Best 10 Tailor Brands alternatives in 2024

Best 10 Tailor Brands alternatives in 2024
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Best 10 Tailor Brands alternatives in 2024

You're an entrepreneur or business owner who needs a brand new logo, and you're looking for a Tailor brand alternative that creates logos and offers premium services!

Logo makers like Tailor Brands and its alternatives have become essential for startups and companies who understand a logo's critical role in creating and empowering startups with a strong brand identity.

However, you want a dedicated designer who can create high-quality logos in real-time rather than a platform that designs using an algorithm.

Here, we'll break down 10 of the best Tailor Brands alternatives. When customers want to work with a creative in real-time or leverage additional design services, these other design agencies may better suit their needs.

Here are the 10 best Tailor Brands alternatives

  1. Reel Unlimited
  2. LogoMakr
  3. Upwork
  4. BrandCrowd
  5. DesignBro
  6. Canva
  7. 99designs
  8. Squarespace Logo Maker
  9. Designhill
  10. Wix Logo Maker



REEL UNLIMITED is one of the best Tailor Brands alternatives, providing unlimited flat-rate graphic design services. Not only does REEL UNLIMITED offer on-demand custom logo design and branding services, but it also goes beyond what other logo design services like Tailor Brands typically provide, offering graphics, video, website design, and even Webflow development. This makes REEL UNLIMITED a one-stop-shop for businesses looking for a wide range of design solutions, establishing it as a top choice among the best Tailor Brands alternatives.

Through its pool of verified creatives and designers, REEL UNLIMITED delivers high-quality graphics, videos, and professional logo designs to startups, small businesses, and agencies at an affordable rate.

REEL UNLIMITED pricing and packages: In addition to logo design, subscribers receive custom illustrations, presentation designs, social media graphics, and motion graphics. REEL UNLIMITED's all-inclusive design service starts at $795/month. 

Here's the breakdown:

  • Light package: This package starts at $795/month and covers your everyday graphic and video design needs, one request at a time.
  • Standard package: This package starts at $1,295/month and allows you to scale your creative needs by doubling daily design output with two requests at a time.
  • Pro package: This package starts at $2,295/month and covers all the services in standard with the addition of professional Webflow development and three requests at a time. 

Turnaround designing time: REEL UNLIMITED's talented designers will satisfy design requests within a lightning-fast 24-48 hours.

Designers: REEL UNLIMITED's design creatives must undergo an intensive selection process, which leads to outstanding results and collaboration between each graphic designer and subscriber.

Cancellation policy: REEL UNLIMITED offers a 5-day money-back guarantee (minus a $30 processing fee). Subscribers can also pause and continue their subscriptions at any time. 

To learn more about REEL UNLIMITED design services, click here.

2. LogoMakr

Via LogoMakr's
Via LogoMakr

Entrepreneurs, corporations, and schools may all benefit from LogoMakr's free online logo maker. This platform aims to simplify professional graphic design so anyone can customize and create stunning logos in seconds.

This brand combines artificial intelligence and customer preferences to create powerful and accurate logos.

LogoMakr plans and pricing: While LogoMakr offers hundreds of free web-use templates you can edit, you must choose a download package to download high-resolution images and use them however you want.

Clients can also hire design services and customize their logos with 100% original, human-made designs. Here are their pricing packages.

Download options for AI-generated logos:

  • Basic: $29 for credit for 1 high-res design and other inclusions
  • Pro: $60 for credit for 4 high-res designs and other benefits
  • Brand: $120 for credit for 10 high-res designs and all the benefits of Pro

Logo design services: 

  • Custom logos: $299 for unlimited concepts and revisions, everything is done from scratch (no templates used), and 100% ownership.
  • Logo redesign: $195 to improve and optimize your current logo with unlimited revisions.

Turnaround designing time: LogoMakr artificial intelligence generates personalized logos in a few minutes, but their reel-time designers' service can take longer.

Extra services: This online logo creator focuses on logo design instead of offering other services.

Designers:  LogoMakr does not disclose information about its designers.

Cancellation policy:  Only custom design orders are eligible for refunds.

While having a company dedicated to one service is undoubtedly a positive, a possible drawback is that LogoMakr specializes in logo-making only and offers no additional design-based services. 

3. Upwork

Via Upwork
Via Upwork

Upwork is a reliable website for finding freelance designers or a pool of potential talent to create a logo. This platform allows clients to hire from a pool of freelance designers ready to craft their logos.

You can hire a designer directly based on their profile or post a job and have freelancers pitch to you, allowing you to choose the one that best suits you.

Upwork's plans and pricing: In Upwork, freelance designers choose what they want to earn and whether their rate will be per hour or project. If the creative fee is accepted, this platform will only pay them once the work has been approved.

Turnaround designing time: In this online marketplace, the turnaround time depends on the prior agreement between the client and the creative.

Extra services: The additional design services will depend on the designer's qualifications and clients' requests.

Designers: Upwork is a freelance website with sellers in over 150 countries ranging from professional designers to amateurs.

Cancellation policy: For freelance services, cancellation is only possible if the client and the designer mutually agree.

A big pro is that you can set your price and choose exactly who you want to work with.

However, one drawback is that there will be less regulation and freedom than services from a dedicated design company. 

4. BrandCrowd

Via BrandCrowd
Via BrandCrowd

With more than 202,000+ logo designs, BrandCrowd offers clients thousands of logo options to pair with their brands.

BrandCrowd provides a free and premium logo builder version for new businesses interested in creating their logo. Unlike other platforms, customers can design and download licensed logos for free.

BrandCrowd Plans and Pricing: Besides its free version allowing users to browse thousands of templates, BrandCrowd offers premium benefits billed monthly or yearly.

  • Premium logo pack: The premium package starts at $15/month, $5/year, or $4/two-year, allowing subscribers to access premium logos, unlimited edits, and unlimited downloads. It should be noted that these prices include a discount for first-time subscribers.
  • Standard logo pack + website: The premium package starts at $24/month, $7/year, or $6/two-year and allows subscribers to access everything in the premium pack but with the addition of a mobile-friendly website design.

Turnaround designing time: Similar to other design tools like Tailor Brands, the clients determine the time it takes to generate a logo.

Extra services: The platform conveniently fulfills other design needs like social media assets. However, their other service, DesignCrowd, can help with business card design, logo and business card printing, website design, t-shirt design, and much more.

Designers: BrandCrowd does not offer an online design service, but professional designers create every logo in its library.

Cancellation policy: They offer free-of-charge logos that are 100% customizable, and premium packages can be canceled at any time.

As a pro, BrandCrowd is a vast platform allowing access to a wide range of templates, tools, and design services.

One drawback is that all customization is based on you, the client. You or your team are responsible for the outcome of the design.

5. DesignBro

Via DesignBro
Via DesignBro

DesignBro is an online design marketplace where clients can get custom-designed logos by working directly with a designer or through a design contest.

It's similar to Upwork in that you can choose independent designers, but unlike Upwork, the sole focus is on logo design.

DesignBro plans and pricing: DesignBro offers 4 packages, each with increasing services and benefits.

  • Starter: For $300, you can get 3 to 5 designs from 3 or more professionals.
  • Business: From $458, you get 5 to 8 designs from 5 or more professionals and a "large designer prize."
  • Pro: Starting at $905, clients get 10 to 14 designs from 10+ professionals and the addition of priority support.
  • Full agency: The most extensive plan starts at $1,799 and ensures that everything is handled by DesignBro's own internal Pro Service team. You also receive brand consultation, made-to-order services, and a dedicated account manager.

Turnaround designing time: The first design stage takes 10 days, but you can start giving feedback as soon as you receive a design! After that, you can pick between 1 and 3 finalists and have an additional 5 days to work with them before choosing a winner.

Designers: Like REEL UNLIMITED, this platform vets its designers. They only accept 5% of the creatives that apply.

Additional services: DesignBro offers graphic design services for webpages, T-shirt prints, book covers, and more.

Cancellation policy: DesignBro offers a refund if the clients aren't satisfied, provided that the client hasn't selected a finalist.

DesignBro is excellent because it offers a unique experience that lends itself to creativity and choice.

However, this may be a drawback for people looking to work consistently with one entity that takes time to understand their branding and monthly needs.

6. Canva

Via Canva
Via Canva

Canva is a well-known free alternative to creating logos that stand out. Since 2013, customers have been able to easily design and download their logos on this platform using simple but powerful tools.

After creating an account at no cost, you can choose your favorite template and start customizing it with Canva's design tools; once the logo is ready, it can be downloaded and used freely.

Canva plans and pricing: Canva provides access to free templates, but to unlock extra premium templates, tools, and effects, users need to subscribe to CanvaPro.

  • Canva Pro: This plan is $12.95/month or $119/yearly, allowing you individual access to all the premium templates and tools.
  • Canva for teams: For $14.99/month or $149/yearly, you can subscribe to an enterprise plan that lets your team use Canva's features and assign admins.

Turnaround designing time: Like other branding alternatives, Canva creates a logo in minutes, but the final delivery time depends on the client's modifications to the original design.

Additional Services: While Canva is singularly focused on graphic design templates and tools, for now, they have a wide range of templates

Cancellation policy: Canva customers can unsubscribe anytime, regardless of the reason. You can also sign up for a 30-day free trial.

Canva is great for companies or startups that want to create simple logos and other designs. Still, for those who want hands-on, original, professionally customized designs, Canva may not be the right tool.

7. 99designs

Via 99designs
Via 99designs

Like DesignBro, 99designs matches clients with designers through a design contest or by comparing the client with a designer.

To generate logos, the client must request a brand briefing, followed by a design created through a contest or by one designer, and finally, the finished logo.

99Designs plans and pricing: 99Designs differs from the others in offering several brand identity packages. Their most popular category is the logo and brand identity pack, which starts at $599 and includes all the essentials of starting a brand.

Turnaround designing time: The turnaround time will depend on whether the logo is designed by a contest or by a single designer. When done by competition, the process can take up to a month.

Designers: 99designs designers from all over the world do not disclose their selection process. However, the designs are chosen individually based on customer satisfaction with the creative process.

Additional services: While covering a wide range of design needs, the company only focuses on graphics.

Cancellation policy: This platform offers a 100% money-back guarantee if the client is unsatisfied with the designs.

Similar to DesignBro, 99Designs is a great way to get unique and tailored creative assets, but it's done so at a slow pace and is project-based rather than covering multiple requests at a time.

8. Squarespace Logo Maker

Via Squarespace
Via Squarespace

Squarespace logo maker is an excellent option for clients looking for free logo creation as an alternative to Tailor Brands. Its friendly and straightforward approach makes this company ideal for designing simple logos.

With Squarespace's online logo generator, clients can see how well their design looks on business cards, merchandising, websites, and more.

Plans and pricing: The platform is a free logo maker but offers pricing plans for companies that want to start selling online. Plans range from $16 to $49/month, depending on your desired features.

Extra services: Squarespace logo maker is only one of the design tools Squarespace offers. They can also act as web builders and facilitate selling from websites.

Turnaround designing time: This platform delivers a design within minutes.

Designers: Not disclosed.

Cancellation policy: Squarespace clients can cancel their subscriptions at any time.

This is an excellent platform for companies to start designing their logos or even use it as a template to give to graphic designers.

However, a drawback is that there are limited customization options, and the design might be too simple for your brand.

9. Designhill

Via Designhill
Via Designhill

Designhill logo maker facilitates the creation of corporate identity logos by connecting clients with talented designers. Unique from the other contest-based logo design alternatives, Designhill also has an AI-powered logo maker.

Buyers can download and customize one of their free logos, work with a designer, or hold a design contest. If the client chooses a contest, they must first answer a simple questionnaire, launch the logo design contest, and finally select the winner.

Plans and pricing: They have different brand identity packages, but Designhill's logo design plan starts at $249 with its "Fast Track plan" and goes up to $999 for the "Premium plan."

Turnaround designing time: If the client decides to run a design contest, the designing time can take several weeks. The process can be accelerated if the entrepreneur opts for a pre-made logo or works with a single designer.

Extra services:  With Designhill, startups or new entrepreneurs can request different services such as book cover design, t-shirt printing, comics, etc.

Designers: Despite Designhill not mentioning its selection process, its designers are professional creatives.

Cancellation policy: This design creation platform offers a 100% money-back guarantee, except for specific situations such as:

  • Design contests with a guaranteed prize.
  • Design contests where a winner has been awarded.

Overall, DesignHill is a good Tailor Brands alternative that offers all-in-one design solutions and allows customers to run contests.

A potential drawback is that the vast volume of options can be overwhelming when starting. They also have fewer designers to choose from, so the number of responses will be lower.

10. Wix Logo Maker

Via Wix Logo Maker
Via Wix Logo Maker

Last but not least, Wix Logo Maker by Wix is a free logo maker that uses artificial intelligence to create and customize professional logos.

You can generate your own logo by choosing from various fonts, colors, and templates, or you can hire a professional logo designer if you prefer not to do it yourself.

Wix Logo Maker plans and pricing: Although designing a logo on this platform is free, licensing the logo and hiring a professional logo designer will cost you.

  • License a logo design: The Basic plan costs $20 to license one image. Meanwhile, the Advanced plan costs $50 but includes optimization for social media platforms.
  • Hire a professional logo designer: According to Wix, this plan can cost between $800 and $2,500, depending on your design needs.

Turnaround designing time: This firm shares hundreds of logos in a few minutes that clients can customize. Hiring a professional can potentially take several weeks to a month.

Extra services: This brand is part of Wix, a platform that helps clients build and manage their websites. Some packages include both logo design and website design.

Designers: Designers are part of Wix's internal team and will be matched to you if you pick this plan.

Cancellation policy: Cancellation policies do not apply to this online graphic website. Logos purchased from Wix can't be refunded.

Wix is a great site that allows users to freely customize their visuals using the tools available. It also has a very intuitive, beginner-friendly UX.

As a drawback, you are limited to only one logo per purchase, and you can not use or download high-resolution files unless you purchase the logo you spent time making.

Conclusion: What are the best alternatives for your logo design needs?

There are many robust alternatives to Tailor Brands, each promising its users unique benefits that can aid startups and fully established companies.

To choose which is right for you, you need to weigh the pros and cons of each with your specific needs.



One of the best choices to consider is REEL UNLIMITED. Rather than only a logo design, one-off purchases, or templates that force you to make your own graphics, REEL UNLIMITED has a dedicated team ready to design your high-quality logos, website, videos, and graphics at some of the industry's highest speeds and best quality.

You can watch a free demo or sign up for a $5 trial for 5-day access to unlimited design to see if their services are right for your company.

If you're happy with the results, you can subscribe using the code TAILOR15 for 15% off your first 3 months of full service! Start getting everything you need to create your brand identity and win business.

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