15 Design Pickle Alternatives

15 Design Pickle Alternatives
Reel Unlimited

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15 Design Pickle Alternatives

15 Design Pickle Alternatives

Design Pickle alternatives
Via Design Pickle

Unlimited graphic design services can be a game-changer for businesses seeking high-quality designs without breaking the bank. While Design Pickle is a popular choice in the online graphic design service market, larger companies may need a higher quality. So if you’re a client looking to switch or still weighing the pros and cons of subscribing to Design Pickle, you’ve come to the right place.

With so many competitors in the market, choosing the right online graphic design services provider can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 15 alternative graphic design service companies you should consider before you swipe your credit card.

Before we jump into exploring Design Pickle’s competitors and their offerings, it’s important to understand the significance of graphic design providers for startups and businesses. Professional and visually appealing designs are crucial in attracting and retaining customers, building credibility, and standing out in a crowded market. With this in mind, let’s dive into the top 15 Design Pickle alternatives and what they bring to the table.

Why does every business need design solutions?

A good design strategy means everything when a startup or small company is trying to gain recognition, credibility, and clients. Still, the reality is that only a few have the resources to hire a traditional agency or to create their in-house design team.

That is why platforms like Design Pickle and other alternatives play a crucial role in today’s companies’ plans. Online design solution brands can offer a wide variety of design features for fair and affordable prices and endless design with swift turnarounds.

Here are the best 15 Design Pickle alternatives

  1. Reel Unlimited
  2. ManyPixels
  3. Graphic Plus
  4. Penji
  5. Kimp
  6. Flocksy
  7. NLC
  8. Designed
  9. Designjoy
  10. Superside
  11. Delesign
  12. Pixel True Design
  13. The Futures
  14. Deer Designer
  15. 55 Knots

1. Reel Unlimited

Reel Unlimited is one of the market’s most professional and affordable creative solutions. Built with clients in mind, Reel Unlimited combines the skills, talents, and tech stack to differentiate itself from Design Pickle and other graphic design services in that comprehensive list. Launched because its founders struggled to outsource design tasks from a previous startup, they realized that great design requires a great team, so we ended up showcasing him as the best Design Pickle alternative to consider.

Reel Unlimited is the best Design Pickle alternative

Reel Unlimited Pricing

Although Reel Unlimited’s pricing plan may seem more expensive than certain Design Pickle plans at first glance, it’s a better option if you want to be open to the types of services you can request or have a sales representative continuously trying to upsell you. For a flat monthly fee of $969, Reel Unlimited offers unlimited design requests for all the design services you require to run your business. Here are some essential points to remember:

  • Reel Unlimited’s plan is simple, with no need to pay for additional services or upgrades.
  • They offer a 7-day money-back guarantee and easy subscription cancellation.
  • Startup-friendly service with a Slack integration that allows real-time collaboration between clients and designers.

Here is a complete list of Reel Unlimited’s graphic design services offered on a single monthly payment of $969:

  • Logo & Branding: Logo design, brand style guides
  • Banner & Digital Ads: Banners, social media, blog images
  • Custom Illustrations: Infographics, icon set, character or mascot, illustration set, digital art, stickers
  • Advertising Design: Email design, email signature
  • Photo & Images: Photo editing, collage, photo retouching
  • Presentation: Pitch Decks, Google Slides, Keynote, PowerPoint
  • Print & Packaging: Packaging & labels, promotional material, Business cards, flyers, menu, catalog, T-shirts & merchandise
  • Video design: Animated graphics, logo animation, video ad, video editing, and Lottie.
  • Website Design: Landing page, marketing website, and online store on Figma, Webflow, and Wix.
  • Shopify design and development

Services Features

Unlimited users, unlimited design projects, dedicated graphic designer, unlimited revisions, Slack collaboration, UX/UI design, website and landing design, and motion graphics.

Reel Unlimited Turnaround Time

On average, with Reel Unlimited, the delivery time is only 24 hours after the client submits design requests, making it undoubtedly one of the fastest Design Pickle alternatives.

Best for: Startups, agencies, and small businesses

Workforce: Their graphic designers are carefully vetted from all over the world.

What others say: Reel Unlimited has excellent reviews on platforms like Product Hunt and Trustpilot about its graphics, customer support, creatives, and cost-effectiveness — undoubtedly, exceeding the Design Pickle review score.

2. ManyPixels

Founded in 2018, ManyPixels has gained popularity as a design solution. Today they have served over 3000 customers and continue to grow.

Design Pickle Alternatives
Via ManyPixels

Pricing: Three service options are available: Advanced, Business, and Designated Designer. They cost $549, $899, and $1,199 monthly. All plans include graphic design features, daily output, and fast turnaround. In addition, ManyPixels offers a 14-day guarantee.

Favorite features: Some of the best features are unlimited requests, native source files, unlimited revisions, custom illustrations, logo design, and digital ads.

Turnaround: 1–2 business days.

Best for: Businesses in need of basic graphic design.

Workforce: Designers from different countries.

What others say: ManyPixels in platforms like Product Hunt have lower scores than other design companies.

3. Design Shef, formerly Graphic Plus

Design Shef (formerly Graphic Plus) is a flexible, scalable, and affordable design subscription. Tasks rotate on a one-design project at a time; clients submit their design requests via their dashboard and wait. Once approved, they automatically move on to the next one.

Design Pickle Alternatives
Via Design Shef

Pricing: There are two packages available: Professional and Business. They cost $499 and $995 monthly. All plans include unlimited graphic design, logos, branding, a money-back guarantee, and a five-day trial period.

Favorite features: Animated logos, web design, and social media banners.

Turnaround: Most projects are completed in 24–48 hours, but it depends on the project’s size, design details, and complexity.

Best for: Businesses on a tight budget thanks to their affordable plans.

Workforce: The team is based in the USA, but their designers come from different parts of the world.

What others say: Not disclosed on review sites.

4. Penji

Penji offers design work and outperforms DIY design, hiring freelancers, or using Fiverr and Canva. There are no limits on how many design projects customers can submit via their online portal. Penji vs Design Pickle uses artificial intelligence to match designers with clients.

Design Pickle Alternatives
Via Penji

Pricing: Penji Pro starts at a monthly flat rate of $499, followed by the most popular Team plan at $699 and the Daytime plan at $999. All monthly plans include a 30-day guarantee.

Favorite features: Endless design, custom illustrations, landing pages, animated gifs, photo editing, stationaries, social media graphics, and YouTube thumbnails

Turnaround: Entrepreneurs will get their first draft between 24 and 48 hours with this brand.

Best for: Small and medium businesses.

Workforce: Penji states that they only hire the top 2% of all creatives that apply.

What others say: According to reviews on a website like g2.com, these design services clients are happy with their customer service support, the experience, and the quality of their designs, although they have encountered some on their design quality.

5. Kimp

Kimp assists in creating new business concepts, expanding agencies and marketing campaigns, and reaching a wider audience with effective messaging. Moreover, their strategies ensure that everyone is assigned to skilled designers and receives quick response times with no hidden costs for any project demands.

Kimp vs Design Pickle has the perk that every customer is matched with one project/ account manager and three designers.

Design Pickle Alternatives
Via Kimp

Pricing: The Graphics plan starts at $599 per month and includes unlimited requests and modifications with no contract. The Video and Graphics + Video subscriptions cost $699 and $995 per month and have extra capabilities to boost content marketing.

Favorite features: Businesses can have more than one active request, custom illustrations, free stock images, Trello project manager, GIFs, and NFT designs.

Turnaround: Depending on the project, the expected turnaround time can be about 1 to 4 business days

Best for: Any business interested in working with Trello project management.

Workforce: Professional designers.

Others say that g2.com has good reviews, highlighting its user-friendly approach, customer support team, and production speed.

6. Flocksy

Flocksy is a comprehensive freelancing website that has been nicely bundled together for convenience. This is the most enjoyable aspect of working with them. The downside is that businesses will need the more expensive plan to gain access to their web and email design teams and voice-over team, and turnaround time will vary according to the request.

Design Pickle Alternatives
Via Flocksy

Pricing: The Silver plan is $499 per month and is appropriate for small businesses that need to outsource some of their creative output. Double the production with the Gold plan at $995, intended for medium companies, or triple the output with the Platinum plan at $1,495, perfect for agencies or large companies with a more steady flow of work.

Best features: Digital banners, email templates, business cards, and marketing and advertising materials.

Turnaround: 1 business day unless the project is more complex.

Best for: Any business, regardless of its size or industry.

Workforce: Their workforce is made up of dedicated design team designers.

What others say: Some online reviews said Flocksy exceeded their expectations, specifically with their fast same-day turnaround.

7. NLC

For clients that need volume, NLC plans are stackable. Adding additional subscriptions to business accounts will increase the “Active Requests” NLC can process anytime. Their unlimited design model allows entrepreneurs to submit as many design requests as required. The actual number of designs they can receive depends on several factors, such as speed of communication, clarity in briefs, the complexity of projects, etc.


Pricing: NLC has three unlimited plan pricing structures and one credit-based at a reduced rate for the first three months. NLC price starts at $419.30 for the first three months, then $599 after that period.

Favorite features: Digital advertising, graphics, branding, and custom illustrations.

Turnaround: The designs are subject to longer lead times than other options, averaging 2–3 days.

Best for: Performance agencies with design needs.

Workforce: They work with designers and experts on different topics.

What others say: Formal clients on Trustpilot talk about their excellent customer service support and their high-quality designs.

8. Designed

Designed stands out for its excellent product result of combining its workforce and tech tools.

As stated on their website, Designed is a tech-enabled graphic design subscription that solves challenges, streamlines processes, drives efficiencies, and bridges the gap between talented designers and brands of the future.

Via Designed

Pricing: Unlike other alternatives in this article, they do not offer unlimited designs for a monthly fee. Each plan they offer has a specific number of projects they can take on. For example, with their basic plan, known as “Assistant,” for $2,500, customers are only entitled to 4–7 design projects, while on the agency plan, for $10,000 per month, they can manage around 16 and 28 projects.

Favorite features: Designed offers branding, graphics, digital design services, photography, packaging, and everything for presentations.

Turnaround: It takes the Designed team around 1–2 business days to complete a project.

Best for: Its price plans are better for medium and large companies.

Workforce: All their designers are graduates from US universities.

What others say: Most of their online reviews describe this company as a great, easy-to-navigate alternative.

9. Designjoy

Designjoy is another competitor founded by a designer that aims to provide excellent services to one and each of its clients.

Via Designjoy

Pricing: There are 3 ways to get Designjoy services, either by paying monthly $4995, quarterly $4495, or yearly $3,995. Clients can also earn 5% monthly recurring commissions for each referral.

Favorite features: Website and mobile app design, SaaS, wireframes, landing pages, and logos and branding are some of Designjoy’s services.

Turnaround: Projects take around 2 business days but can take longer depending on the difficulty of the graphic.

Best for: Any small or medium business with creative and design needs.

Workforce: Clients work with the founder and partner designers.

What others say: There are few customer reviews online, as the company is relatively new.

10. Superside

This company focuses on taking care of every part of the design process, so the client doesn’t have to worry about it anymore. Customers can visualize and manage all their requests in a single platform, and clients and the Superside team can collaborate in real-time thanks to their Superchat.

Superside works with creatives and high-tech technology to offer and create outstanding products, which explains why companies like Amazon and Shopify trust it.

Via Superside

Pricing: The client can access their basic plan, known as “Design Essentials,” for only $5000, their “Digital Advertising” package for $7500, and their “End-to-End” creative plan for $9000.

Favorite features: For a flat rate, customers get complete timezone coverage, unlimited users, print motion, video, landing page design, concept creation, e-book, and report design.

Turnaround: Their website mentions that 50% of their total projects have a fast turnaround time of between 12 and 24 hours.

Best for: Scale-ups and enterprise companies with a larger budget.

Workforce: The workforce of this brand consists of creative project managers and a dedicated design team.

What others say: Superside has positive reviews, mostly about customer service and great communication.

11. Delesign

Delesign is one of the Design Pickle alternatives that offer monthly membership options for graphic design, special effects, and animation services, with the added benefit of having designers available 24 hours a day to work on any project, as clients can choose the two-hour schedule with which they can work with the designer.

Via Delesign

Pricing: The company offers non-tiered pricing options. Consequently, no matter how big or small the firm or venture is, its expenditures will remain the same. For example, for only $599, companies can work with a graphic designer, and for $799, they can work with a multimedia specialist.

Favorite features: Unlimited design requests and revisions, multiple projects at a time, landing pages, Zapier, and Slack integration.

Turnaround: For small projects, designers can take a day, but for complicated or more extensive projects, the delivery time is around 7–15 days.

Best for: Any startup or small business owner looking to work with designers and creatives in real-time.

Workforce: They don’t disclose their designer’s background or selection process.

What others say: Delesign is known to users online for its excellent customer service support and design quality. However, some clients talk about how their two-hour work method is not enough time.

12. Pixel True Design

Pixel True Design allows its clients to work with a dedicated group of designers and professionals in the creative field for a flat rate. This designing platform believes in quality over quantity and is committed to providing excellent design solutions.

Via Pixel True

Pricing: They have three plans from which customers can choose depending on their needs. For the basic plan known as Hero, the company charges $1,149 monthly. For their medium version, known as Superhero, they charge $2,199; finally, for their most premium package, Enterprise, they charge $3,399.

Favorite features: Full design team, blog images, graphics, unlimited brands, and access to 1000+ Premium illustrations.

Turnaround: Depending on the package, clients can get 2, 4, and 6 hours with their design team daily. Therefore, the delivery time will vary depending on the project and package.

Best for: Medium size companies with a larger budget that need help with design work and want to save time.

Workforce: Every client has an assigned team of professional creatives. The team is made by a graphic artist, illustrator, designer, and project manager.

What others say: According to online reviews, clients who have worked with this platform had positive experiences; nevertheless, it is more expensive than other Design Pickle options.

13. The Futures

Based in London, Thefuture.io has provided design services to hundreds of companies and entrepreneurs around the world, thanks to its 24/7 policy that allows customers to request and receive projects at any time, any day of the week.

Via The Futures

Pricing: There are two plans in Thefuteres.io, the Pro and the Plus. Each of these plans includes design solutions and other content services like copywriting. Those interested in knowing more about their offer and the pricing can request a phone call.

Favorite features: Unlimited requests, video editing, WordPress pages.

Turnaround: On average, projects have a delivery time of 12 hours for easy tasks and up to 5 days for the most complex orders.

Best for: Digital agencies, brands, and marketers.

Workforce: With a social conscience, Thefutures.io gives fair employment opportunities to diverse talent from underrepresented communities worldwide.

What others say: They have video reviews from their clients on their website.

14. Deer Designer

This design solution was born of the need to have a team of designers available without all the difficulties of hiring an in-house team. The Deer Designer concept is simple and similar to other Design Pickle alternatives offering several graphic design services for a fixed monthly fee.

Via Deer Designer

Pricing: Two packages are available for Deerdesigner clients: Essential and Business. For only $499, anyone can get the benefits of the Essential plan, like one professional designer, a quality analyst, and an account manager. For $599, clients can get the Business plan and enjoy everything of the Essential subscription plus other benefits.

Favorite features: Unlimited brand profiles, logo and branding guides, and free stock photos.

Turnaround: With the Essential plan, the delivery time is 1–2 working days; with the Business plan, it is 1 day after the design request is submitted.

Best for: Startups and agencies.

Workforce: Deerdesigner is a team of curious and ambitious designers redefining success.

What others say: Deerdesigner has 4.4 stars and multiple reviews on Trustpilot. However, the comments said they prioritized support and graphics.

15. 55 Knots

As one of Australia’s leading creative agencies, 55knots offers premium agency-quality graphics for an on-demand creative subscription. Companies such as eBay and Woolworths rely on 55knots for their design projects.

Via 55 Knots

Pricing: 55knots customers can choose between their Part-time matte plan for $987+ and their Full-time matte plan for $1,700. They include a graphic designer, copywriter, and video editor. However, they do not offer unlimited design services. Also, at 55knots, the first project is free, but they ask for a minimum 3-month commitment, so the designer can get to know the brand.

Favorite features: Motion and UI design, a dedicated designer for the brand.

Turnaround: Designers work on clients’ timelines and deadlines.

Best for: Any kind of company, regarding size and industry.

Workforce: They don’t disclose information about their designers.

What others say: Overall, clients have a positive experience with 55knots design services.

Reel Unlimited, the best Design Pickle alternatives

Design Pickle may be a popular and established design service. Still, it’s worth considering platforms that prioritize hiring top-quality designers and paying them fairly for their work while offering fast turnaround times and excellent customer service at a reasonable price.

As you’re currently reading Reel Unlimited’s blog, we naturally recommend Reel Unlimited as the top alternative to Design Pickle. We remain dedicated to providing our clients with high-quality graphic design services at an affordable monthly subscription rate.

Why not give us a try and experience the difference for yourself? We have a 7-day money-back guarantee.

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