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Copywriting vs Content Writing: What are the differences for your startup?

Copywriting vs Content Writing: What are the differences for your startup?

The importance of content for your startup

It's no secret that a startup must interact and communicate with its customers for success. As simple as it sounds, one of the easiest ways to do this is through the incredible power of words.ย 

Think about how you've communicated with people today; emailing, texting, instant messaging, writing proposals, etc. Each of these communication methods can influence the decision-making of your recipients. But, best of all, they're all done by combining these simple things we call words.

So how can you use words to communicate with your customers at scale to drive better business outcomes for your startup?ย 

Firstly, you'll need to understand the difference between copywriting and content writing. And secondly, you'll need to know how to use each to maximize your marketing efforts effectively.ย 

Let's talk about copywriting first.

What is copywriting?

To put it simply, copywriting is the art of crafting a message to get your reader to take action. If you're looking to get your reader to purchase a product, request a demo, subscribe to an email list, and more, you'll be utilizing the skill of copywriting.

Copywriting is often short form and can sometimes be as little as 1-2 sentences. Think about taglines used by big brands such as Nike's 'Just Do It'; that's copywriting.ย 

On the flip side, copywriting can also be long-form and require more thorough planning. For example, if your startup releases a new product, you'll create a landing page to promote and increase sales. Copywriting on a landing page provides punchy and exciting information to entice potential customers to purchase your product.

Examples of copywriting for a startup include:

  • Landing pages
  • Social media ads
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Company taglines
  • Sales video scripts
  • And more

Let's now look at what a content writer can do.

What is content writing?

Content writing is the process of creating educational content in the form of words to help educate and inform potential customers. It is mainly written to assist the startup is positioning itself as the authority figure in its market to create trust between itself and the reader.

Content writing is mainly long-form content and can sometimes be over 10,000 words in length! If you've researched a topic and come across a blog post (like this one), that's content writing.

Content writing can also be short-form content that doesn't require a lot of research. For example, if you're startup has recently moved into a new office space, you'll want to let your audience know that you've done so by posting organically on social media or via a blog post.

Examples of content writing for a startup include:

  • E-books
  • Blog posts
  • Social media posts
  • Web pages
  • Email newsletters
  • And more

Let's look at how you can find the best copywriters and content writers for your startup.

How to find and hire a high-quality copywriter or content writer

Startup founders often take on the burden of all copywriting duties in the business. Creating catchy copy that sells and long-form copy that informs is very time-consuming, and time is something that startup founders do not have a lot of.

So, how and where do you go to find a high-quality copywriter or content writer?

How to find a high-quality copywriter or content writer

The most important thing to consider when looking for a copywriter or content writer is to make sure that you can see their previous work. As you know, startups are fast-paced environments, and you'll want to hit the ground running with an experienced hire. In addition, you'll want someone with experience in your niche, as they can instantly provide valuable content that positions your startup as the authority.

How to hire a high-quality copywriter or content writer

You have three options when hiring a copywriter or content writer; employee, freelancer, or through an agency.


The most obvious choice for hiring anyone is to get them on the books. The benefit of hiring a writer is that it gives you the ability to provide on-site help and support to them. The downside is that it's a high cost to the startup, and it can be outsourced to a freelancer for more competitive rates.


Outsourcing to a freelancer gives you the flexibility to pick and choose when you need content writing. Hiring freelancers for one-off jobs is perfect if you need content every two to five months. Then, like hiring an employee, the responsibility falls on you to sort through and vet potential hires (which is a job in and of itself).ย 

Freelancers often provide rates based on the number of words they produce for a piece of work, so make sure you shop around to find the freelancer with the most competitive rates.


The most popular choice for startups looking for copywriting and content writing is to hire through a copywriting agency. A copywriting agency pre-screens all of their writers, which gives you the ability to start instantly and the peace of mind that you're getting the best work possible.


Let's recap the difference between copywriting and content writing to summarise what we've spoken about. Copywriting is when you want to communicate a message to get the reader to take action. Content writing is for communicating educational content in words to help educate and inform potential customers.

If you're a startup looking for copywriting or content writing, you're in luck. At Reel Copywriters, we're currently offering our readers 1 content task for just $7! Plus, if you choose to sign up, you'll get an extra 10% off your first 3 months when you use the REEL10.

We look forward to helping you write better content soon.

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