10 Tailor Brands Alternatives

Graphic online platforms like Tailor brands and other 10 Tailor Brands alternatives are crucial for building an unforgettable brand identity.
10 Tailor Brands Alternatives
Published on
January 13, 2023

Logo makers such as Tailor Brands and other 10 Tailor Brands alternatives have become essential for new entrepreneurs who understand the critical role a logo plays in creating and empowering their brand identity.

Tailor Brands, like other alternatives such as Reel Brands, Designhill, and Upwork, is a simple and intuitive logo generator platform. According to Tailor Brands review, it has assisted thousands of side hustlers, individuals, and small business owners in customizing and creating professional logos in just a few minutes.

Customers can purchase logo rights in three different packages: basic, standard, and premium ranging from $40 to $150. When the client is ready to receive their design, payment is processed.

Like other 10 Tailor Brands alternatives, this logo builder offers high-quality logos, however, instead of working with designers in real-time, this platform designs through a personalized algorithm.

When the customer wants to work with a real-time creative or implement additional design services, there are other possible design firms for those for whom Tailor Brands does not fit their needs.

10 Tailor Brands Alternatives

Reel Brands

Tailor Brans Alternatives

Reel Brands is an online platform that has assisted businesses worldwide in developing a brand identity. Unlike other  brands, their custom logo design services offer the possibility to work in real-time with professional creatives.

This graphic design platform is user-friendly and perfect for startups and new entrepreneurs seeking an affordable, high-quality signature logo maker.

Plans and pricing: Clients of Reel Brands can choose between 3 different packaging options:

  1. Pro Logo package for $59 one-time purchase.
  2. Premium Logo package for $99 one-time purchase.
  3. Unlimited for $549 billed monthly.

Turnaround designing time: This design creation platform combines artificial intelligence with real designers to generate logos in only an hour.

Extra services: More than a logo creator, Reel Brands by Reel Unlimited offers other design services to help develop a brand identity for businesses. Benefits include social media management, UI/UX design, landing page, webflow design, and others.

Designers: Reel Brands' designer testing process ensures that each client works with the best creatives and professionals in the market.

Cancellation policy: If the design does not meet the client's needs, the platform provides a 7-day money-back guarantee.


Entrepreneurs, corporations, and schools may all benefit from LogoMakr's free custom design tool. This platform's main goal is to simplify professional graphic design tools so that anyone can customize and create their dream logo.

This brand combines artificial intelligence and customer preferences to create accurate logos and powerful logos.

Plans and pricing: LogoMakr allows its clients to hire a designer or design and customize their logos through algorithms. Their pricing packages are:

  • Custom logo Design plan for $299
  • Logo Redesigning for $195.

Turnaround designing time: LogoMakr artificial intelligence generates personalized logos in a few minutes, but their reel-time designers' service can take longer.

Extra services: This online logo creator focuses on logo design instead of offering other services.

Designers:  LogoMakr does not disclose information about its designers.

Cancellation policy:  Only custom design orders are eligible for refunds.


Tailor Brans Alternatives

When looking for freelance designers to generate a logo, Upwork is a reliable website. This platform allows clients to hire a designer or get a pre-made logo done by a freelancer.

Plans and pricing: In Upwork, freelance designers choose what they want to earn and whether their rate will be per hour or project. If the creative fee is accepted, this platform will only make the payment once the work has been approved.

Turnaround designing time: In this online marketplace, the turnaround time depends on the prior agreement between the client and the creative.

Extra services: The additional design services will depend on the designer's qualifications and clients' requests.

Designers: Upwork is a freelance website with sellers in over 150 countries ranging from professional designers to amateurs.

Cancellation policy: For freelance services, cancellation is only possible if both the client and the designer agree to it.  


Tailor Brans Alternatives

With more than 126,000 logo designs, BrandCrowd offers its clients thousands of logo options to pair with their brands.

BrandCrowd provides a free and premium logo builder version for new businesses interested in creating their own logo. Unlike other media, customers can design and download licensed logos for free.

Plans and pricing: Along with its free version BrandCrowd has premium services billed monthly or yearly. The premium packages range between $60 and $85.

Turnaround designing time: Similar to another design tool like Tailor Brands, the clients determine the time it takes to generate a logo.

Extra services: The platform is convenient for fulfilling other design needs, such as Facebook and Instagram posts.

Designers: BrandCrowd does not offer an online design service, but professional designers create every logo in its library.

Cancellation policy: They offer free-of-charge logos that are 100% customizable, and premium packages can be canceled at any time.


Tailor Brans Alternatives

DesignBro is an online design marketplace where clients can get custom-designed logos either by working directly with a designer or through a design contest.

Plans and pricing: DesignBro offers four packages:

  1. Starter from $274
  2. Business from $420
  3. Pro from $830
  4. Full Agency from $1650

Turnaround designing time: Clients start seeing progress on their logo within 24 hours, but the whole process in a design contest can take up to a month.

Extra services: DesignBro has different services available to its clients, from packaging design to business generator.

Designers: Like Reel Brands, this platform vetted its designers. They only accept 5% of the creatives that apply.

Cancellation policy: DesignBro offers a refund if the clients aren't satisfied, provided that the client hasn't selected a finalist.


Tailor Brans Alternatives

Canva is a well-known free alternative to creating logos that stand out. Since 2013 customers can easily design their logos on this platform by following a few simple steps.

The first step is to create an account on Canvas, and then the customer must choose their favorite template and start customizing it with the tools Canvas offers, once the logo is ready, it can be downloaded.

Plans and pricing: Canva offers free services, but to unlock extra features, the platform has a Canva Pro Plan for &12.99 per month and Canva for Teams for $14.99.

Turnaround designing time: Like other branding alternatives, Canva creates a logo in a matter of minutes, but the final delivery time depends on the modifications the client makes to the original design.

Extra services: Focus on designing tools; this brand offers plenty of other design services.

Designers: To design a logo, Canva does not have designer services for its clients.

Cancellation policy:  Regardless of the reason, Canva customers can unsubscribe at any time.


Tailor Brans Alternatives

indiebrands.io main goal is to offer complete brand identity services from scratch. They help new entrepreneurs create their company name, domain, and custom logo design.

The founders automated the brand identity workshop designers use with consulting clients in a simple and short test. With this process, Logology matches brands with logo proposals.

Plans and pricing: All Indiebrands services cost $ 579 except for premium brands, which cost $779.

Turnaround designing time: The Austrian company works under a 24-hour lead time.

Extra Services: Indiebrands.io helps businesses generate their name and domain.

Designers: Indiebrands.io logos are made for reel-time designers.

Cancellation policy: If the client is unsatisfied, they offer a full refund if the transfer hasn't begun.

Squarespace Logo Maker

Squarespace logo maker is a great option for clients looking for free alternatives. Its friendly and straightforward approach makes this company a suitable choice for designing simple logos.

At Squarespace, clients can immediately see how well their design would look in merchandising, websites, and more.

Plans and pricing: The platform is mainly free, but to get particular features, clients can enroll in their plan for an annual payment of $119.99.

Extra services: Squarespace logo maker is only one of the designing tools offered by Squarespace.

Turnaround designing time: This platform delivers a design within minutes.

Designers: Not Disclosed

Cancellation policy: Squarespace clients can cancel their subscriptions with no problems.


Designhill logo maker facilitates the creation of corporate identity logos by connecting clients with talented designers.

The buyer can choose to download and customize one of their free logos, work with a designer or hold a design contest. If the client chooses a contest, he has to follow 3 simple steps. First, he has to answer a simple questionnaire; second, he has to launch his logo design contest; and finally, he has to choose the winner.

Plans and pricing: Designhill has different brand identity packages, but the logo design plan starts at $249 with the “Fast Track plan” and goes up to $999 with the “Premium plan.”

Turnaround designing time: If the client decides to run a design contest, the designing time can take several weeks. The process can be accelerated if the entrepreneur opts for a pre-made logo or to work with a single designer.

Extra services:  With Designhill, startups or new entrepreneurs can request different services such as book cover design, t-shirt printing, comics, etc.

Designers: Despite Designhill not mentioning its selection process, its designers are professional creatives.

Cancellation policy: This design creation platform offers a 100% money-back guarantee, unless for specific situations like:

  1. Design contests with a guaranteed prize
  2. Design contests where a winner has been awarded

Wix logo maker

Wix Logo Maker by Wix is a free logo maker that uses artificial intelligence to create and customize professional logos. Clients choose from various fonts and colors.

Plans and pricing: Even though designing a logo on this platform is free, getting the license of the logo is a one-time payment of $50 or $20.

Turnaround designing time: This firm shares hundreds of logos in a few minutes that clients can customize.

Extra services: This brand is part of Wix, a platform that helps clients build and manage their websites.

Designers: Like Squarespace,This brand alternative doesn't offer clients the to work with designers.

Cancellation policy: Cancellation policies do not apply to this online graphic website.

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