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Unlimited Video Editing Services
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Unlimited Video Editing Services

In the dynamic world of digital marketing and content creation, videos play a crucial role in engaging audiences and conveying brand messages effectively. However, keeping an entire video team on payroll can become exceptionally expensive or impractical.

Unlimited video editing services have emerged as a solution, offering access to professional video editing and production services on a subscription basis.

This guide explores the basics of unlimited video editing services, what is offered, why businesses choose them, and their benefits, pricing, and limitations. Plus, to help you decide, we'll compare some of the top video editing service platforms with a spotlight on REEL UNLIMITED's comprehensive offerings.

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Understanding unlimited video editing services

"Video editing service" seems pretty straightforward, but the services might be different than expected! Here's a closer look at what unlimited video editing services look like.

What is it?

Unlimited video editing services provide businesses with access to professional video editing and production solutions, all at a fixed monthly fee. While subscriptions vary in terms of services included, most offer unlimited requests and revisions throughout the month.

What services are offered?

Unlimited video editing services can encompass a wide range of offerings, such as video creation, video editing, motion graphics, animation, effects, color correction, and more. These companies create marketing and branding materials that move—whatever that looks like for your business. Companies can provide editors with raw footage they want professionally edited into a great online video, or editors can take stock footage and create videos that truly stand out.

Promo videos, stock footage for marketing campaigns, product videos, music videos, training videos, and items for your YouTube channel can all be included in the flat monthly fee.

Similarities to Unlimited Graphic Design Services

You've likely heard of unlimited graphics design services—a service model that provides businesses with access to dedicated graphic designers and unlimited graphic design requests and revisions without the price tag or frustrations of an in-house team and tracking down freelancers.

Sound familiar?

There are plenty of similarities between this popular business model and the unlimited video editing service model as well. Check it out:

A Cost-effective solution

Similar to graphic design services, unlimited video editing services offer businesses a cost-effective solution compared to hiring in-house editors or outsourcing individual projects. Given the nature of video production, projects can be drawn out, ramping up production costs.

Clients are guaranteed high-quality videos, post-production services, and all of their other video editing needs without any hidden costs.

Unlimited graphic design services also provide a predictable baseline cost, no matter the number of requests.

Scalability and flexibility

Due to the nature of a monthly subscription model, businesses can easily scale their services depending on the workload requirements. This helps them budget accordingly and, if they have no current campaigns, cancel or scale down completely until they need more.

Like unlimited graphics design, video editing subscriptions can meet a business where it's at, with plenty of options to find the right blend of services and cost. Many allow clients to cancel anytime, and some offer a money-back guarantee to try them out.

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Why businesses choose unlimited video editing services

There are plenty of reasons why a business might choose unlimited video editing services and subscription models. Many of the pain points for companies include difficulties finding a freelancer who can provide a final video consistent with the brand vision, difficulties finding a freelancer who is consistent, responsive, and talented, the cost of having an in-house video editing team or video design agencies, and turnaround times at busy agencies or hard-to-reach freelancers with lots of revisions.

These three areas are where subscription services help:

1) Combating an increased demand for video content

The world of business is becoming significantly more visual. To capture your target audience, marketing materials need to be engaging and high quality.

That's why video content is critical for driving engagement across digital platforms. Where static posters might work for billboards and bus ads, video ads are what make better impressions online.

2) Saving money

With a predictable bottom line, unlimited video editing requests, unlimited revisions, and access to things like royalty-free music, stock video footage, and so on, the subscription video editing model offers a budget-friendly alternative to hiring full-time editors or freelancers for ongoing video projects.

Unlimited video editing service companies will have their own team of talented video designers and editors, saving you from days of searching, and paying the price for hiring, training, and retaining. Say goodbye to low-quality footage that comes with a high price tag.

3) Creating a streamlined workflow

The entire workflow of creating a video can be disorganized and frustrating—especially with multiple projects in various stages. Most companies have a project dashboard, account manager, and some kind of channel management system that will keep you on track and provide an easy platform for revisions and requests. They may even have a dedicated account manager, which makes further requests, issues, or otherwise easy to resolve.

One of the worst parts of working with a freelance video designer without a project manager is the complicated workflow from request to post-production. Other video creators may even disappear at post-production when it comes time for revisions!

With dedicated platforms, most clients find these services offer a simpler, streamlined experience.

What are the benefits of using unlimited video editing services?

The benefits include all of the points above; affordability and predictable monthly pricing, a streamlined workflow, and ease of scalability.

Businesses don't need the large, upfront investment it often takes to produce videos in a traditional video production model. They get the pleasure of outsourcing tasks to professional video editors, allowing them to focus on core business activities, and they can scale their needs up or down, which offers flexibility in content creation.

Another major benefit is the following:

High-quality videos

Taking a risk on a freelancer sometimes lands companies with low-quality videos that are poorly edited and completely inconsistent with the brand tone, vision, and values.

Video editing subscription companies hire only the top percent of talent and vet their designers and professional editors thoroughly.

This ensures they follow editing instructions carefully and produce polished and professional content and stunning videos that align with the brand's image and messaging.

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How unlimited video editing services work

Companies love how easy the streamlined workflow is for video editing services–even with the unlimited revisions and for longer videos. Check it out:

1) Subscribe to a video editing service

Choose a monthly plan that encompasses all the video design requests you need for your business at a video editing company like REEL UNLIMITED.

2) Submit requests to your video editor

Specify the project details, preferences, and deadlines through the platform to your dedicated video editor and video creators so they can get started on the project. If you have raw footage, be sure to include the files. Your team will begin the video editing process.

3) Receive edited videos and completed projects

Completed videos are delivered to clients for their review and download—all set for use across marketing channels and campaigns. With unlimited revisions, you can request further video edits on the finished video as needed. Onto the next video!

How much does a video editing subscription cost?

The cost of this kind of service can vary drastically depending on the company you've selected, what they offer, and the services included. Many businesses offer a few different tiers of pricing plans based on the features included.

Some start as low as $300 per month, while others can reach the thousands. That's why it's important for a business to do their research and determine exactly what they need, then run the numbers.

What are the limitations?

Depending on the features of the subscriptions, businesses may end up needing to pay more than they expected. Many basic packages lack crucial features like real-time communication, dedicated project managers, and things that make the experience smoother.

The other major limitation is a potentially restricted number of active projects or concurrent video edits allowed. How many videos at once often depends on the subscription, and you may need to enter the next tier. A limited number of ongoing projects can affect turnaround times and workflow efficiency, as well as campaign planning.

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The pros and cons of an unlimited video editing company

Every service has its pros and cons, and unlimited video editing and design is no different. It might not be the right match for your business needs. Here's the list so you can decide for yourself:

The pros

Of course, the pros are all the benefits businesses love about the subscription model: cost-effectiveness, time savings, high-quality output, and scalability, as well as zero hidden costs. Businesses get stunning videos that match their brand quickly, at whatever volume they want.

The cons

Of course, outsourcing work can come with some challenges, such as relying on external service providers. To keep costs low, subscription services often use designers from other areas of the world where labor costs are lower, which can create difficulties in timely or real-time communication about projects, revisions, and feedback.

Learning and understanding a brand also takes time, so if the agency doesn't provide the same team or a dedicated video editor to your account, it may take a while to get the tone and imaging just right. Finally, any subscriptions with limits on the number of concurrent projects can make planning a bit more challenging or drive the price up to get enough videos done.

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The top unlimited video editing platforms

There is some stiff competition out there for unlimited video editing, so we've compiled a list of some of the best for you to consider. Every business should compare the competition to see which is the best video editing service for their needs.

Here are some of the top competitors:


REEL UNLIMITED is more than just a video editing service. They offer companies everything they could need for marketing materials and branding in a monthly subscription. Including graphic design, web design, web flow, and motion graphics and videos, REEL UNLIMITED is truly full service.

You'll even get a dedicated editor, project managers, dedicated motion designers, and great communication alongside unlimited revisions post-production.

Starting at around $1200 per month, they're a great fit for businesses starting to scale but without requiring a ton of overhead. Users can cancel anytime.


Functioning similarly to REEL UNLIMITED, Flocksy is also fairly full-service (minus the web design) and has a wide swathe of subscriptions, allowing for lots of flexibility and customization.

Prices start lower at around $500 per month, but users don't get access to motion graphics or videos unless they reach for a higher subscription rate.

The different tiers also offer a lot of "extras" that might not be the most helpful for businesses, so it's worth investigating whether those add-ons in the subscriptions are worth the cost. Flocksy also has a 14-day money-back guarantee.


Over at Vidpros, they advertise themselves as on-demand video editing services at a fixed monthly rate. They provide options for either a "part-time editor" who provides two hours of work per day or "full-time" with 8 hours a day.

The prices are $1000 per month or $3000, with access to stock footage and music, stock images, overnight turnaround for simple projects, and simple thumbnail creation.

With a different format from most (providing hours of work), there's a bit of an onus on the company to determine a timeline for their projects and subscribe appropriately.


Kimp is one of the industry leaders for subscription-based creative content. They know businesses need to create videos and provide everything they need to do so, and more.

Their affordable and highly flexible subscriptions allow businesses to choose if they need graphics-only, video-only, or both, starting at $600 per month and capping at just shy of $1000 per month for all of their features.

For video subscriptions, clients don't just get a dedicated video editor. They get an entire dedicated team and can do more than one video at a time with their highest level of subscription.

Video Husky

Video Husky acknowledges that shooting videos is fun, but editing videos isn't. That's their niche. They provide their clients with a personal editing team, including an account manager and editor. Plus, Video Husky's dashboard ensures the best video editing process possible by keeping things organized.

Their packages are broken into cute dog breeds to designate different levels of features and services, starting at $550 per month and topping at close to $1600 or more for their agency level.

What's handy about Video Husky is they've provided potential clients with a package breakdown, including what kinds of businesses benefit, the best-fit workload, and money saved by going with a subscription versus a freelance video editor or agency.


BeCreatives offers two different levels of subscription, which include a decent turnaround time, an account manager, and a dedicated video editor.

They also offer online course videos on how to take excellent footage with your iPhone, helping them create the best videos for your brand.

However, for same-day turnaround, real-time communication, and custom workflows, businesses need to level up. Their video subscription will jump from $900 per month to nearly $2000.


Clipmasters comes in at a fairly affordable price tag for their basic video editing services—starting at just over $500 per month and capping at under $2000—but like many companies, businesses will need to scale up for more brand kits, same-day turnaround, and easier communication.

What's unique about Clipmasters is their project management platform, which is all-in-one and includes helpful prompts for requests to ensure fewer video revisions.


Visugu has slower turnaround times than most video editing companies, but they do offer a price for one-off jobs as well as monthly subscriptions. Single jobs are $250 per month, whereas a subscription starts at $700 per month for 4 video requests. For unlimited, businesses must subscribe to their top-tier at just under $1000 per month, with a turnaround time of 2 business days.


More than just a video editing company, Vidchops also prides itself in training creatorss on how to be successful with their YouTube videos. Unlike most video editing services, they don't offer unlimited requests per month, nor do they list their subscription prices online. The lower tier also doesn't provide unlimited revisions.

Considering themselves experts in online videos and YouTube videos, Vidchops will allow subscribers access to their library of online course videos and coaching, which they charge outsiders nearly $1000 per year for.

Vertical Video Pro

Specializing in short videos for social media, Vertical Video Pro also limits the number of videos provided per month but provides a dedicated editor.

Considering the limitations on the number of video edits and video edit length, their subscriptions are surprisingly high cost, starting at around $750 per month and capping at $3000!

Like Vidchops, they also pride themselves in coaching their clients, and the highest subscription also provides access to a "content idea vault."

Viral Ideas

Starting at a high price tag, Viral Ideas is more aligned with the unlimited aspect of a video editing subscription than some of the others in this list. They also allow for more concurrent projects than most, and provide strategy meetings and a custom platform alongside editing services.

Their most basic subscription starts at $2000 per month, and their highest at $5400 per month. Each subscription comes with a dedicated video editor and dedicated project manager.

Dava Marketing

Advertised as one of the leaders in post-production services, Dava Marketing is the real deal. They offer every type of video editing you might need, including thumbnails, and also offer graphic design services. While they offer a free discovery call on their website, their pricing format and cost are not listed on the website.


VideoMako only has one subscription at $495 per month. Including everything a business needs, such as a dedicated video editor, and unlimited revisions and requests, alongside a dedicated member's portal to manage the workflow. Their portfolio includes several different video types, including talking head videos, however, there is a limited number of work available to view.

Edit Crew

Split into part-time or full-time, the Edit Crew subscriptions are comprehensive for video editing and design. They include spell-checked subtitles and video creation in both Spanish and English, plus either 15 hours or 40 hours per week of editing time. With a dedicated producer, editor, and manager, your projects are guaranteed to come out quickly, professionally, and satisfactorily.

Of course, it comes with a price. Their basic subscription including a part-time editor is $1500 per month, and the full-time package is $2450.


CutYeti has US-based editors, which makes communication and turnaround time within business hours a breeze. However, their subscriptions are limited in the number of concurrent video requests allowed, with a three-day turnaround time in their basic package.

The price tag varies greatly depending on the number of videos you want edited simultaneously and on the length of the video. The basic package starts at just under $600 per month and the highest package is just shy of $2400.

If you need longer videos for your company, you'll have to upgrade to the most expensive package, quickly blowing the budget.


Irisbits is very affordable considering everything it offers. For $395 per month, businesses can have both graphic design and video editing services—one project at a time—with all the unlimited perks many of the competitors offer. While nothing is dedicated, meaning there may be some variability in the consistency of the designs, they accept any length of raw footage and provide videos up to 30 minutes.


Vidsprint provides businesses with ad creative, video editing, and social media content, all for a monthly fee. They offer 3 tiers of services—walk, jog, and sprint—which allow for flexibility depending on your business needs. Each tier provides some sort of graphics limit, video limit, social media carousels, and 1-3 day turnaround times with as many revisions as are needed.

A unique feature of Vidsprint is their flexibility in billing periods and the fact that they provide success and strategy calls with their team. While the frequency of the calls depends on your subscription, this helps ensure everyone is happy with the results.

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How REEL UNLIMITED will help your business thrive

REEL UNLIMITED is one of the best video editing companies around—and they're so much more than that. Here's how they can help your business stand out.

  1. Comprehensive offerings

More than just a video editing company, REEL UNLIMITED also offers graphic design services and webflow and web design with their subscriptions.

You get a dedicated team and video editor, exceptional real-time communication, unlimited revisions and requests, and rapid turnaround from vetted professionals.

  1. Affordable pricing

REEL UNLIMITED offers several tiers of pricing which helps businesses find a plan that works best for their needs and budget while ensuring the best value.

The number of videos edited concurrently changes depending on the tier, but the professional creators are quick with a knack for understanding exactly what your business is looking for.

  1. Quality assurance

With a collaborative platform and top designers, REEL UNLIMITED guarantees its clients receive high-quality video content that hits their standards.

Having a dedicated editor, as well as someone overseeing the project timeline, means no video goes to a client without first passing a quality check. Post-production communication is a breeze, and the videos edited are always up to standard.

  1. You can get a really good deal

Right now, you can get a $5, 5-day trial to truly experience the benefits of REEL UNLIMITED's services! If you're unhappy with the videos, post-production experience, or process, you can cancel anytime penalty-free. Start your trial today!

Save your business money with unlimited video editing

Unlimited video editing services offer businesses a cost-effective and scalable solution for their video production needs. With a wide range of services, competitive pricing, and a collaborative platform, REEL UNLIMITED stands out as a trusted partner in helping businesses create compelling video content that drives engagement and achieves their marketing goals.

Plus, you can get a really good deal and test out the benefits firsthand.

Videos are an exceptional marketing tool to stand out in a visual world. They also can cost a lot of money. With the right subscription service, your brand can reach its target audience while saving you time and money on finding freelancers or hiring a team in-house.

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