service: You can find many-an honest review about their reliable and consistent design output, offering peace of mind with unlimited tasks. Clients can rest easy knowing that the request delivered is consistent with their instructions, expectations, and standards.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Especially for a small business or startup just embarking on its journey, the fixed monthly subscription model makes budgeting easy. Plus, it's a cost-effective solution compared to hiring in-house designers or outsourcing individual projects.
  • Quick turnaround: Thanks to their team of experienced designers, quick turnaround times for any request is a breath of fresh air. Businesses can meet tight deadlines efficiently while still receiving exceptional work.

The pros and cons

With so many subscription design agency options out there these days, it's important to consider what people love about ManyPixels, and where they fall short. Next, we'll look at their pros and cons.


Unlimited design tasks and custom illustrations

At a fixed monthly fee, clients can submit any number of requests per month, making their services economical for any size of creative budget.

Professional designers/a dedicated designer

ManyPixels has already done the designer search work for you and boasts a team of highly skilled designers of all kinds, capable of handling various creative tasks. At the right subscription level, you'll have a designer dedicated just to you.


Their platform offers a streamlined process for submitting requests and receiving timely deliverables, ultimately saving clients both time and money on their marketing campaigns or other tasks.


Consistency in design quality

Some clients report variations in design quality and style. Customers with a more budget-friendly plan do not receive access to a dedicated designer, meaning their tasks are assigned based on availability, leading to variation.

Limited scope of design services

While ManyPixels offers a lot in terms of services, certain design tasks may fall outside the scope of their offerings. This requires clients to seek additional services elsewhere, ramping up costs.

ManyPixels pricing

ManyPixels offers monthly subscription plans starting at $549/mo, providing unlimited design tasks. For a company that needs more tasks than one-per day, prices run between $899-$1199/mo.

Source: ManyPixels
ManyPixels prices

Scope of services

As you can see, their basic plan gives customers simple services, a one-to-two-day turnaround time, and access to some, but not all, design work.

For access to everything, including real-time communication, same-day turnaround, and a designated designer, the plan price really jumps. For something in-between, they do offer a mid-priced option, giving some flexibility and choice depending on your needs.

Relationship with ManyRequests

For transparency's sake, it's important to note that ManyPixels' founders also founded, a software for productized design agencies. While some raise questions about potential conflicts of interest, customers seem to have little issue with the two.

Via ManyRequests

10 Best ManyPixels alternatives

We'd be remiss if we didn't give those seeking a graphic designer or subscription some of the top competitors to consider. Here are the 10 subscription unlimited design agencies we think give ManyPixels a run for their money and why.


REEL UNLIMITED is the best ManyPixels alternative

REEL UNLIMITED walks that perfect line of affordability and quality alongside flexibility, starting at $795/mo. Their platform is user-friendly, their designs are high-quality, and they offer extra services that many agencies don't, such as web development and video concepts and services, and even a customized plan option. Unlike many other agencies, every REEL UNLIMITED plan includes a dedicated designer, project manager, unlimited brands, excellent communication, and, of course, unlimited requests, meaning plans have more value included in the price tag.

2. All Time Design

Via All Time Design

All Time Design boasts a super intuitive platform alongside rapid turnaround and gorgeous work. They also offer motion graphics and animations, as well as presentation designs, but only at the higher plans. That said, at its highest, which includes nearly everything a company could need, All Time Design rings in at about $1700/mo.

No Limit Creatives (NLC)

Via No Limit Creatives

What is unique about NLC is that their subscriptions are split into industry categories. This allows those looking for a designer to get a best-fit plan based on their needs. NLC offers graphic and video design, and their creative categories include Amazon sellers, agencies, video, and eCommerce. Their startup plan is just $500/mo, but only their highest level receives Slack support and communication.


Via Flocksy

Flocksy offers an entire creative team without the price tag of an entire creative team at every level of subscription. Each plan provides a creative project manager and a custom-built team of vetted designers. However, not all designs are available at each level. Users can determine the subscription that best fits their needs depending on the types of designs they require.

Via MagicDesign

Without video and motion features, MagicDesign starts off at a fairly high price with their most basic package at 1990€/mo. However, every plan includes a dedicated project manager, a team of vetted designers with exceptional expertise, and access to an easy-to-use dashboard and request system for your entire team, plus quick turnaround times.


Via Designjoy

While known for providing amazing designs, Designjoy is one of the more expensive subscriptions around, starting at nearly $5000/mo. With only one designer involved—the company's founder—you can expect quality work that is consistent. However, if your request is outside what he can create or there are a lot of items from other subscribers in the queue, you may experience that agency bottleneck you were likely looking to avoid.


Via Epiic

Epiic offers a larger blend of services, including items like blog writing, web development, and optimization. They also offer a bit more flexibility with one-off tasks or a flat-rate subscription. The issue with Epiic is that their plans are broken into each service, meaning a company with a wide variety of things to be designed will likely need to add one-offs to whatever subscription they choose. Plans also merely include hours of work.

For example, their basic plan includes 10 hours/week with a graphic designer OR 5 hours/week with a motion designer. This layout makes it a bit more difficult to budget and delegate tasks, leading to more work for the subscriber.


Via Awesomic

With a unique subscription layout, Awesomic offers two tiers of part-time designer options for basic needs and slightly more complex needs. They also have the option for a full-time, quasi-resident designer for brands who want/need in-house, dedicated services, but not the hassle of hiring and retaining another employee or division. Prices range from $700-$2000+/mo, meaning Awesomic sits somewhere in the middle for affordability and flexibility.



With a larger focus on video, has the ability to create excellent concepts across a variety of mediums. Plans offer the ability to be focused solely on graphics, video, or both, depending on your brand needs, alongside a designated designer and team for whatever your subscription covers. Prices range from $600/mo for just designs to just shy of $1000/mo for both graphic and video needs, making one of the more affordable agencies around.

Design Pickle

Via DesignPickle

Finally, as another pioneer of this style of service, Design Pickle is one of the top competitors. They offer their own platform for a streamlined, organized process, and boast quick turnaround times, beautiful work, and even use AI tools to ensure the designer can deliver something close to what the subscriber expects with as few revisions as possible. They offer three standard plans, as well as power plans, with the basic, graphics-only starting at $650/mo.

REEL UNLIMITED is a stand-out alternative

With so many options, it can be hard to make a choice. REEL UNLIMITED stands out as an excellent choice and will be one of the best investments you can make to help lighten the load without sacrificing quality. Here's why:

Photo by Per Lööv on Unsplash

Comprehensive service

Your website is as important as the content you put on it. REEL UNLIMITED offers services not covered by the scope of ManyPixels, including web development to ensure that the gorgeous designs, videos, and custom illustrations—also included in your subscription—don't go to waste.


Considering all that is included in even a basic subscription, REEL UNLIMITED provides optimal design services with more value at a more affordable price point compared to competitors. With real-time communication, excellent turnaround times, and a dedicated project manager and designer, you get more bang for your buck.

Special discounts and offers

If you do want to try something new and give REEL UNLIMITED a go, you can enjoy a 25% discount for the first 3 months. When switching from ManyPixels, use the code: BYEBYEMANYPIXELS at the checkout.

Your ultimate designer is at REEL UNLIMITED

ManyPixels has been instrumental in popularizing the concept of unlimited graphic design, offering a cost-effective and scalable solution for design needs. However, alternatives like REEL UNLIMITED offer a more comprehensive range of services at a competitive price point. With the provided discount offer, businesses can seamlessly transition to REEL UNLIMITED and continue to receive high-quality design services tailored to their growth needs.

If you're looking for an established design service provider for your small design project, ManyPixels might be a good choice. But if you want the best design help available online, Reel Unlimited is the perfect alternative. So, whether you need unlimited logos and branding or a website design with a CMS builder, Reel Unlimited has got you covered.

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