10 Best SEO copywriting services in 2024

10 Best SEO copywriting services in 2024
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10 Best SEO copywriting services in 2024

SEO Copywriting services: The ultimate guide

Nothing kills your conversion rate like poorly written copy. After all, why trust a company to deliver an effective product or service when their verbiage says, "This was thrown together in a hurry"?

In today's competitive and ever-evolving landscape of business, one thing remains the same: clear communication is a major keystone of success. In the era of information overload, compelling copy stands out, engaging audiences and driving conversion.

For entrepreneurs, marketers, and business leaders alike, copywriting services are an invaluable asset. Allowing companies to transform ideas into persuasive narratives, they provide a tool essential to the marketing strategy of successful brands across all industries.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the fundamentals of seo copywriting services, explore their benefits, and present the top 10 copywriting services in 2024.

What are seo copywriting services?

Simply put, copywriting is writing designed to persuade the reader of something. For business purposes, it is any form of writing used in marketing or promotional materials.

By extension, a seo copywriting service is a company that creates persuasive, compelling written content for diverse marketing channels, primarily for search engines. These can include advertisements, website landing pages, sales pages, social media, product descriptions, and more.

The value of strong copywriting lies in its ability to convey the intended brand message and influence consumer behavior, building brand credibility and increasing sales.

The need for SEO copywriting

SEO copywriting services are built on four key principles that address essential needs: clear communication, attracting targeted traffic, maintaining consistent brand messaging, and improving conversion rates.

Businesses of all sizes recognize the pivotal role of seo copywriting in strengthening their brand authority and attracting their target audience. Professional copywriting ensures brand messaging is consistent across all marketing channels, reinforcing the values and identity the company is built upon.

Furthermore, marketing teams may enlist the help of copywriting services to provide specialized copywriting in order to meet client demands and deliver exceptional results.

It's not just about the intangibles, either: seo copywriting services deliver measurable results. With benefits from improved search engine optimization to streamlined sales funnels, enlisting the help of a professional writing team can create a significant positive impact on revenue.

Well-crafted copy compels users to take action, increasing the conversion rate on purchases, newsletter subscriptions, and more.

Who needs a seo copywriting service?

From startups to large corporations, businesses of all sizes can benefit from access to a skilled writing team. Many services offer scalable packages, so even small companies with limited resources can find solutions that fit their budget.

Outsourcing one's copywriting needs leads to better efficiency, too. With experienced writers adept in crafting content tailored to specific target audiences, copywriting services allow businesses to streamline their operations by focusing their efforts on core business activities instead.

Why SEO copywriting services exist

SEO copywriting services exist because, while writing is simple, doing it well isn't! A professional writing team provides three important benefits: expertise, efficiency, and scalability.

Content writers can be found with expertise in drafting a compelling narrative on all manner of topics, meaning your company can deliver the right message no matter the niche being discussed.

An established copywriting company provides a cost-effective alternative to other means such as assembling an in-house team, which can require significant time and resources.

Furthermore, copywriting services can scale with your business needs, accommodating fluctuations in demand, business growth, or change in company direction.

Services offered: website copy, Search engine optimization, and more

If you can conceive it, copywriters can create it. They offer different type of services tailored to the diverse needs of businesses across all industries, including but not limited to:

  • Website copy: Website content from landing pages, to sales page and team bios.
  • SEO copywriting: Designed to improve one's ranking on search engines, SEO copywriting is a powerful tool for increasing web traffic.
  • Blog writing: Well-researched and authoritative blog posts can position brands as thought leaders within their niche.
  • Email copywriting: Essential for email marketing campaigns, strong email copy can transform conversion rates for marketing teams.
  • Social media copywriting: Copy services can create written content for social media posts on all major platforms.
  • Ad copywriting: Many marketing teams rely on copywriters to write copy for ad campaigns, enhancing their effectiveness.
  • Product descriptions: Well-written product descriptions allow businesses to better attract their target audience of potential customers.

SEO copywriting services vs. AI

While AI tools have made significant advances in content creation, they lack certain advantages of human-made content. The human touch and creativity that copy written by a true, flesh-and-bone mortal provides is just no match for generative content!

The ability to customize the copywriting to your specific brand voice and audience preferences sets human-driven copy apart from AI. Not to mention, AI's aren't perfect, and much AI content will contain factual errors and require an editor to proofread.

If you're looking to rank highly on search engines with your website content, you'll want to steer clear of AI-generated content, too. Google and other search engines have stated that AI text will negatively impact a website's search ranking, so keep that in mind when considering using AI to draft your web pages.

Why SEO copywriting services are here to stay

Despite the relentless forward march of AI tech, the human element provided by copywriting services stays ahead of the pack. Continually adapting to consumer behaviors and client preferences, copywriting services provide an emotional connection and authenticity in their work and client relationships that an AI simply cannot offer.

AI models are also built on a knowledge base from a particular period in time and aren't always up to date. On the other hand, a copywriter will perform research and fact-checking based on current information, leading to fewer mistakes and embarrassing copy blunders.

In short, don't try to fool your audience with AI-generated text. When it comes to investing in the long-term success of your business, it's worth it to have the real McCoy.

Prices of seo copywriting services

The pricing models for professional copywriting vary based on factors like project complexity, word count, and turnaround time. Some agencies provide a limited range of services at a lower price point, while others employ "senior-level" talent and conduct a broad range of services for a higher cost.

Standard copywriting services can range from $0.15 to a few dollars per word, with additional charges for specialized services and rush orders. Typically, content writing (ie, blog posts) costs less per word, while ad copy, custom slogans, white papers, and sales pages cost more (or are charged hourly or per page).

Recently, a growing number of companies have turned to copywriting services that offer a subscription-based membership. In exchange for a monthly fee, customers can request unlimited writing tasks completed by individual writers or a team of writers—with unlimited revisions included, too.

Services like REEL UNLIMITED provide these unlimited copywriting plans, which prove to be cost-effective and scalable solutions for those seeking effective, high-quality copy without hiring a traditional agency or freelancer.

How does good copywriting affect a business?

By investing in effective copy that puts the right words in front of your potential customers, one can experience significant returns for their business. Well-crafted persuasive copy has the power to increase conversions, boost sales, drive traffic, and maximize revenue.

Brand image plays an important factor as well. Businesses that opt to invest in good copy as part of their marketing strategy can expect to strengthen their brand credibility, fostering trust with their audience and establishing authority in their industry.

Best 10 SEO copywriting services in 2024



REEL UNLIMITED's Copywriting Services (Reel Copywriters) is one of the pioneers of unlimited copywriting services at a flat monthly rate. Since its inception, the company has served hundreds of bootstrapped and venture capital-backed startups, direct-to-consumer brands, and digital agencies. Alongside its existing design subscription, REEL UNLIMITED's Copywriting Services cover any writing needs, including blog posts, press releases, social media posts, website content, and everything in between. All content is professionally written by human writers, not AI. Unlike other providers, REEL UNLIMITED's Copywriting Services never deliver AI-enhanced or AI-powered content. Customers can choose to receive ongoing content with the unlimited copywriting offering starting at $595 per month or opt for on-demand services at $0.10 per word. REEL UNLIMITED's Copywriting Services is the most cost-effective way to get professional content, delivered on time and within budget.

  • Unlimited copywriting:
    • Essentials plan — Get limitless and SEO-optimized copywriting for you or your clients for a whole month.
      • $595 per month
      • Unlimited copywriting requests
      • Free and unlimited revisions
      • Turnaround time 3-4 days
      • Keyword & subject research
      • Optimized by Surfer SEO
      • One copywriting task at a time
    • Professional plan — Grow your agency with SEO-optimized copywriting for a whole month, for you or your clients.
      • $995 per month
      • Unlimited copywriting requests
      • Free and unlimited revisions
      • Turnaround time 3-4 days
      • Keyword & subject research
      • Optimized by Surfer SEO
      • Two copywriting tasks at a time
  • Managed copywriting services: $5000/month
    • 5-7 blog posts per week
    • 1500-2000 words per post
    • SEO optimization
  • Pay as you go:
    • $0,10 per word — Pay as you go and get one copywriting task at a time; for example, a blog post of 1000 words will cost you $100.
      • No subscription, pay per task
      • Keyword & subject research
      • Optimized by Surfer SEO
      • Average 3-4 days delivery
      • One copywriting request

2. Verblio

Via Verblio
Via Verblio

Verblio offers copywriting services that incorporate human- and AI-written content. With a range of offerings from blog posts to landing pages, they aim to provide affordable solutions to SEOs and marketers.

  • AI and Human Content: $0.06/word
    • Hybrid content created by their writers and AI tools
  • 100% Human Content: $0.16/word
    • Customized content created by copywriters

3. Scripted

Via Scripted
Via Scripted

Another hybrid AI and human-written copywriting business, Scripted also provides free, purely AI-generated copy for those seeking a quick solution.

  • Starter: $0/month
    • AI content only for social media, email copy, ad copy, and more
  • Pro: $199/month
    • Unlimited AI content and human Subject Matter Experts
    • Keyword research
  • Team: $499/month
    • 5 user seats
    • Premium writing team
    • Collaboration features

4. Crowd Content

Via Crowd Content
Via Crowd Content

Crowd Content provides flexible pricing for copywriting projects, with the ability to pay per project or subscribe to an ongoing managed service.

  • Marketplace: 3.5c to 15.9c/word
    • A-la-carte content creation service
    • Topical research
    • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Managed Services: Price on request
    • Custom plan with a dedicated content manager

5. Fatjoe

Via Fatjoe
Via Fatjoe

Fatjoe is an on-demand copywriting service that offers 48-hour turnaround on small content projects along with SEO.

  • Basic: £0.04/word
    • UK/US copywriters - up to 4,000 words
  • Pro: £0.08/word
    • Highly-rated writers
    • SEO optimization
    • Formatted and ready-to-publish copy

6. Rightly Written

Via Rightly Written
Via Rightly Written

Rightly Written offers single-purchase content orders and monthly blog packages for copywriting from articles and white papers to e-books and product descriptions.

  • One-time Order: from $24.00
  • Monthly Blog Package: from $100/month

7. SEO Butler

Via SEO Butler
Via SEO Butler

SEO Butler provides tailored content and dedicated support aimed to improve search rankings and profit.

  • Blog content: $0.07/word
  • Website content: $0.07/word
  • Affiliate content: $0.10/word
  • E-commerce content: $0.07/word
  • Other: $0.10/word

8. Contentellect

Via Contentellect
Via Contentellect

Contentellect focuses on "quality content and powerful links", aiming to provide businesses with copy that improves their SEO performance.

  • Pay-As-You-Go: $0.10/word
    • On-page SEO
    • 3-5 day turnaround
  • Monthly Blog Articles: from $950/month
    • Dedicated account manager
    • Unlimited revisions

9. Brafton

Via Brafton
Via Brafton

Brafton is a copywriting agency working with a team of in-house writers, as opposed to freelancers.

  • Copywriting Services: Price on request


Via promises to match customers with a vetted writer to deliver work in a hurry. They offer pay-as-you-use-it pricing and a money-back guarantee (up to the first 4000 words).

  • Copywriting Plan: $0.10/word
    • 5-day turnaround
    • Plagiarism detection
    • Live support


SEO copywriting services are essential in today's business world, as they help attract targeted traffic and convert visitors into customers. As a business owner, running a successful operation requires juggling multiple areas of focus, and many marketers and entrepreneurs simply cannot afford the time and resources required to create effective copy in-house.


Among the top seo copywriting solutions available in 2024, REEL UNLIMITED stands out as a cost-effective way to boost revenue and brand image through compelling content.

Embrace the power of persuasive content across your company's marketing channels and try REEL UNLIMITED risk-free today with our exclusive new customer discount code (CODE: WELCOME).

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