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eCommerce UX: Boost your conversion rates with website design elements

eCommerce UX: Boost your conversion rates with website design elements

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eCommerce UX: Boost your conversion rates with website design elements

Website design is the first aspect that your target audience encounters. 90% of the users leave your website while facing a bad ecommerce UX. More than 75% of businesses' credibility worldwide depends on their website design. Nowadays, online shopping has become more popular therefore website design is crucial to attract online shoppers boost the conversion rate, and provide an enjoyable shopping experience. Customer-centric design is a way to attract online shoppers and provide them with positive user experience and customer satisfaction.

Ecommerce sites should have an attractive ecommerce user experience, as users don’t like unattractive, sludgy, and malfunctioned user generated content. You must make an ecommerce ux more attractive because user expectations are high.

To boost sales and conversion rates for ecommerce site, you need a good ecommerce UX strategy with the help of UI developers. Here you can take advice and help from experts like Reel Unlimited too. The e commerce businesses are trusted by 380+ clients and are here to handle all your design needs. 

So, let’s find out how we can boost conversion rates with website design and ux best practices.

What is conversation rates for ecommerce site?

When we are into online ecommerce business, we must define our ecommerce ux to boost conversions. The conversion rate is the completion of an action by the user like purchasing, a design subscription to a newsletter, or query submission. 

The website's User experience and User interface can increase the conversion rate by 200% and it begins with outlining a proper customer journey to design an attractive and appealing website. 

Now, let’s move on to reasons why the Users experience of an e-commerce website impacts the conversion rate of your ecommerce businesses. 

How does website design influence conversion rate?

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Most online businesses are catering to a similar range of products. This is where the cutthroat competition happens. If you want to stand out from others, you need to have appealing product pages with seamless ecommerce ux. While creating an online store, developers encounter many UX Design challenges but How can developers overcome these obstacles?

So, through user research, we are reflecting on all the important UX best practices that show how a website design can influence the user behavior and conversion rate:

Work on responsive behaviors and speed

Your first impression matters. For this, you need to work on the load speed of your website. According to Google pagespeed insights, a user won’t wait for more than 4 seconds. If the landing pages take more time to load then your user will not be much interested in your products. 

Website visitors look for easy navigation and a well-organized website that also works to build sales funnels. Google analytics help you use certain media file optimization, CDN, and hosting providers to serve and deliver faster results. Also, write down the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files for a speedy page. 

For a good and efficient first impression, here are a few things that you need to do add in your ecommerce ux:

  • Strategize landing pages
  • Organized layout
  • High-quality images
  • Easy typography 
  • Mobile devices Responsiveness

Navigation is your key to success

It's just as crucial to hold a visitor's interest throughout their navigation of your ecommerce site as it is to initially capture it. Enable online store navigation intuitive with everything labeled clearly and arranged to prevent annoying visitors. It defines the customer journey and raises conversion rates, but it also directly affects user engagement, and overall product sales funnels, product availability and—above all—raises the bounce rate for the brand recognition. 

When you want your products to be directly and easily visible to your target audience, first you must have an attractive product presentation on your product pages. You must include product images, product descriptions and product videos in product details. To improve product visibility for better ecommerce UX, make sure that your homepage is visually appealing and personalized, with easy-to-use navigation that makes it simple for users to move between web pages. 

You should also provide an effective online store with different search bars that make it easy for customer to find products using a text search bar and search field.

Must add your contact details for online shopping

As a user goes shopping online, a nice web page UX design removes extraneous details and provides a trustworthy way for them to connect with you. Additionally, give them a means of contacting you, such as your phone number, email address, fax number, and physical business location. Putting a contact link in the website footer is a wise decision.

Prioritize function like chat enhances users experience with the service overall. Anytime they have questions, they can contact you using this real-time communication option.

Streamline checkout process to enhance customer journey

When a visitor proceeds through the checkout process, they become buyers. Online retailers are very concerned about the possibility of cart abandonment as a result of a difficult or drawn-out checkout process. This aspect is critical for your ecommerce ux.

How to increase checkout page conversion rates:

  • Customers ought to have the option to buy as "guests" or without registering.
  • Customers can be informed of their user journey showing where they are in the purchasing process by using progress indicators.
  • Data validation and auto-fill: Simplify the process of entering data and be open and honest about errors.
  • Offer an easy payment flow because different customers may have preferred options and encourage user feedback.

Don’t forget to add CTA’s

You need to add a call to action to your website. This is one of the best and most important aspects of a successful conversion. This brings and shows some trust towards the audience, and with CTA and landing page, you can gain a really good conversion rate. 

Do A/B user testing of your website

Making a website is hard work, but it's an iterative process that demands continuous focus on details. A/B user testing can help you improve the look and feel of your online stores to check the functionality of your ecommerce ux and get desired outcome.

The procedure comprises creating two versions of a website with one major difference, such as the color of the buttons or the layout. Doing user friendly testing with analytics tools for actual customers can help you determine which design converts more successfully.

Bring a personalization touch to your ecommerce user experience

The secret to getting customers to visit your online store more often and make future purchases is to personalize your product category. One item or technical features can't be everyone's favorite. No ecommerce ux is complete without an intuitive personalized touch that the visitors can readily rely on. 

Over half of the users express interest in discovering more relevant and captivating products. The conversion rates are significantly increased by customized purchase process using user feedback. Give customers a more individualized shopping experience by responding to their inquiries more quickly and allowing users to access the home page they want to jump to more quickly. 

With the help of the customers' recommendations, UX designer can create a compelling as well as seamless experience for the customer experience thanks to machine learning algorithms. 

Ending note

Global online shopping or failure is largely dependent on a website's design. A well-designed website will catch people's attention right away. Additionally, it makes it easier for them to find what they're looking for and increases their trust in the brand. By adding these essential design strategies you can streamline the user journey and to get direct customers.

To fulfill users expectations, appearance is everything: a user friendly interface and a fast page load time are important.

eCommerce UX should be prioritized if you want to increase website conversion rates to build customer experience and also gain their loyalty. Additionally, you can successfully compete in the dynamic digital marketplace.


So, if you want to build an eCommerce Website, you can connect with conversion-focused unlimited web design services like REEL UNLIMITED for your next project.

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